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  1. I’m wondering how Praveen’s heart keeps breaking and how he’s even surprised at this point as of course Bruce would show up. I know that it’s likely that the end goal is that Antonio stops being a prick and opens his eyes to how great Praveen is...but maybe Praveen could end up with a sweet if naive guy like Ethan. I can’t understand how delusional and blind everyone in Antonio’s family is, as well as Ethan, as none of them beyond Andrea seem to be able to see the obvious emotions playing out on Antonio’s face. I mean he doesn’t seem like that great of an actor and considering the big blowup & blackmail of how this marriage happened I can’t believe any of them can actually believe Antonio is in love with Praveen. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I guess you sometimes only see what you want to see and poor Praveen is controlled by guilt as he feels like he has has to make everyone else happy at the cost of his own happiness.
  2. She claims this is for her son’s happiness but this psycho witch is doing all this for herself. Almost everyone in this story is thinking more of themselves than others as well as looking at things with rose tinted spectacles. I mean Praveen’s best friend & aunt are all about how amazing this guy is who they don’t even know not to mention the false impression they have of this woman, who’ll supposedly be an amazing mother-in-law. Then you got Antonio’s family who are more concerned about pride and losing their money than his happiness. I mean Andrea seems nice enough on the surface yet even though what she says may be logical she’s clearly more concerned over money & family pride/appearances than her brother’s happiness. Poor Praveen is completely in the dark as he’s essentially being guilt tripped into marrying a guy that secretly hates him and thinks his family tricked his so they could steal their wealth.
  3. Wow, ok I have such mixed emotions and a little anger directed at multiple people following this chapter. I’m a little annoyed with Jasper for sending Ryan away though I sorta agree that Ryan should have been with his mom given the situation. Still, I think they should have both made more of an effort to be together following that and I can’t believe Jasper is being such a doormat. I mean he went to “conversion therapy” to appease his parents??? I’m not really mad at Jasper & Ryan as it’s a complex situation but I’m starting to really dislike Grace. I mean she must have had some idea what her lie is putting her brother through as I mean he went to ahem gay camp to make things easier for her for goodness sakes and is being ordered around in his own house. I understand loving your sister but enough is enough. Can’t even understand why if she’s married she supposedly is living with her brother anyway but the honeymoon period is definitely over. Mommy, daddy, and self centered sis can all go to a hotel ASAP. Those 3 are receiving little sympathy from me as while initially I liked Grace as well as sympathized with her now seeing how Jasper feels like he has to tiptoe around her regarding his relationship despite it being his place, he’s going along with this ridiculous lie about being marriage even though he initially voiced strong disapproval, and overall it just feels like she’s using him.
  4. Conner on paper does seem like a good guy but when you get to know him he’s controlling, critical, insensitive, ridiculously jealous, etc. I mean I get being health conscious yet his attitude over things like the Red Bull is over the top not to mention that comment about Robbie not being “in shape” is a pretty insulting thing to say especially to your boyfriend. Then I find it hilarious that between the two he’s sorta the sex maniac yet he’s jealous of his sister’s completely straight boyfriend. Sigh, if only Rory was bi he’d be a great boyfriend. In retrospect Conner should stick to “dating” over Skype as he’s sure to come off less annoying when you can mute him. I’m still not a Nathan fan but I hope it works out as Robbie deserves better.
  5. NimirRaj

    Chapter 17

    It’s a perfect ending or as perfect an ending for everyone as there could be given the situation, though if I had to nitpick is there not any other church in the area? I just can’t understand Karl & Rhonda insisting Jason attend that church surely knowing how miserable it would be for him. Doesn’t take a genius to know his hypocrical father would be going on a homophobic rant nor does it leave much to the imagination that brainless church members would not be pleased with Jason attending. Just seems like a bad idea to have gone...but he was lucky as he got to be there for his father’s breakdown as he’s likely going to need a psych ward after that shocking revelation.
  6. NimirRaj

    Chapter 14

    A gentle current...psychotic witch & brainless zombie are a wonderful duo. I think it’s time to hook Ava & Ernie up for so they can have some gentle, painless current flowing through them.
  7. NimirRaj

    Chapter 13

    Jason is in the perfect position in a sense as he knows or suspects Ava won’t toss him out. Bad news is they could psychologically and physically torture him all with his father's blessings under the guise of turning him straight so he may end up angering her until she raises it from a 7 to an 11 on the misery scale.
  8. NimirRaj

    Chapter 12

    Talk of wishing they’d killed him at birth, being so homophobic they’d rather be dead, blackmail, etc. this family takes the cake. I predicted he’d end up going to “conversion therapy” as it seems like the obvious step for super religious homophobic people to take not to mention likely an easy sell to Jason who may hope it’s actually legit. Of course considering how much he’s suppressed his true self over the years if he thought it was remotely possibly he’d probably have gone already.
  9. NimirRaj

    Chapter 9

    Wow, on one hand it’s lies on top of lies which is terrible while on the other hand...that was a pretty good lie. Jason needs to come clean but it’s going to be hell on Earth.
  10. NimirRaj

    Chapter 8

    Billy admittedly confuses me a bit as he seemed highly jealous & was confrontation towards Jason over the idea of him having sex with Karl and yet he doesn’t want to be exclusive with Karl. Is confused over what he wants or is he possibly one of those people who ridiculously want a one sided relationship where they can have sex with anyone while their partner has to be exclusive? 🙄 Such people are beyond ridiculous and I pity anyone who ends up with someone like that.
  11. I’m trying not to cuss as I like to keep my comments PG, though these so called “parents” are making it very difficult for me. 🤦🏻‍♂️ You know ignoring Jasper & Ryan is probably Jasper’s dream version of this little family reunion but barking orders in their house is definitely not something he’s going to take sitting down. I mean he’s even telling Jasper that he’s lucky he’s tolerating his presence...in his freaking house. It’s their place and if anyone is being “tolerated” it’s dear old dad of the year. I’d toss both mummy & daddy out ASAP even if it took calling the cops. This ruse of a fake marriage is not worth putting up with either though I feel sorry for Grace as I can’t imagine how they’d be speaking to her if they knew the truth and maybe she can go live with Flynn so he can “tolerate” her parent’s presence since he’s her “husband”.
  12. Oh brother, why did Stef have to say he’d be interested in being a part of their team? 🤦🏻‍♂️ He should try to distance himself from such scam artists...though I can see him enjoying the fireworks & drama by insuring he has a front row seat to this upcoming circus. It was a very sweet ending and I can’t wait for the next installment.
  13. NimirRaj

    Chapter 32

    Oh no I’m not ready for the final chapter but this one was really sweet. Glad Jack finally had a talk with Jeff though if I were in his shoes there’d probably be a lot more things thrown or something. 😂
  14. Holy...all hell is going to break loose. I can’t believe Grace wants to forge a marriage certificate keyword being “forge” and has the crazy idea to pretend to be married only to say that Jasper has commitment issues when he strongly disagrees with her plan. I mean what does forging a marriage certificate and faking a relationship have to do with commitment? There’s no correlation and wow she’s already told this lie to her judgmental, homophobic parents who are now on their way to Jasper’s... I’m sure they’ll just love seeing her sharing the same house as a gay couple on top of being a single parent. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Poor Grace is to put it bluntly just plain stupid as she’s only making things worse for herself.
  15. NimirRaj

    Chapter 31

    I’m shocked yet at the same time not shocked by Tracy’s comment. On one hand I find it surprising that he can side with Jeff under the old line of “it’s complicated” as if there’s any justification for such a one sided relationship yet at the same time I can’t help recall how despite maybe 8hrs, if that, after telling Jack that he was fine just being friends as he wanted Jack to date Jeff that Tracy had sex with Jack as if that previous conversation never happened. Tracy is probably an open relationship sorta guy and that’s fine if it’s open for both parties yet Jeff in a way wants both an open & committed relationship as he wants to have the benefits of an open one while Jack is committed to only him. I can also see why Jeff would want an open relationship due to his inexperience, youth, etc. yet it irritates me that even Jack is making excuses for the way Jeff is treating him and I’m not thrilled by the fact that all of his “friends” often seem fairly self centered to me as at the moment I’m not certain any of them would understand why Jack is upset. I mean Jimmy came onto Jeff and is likely having sex with him so he definitely doesn’t get it, Tracy has sided with Jeff, Murray isn’t remotely as close a friend compared to Jimmy & Tracy so he’d likely not see anything wrong with it, Jeff himself clearly doesn’t see anything wrong with how he’s treating Jack, etc. It’s a stereotype perpetuated by both heteros and gays that you can’t be gay & monogamous which I believe about as much as that old line used by straight guys that they are programmed to have affairs because it’s part of their genetics that men need to spread their seed to insure human survival so they can’t be blamed for following their natural instincts. Right...🙄 Thankfully one bright star in all this is that Lyle seems like a sweet guy and while Jack is once again seemingly insisting to himself he doesn’t want a boyfriend right now I’m fairly confident those feelings he’s having for Lyle say otherwise. I just hope the other shoe doesn’t drop as I don’t want to see him getting his heart broken again. I think Jack really needs to have a conversation with Jimmy, Jeff, and Tracy in order to express how he’s feeling as he needs to learn if these “friends” are worth the pain they sometimes put him through.
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