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  1. NimirRaj

    Chapter 9

    A sweet chapter and am I seeing a minor crossover with another story? 🤔
  2. Wow, that ending was majorly unexpected. Nathan definitely didn’t deserve that and now my mind is whirling as to if it’s somehow connected to Alex. I mean maybe Alex went to him for money too and wasn’t so nice when Nathan said no. Still, that’s just my mind going crazy with multiple theories as it could easily be completely unrelated as it could have been some homophobe, somehow related to Ryan who we know nothing about, somehow related to Nathan’s ex who we’ve never heard much about, some druggie that was at the party, etc. Jumping back to earlier in the story Conner’s accusations regarding Nathan using drugs is likely mostly built on jealousy as well as just inferred from the company he keeps yet Robbie is also seeing Nathan through rose tinted glasses as usual. I can totally see Nathan using drugs and there’s no way Ginny was unaware of the drugs at her party so even if she wasn’t using them herself she wasn’t against others using them. Considering how out of it she was I doubt Robbie could really honestly say that he could tell if she was more than just drunk. I can also understand Conner’s jealousy over Nathan considering Robbie is horrible at hiding his lust for him as well as clearly is biased. As Conner said it’s a bit hypocritical that Robbie can be jealous of Conner’s ex, though admittedly Conner was jerking off on camera with him rather than just talking with him, yet Conner’s jealousy of Nathan isn’t allowed. I know their relationship isn’t perfect but Nathan still gives me a bad feeling. I just don’t like how he’s flirting with Robbie and seemingly is trying to get in his pants when he knows he’s in a relationship. It just makes him look like a creep and if he’s willing to breakup one relationship to make himself happy who’s to say he won’t do the same while dating Robbie. Nathan just comes off as self centered to me though I get why Daniel would be trying to get Robbie & Nathan back together seeing as one is his best friend while the other is his brother. As usual I can’t wait for the next chapter to learn what actually happened to Nathan and knowing @Dodger it’ll probably throw us all for a loop.
  3. NimirRaj

    Chapter 8

    Cole being gay isn’t exactly a shock as all the clues were there but despite the fact Cole should know Brax isn’t homophobic I was a little surprised he’d already came out to him as some inexplicable vibe Brax gives off just made me think he’d have let it slip by now. Drew isn’t exactly very subtle as he’s pretty much with his attitude if nothing else has sorta outed Cole to Teo. I mean a gay guy is way more sensitive to the signs than most anyway and it’s clear that Drew’s simple revelation that he’d told Cole about his messed up origins has Teo already likely reading a vibe that Cole is gay not to mention that whole request that they be nice to Cole while he spoke to Mr. Petrakis gives off a whole other vibe that translates to “Be nice to my boyfriend.”. 😂 They may not be dating yet but I’m sure Teo can feel the lust in the air. As far as the sperm donor goes it beyond irritates me that his attitude sorta reads as if he’s trying to suddenly pretend he’s an actual parent and seems to want to gloss over everything he’s done. I mean I’m a Christian for instance, though admittedly not an amazing one, but I’ll never understand this crappy hypocritical nonsense where’s it’s worse to get a divorce when your “relationship” makes everyone miserable than have an affair. I mean his wife sleeps on the floor for goodness sakes. Based on their conversation he clearly doesn’t want to acknowledge how he’s allowed his own child to be abused for years and just wants to explain that he’s “done the best he could in a bad situation”. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Getting back to a more positive note I wonder how long it’ll take Cole to express an interest in Drew, which is likely why Brax told him he should come out to Drew. 😉 Of course our little boy is growing up fast so his newfound confidence might mean he’ll make the first move. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. NimirRaj

    Chapter 7

    I just took it to mean all the lies and attempts to hide the truth had all went poof/fell apart. I mean considering he walked in on a major physical altercation I’m assuming Mommie Wackjob is not going to be sharing the same roof with Drew at least for a while as if Mr. Petrakis doesn’t finally report it I think he knows Teo and/or Allesia will. I doubt though he’s going to send his wife away though she may willingly leave to go “visit family” if Drew moves in.
  5. NimirRaj

    Chapter 7

    YES!!! 🎉 I feel like throwing a parade. He finally grew a set and told them both off while not uttering a single lie. He justifiably has had enough with this nonsense to put it mildly and if Mr. Petrakis was doing his best...he should have run for president cause he reminds me of someone else doing their “best”. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Outside of the affair and lies of omission leaving your child with someone mentally unstable & abusive without doing anything to stop it is far from doing your best. If Mrs. Petrakis already hates her husband enough to sleep on the floor, which is beyond sad, then despite the pain it might have caused her Mr. Petrakis should have come clean and taken Drew in long ago considering the physical & verbal abuse he was aware Drew was suffering from if he was unwilling to report the incubator’s actions to social services. I can’t comprehend how someone could see their own child suffering and do nothing yet consider it doing their best. He might not have abused Drew himself yet I don’t see him as being much better than Drew’s incubator and I can’t imagine anything that could justify his inaction.
  6. NimirRaj

    Chapter 28

    Um...well to clarify I literally said while cracking a bit of a joke that I had been in the closet so in other words I know the terminology very well as a gay man. Of course that’s kinda irrelevant to me in this case as the sentence stated “when we masturbate in a closet or bathroom” indicating a physical location rather than a metaphor for concealing ones sexuality. In the context it was written it doesn’t make any sense that he was referring to masturbating while hiding his sexuality as he was defining the act of no strings attached, purely physical sexual release as being the same emotion wise as self-release/self-pleasure.
  7. NimirRaj

    Chapter 6

    I’m a little surprised by how things are going though we don’t know the full story in the case of how Drew came about as most of it is inferred. While she may have just been wanting to put all the blame on Mr. Petrakis part of me still finds it weird that his incubator literally beat her own child over a belief that all men were cheating, worthless trash yet she was the one that had an affair with a married man. Originally before we started putting the clues together as well as before it was made 100% clear that he was the father I had automatically assumed Drew’s sperm donor had cheated on her based on the hatred & distrust she had for men. I’m wondering if there’s more to the story that explains her feelings in a way other than her just projecting her own guilty conscience onto others, though nothing would make how she’s treated Drew right. As far as everything with Teo goes him leaving to go be with Hector makes me wonder if he wasn’t expressing all of his emotions when talking to Drew. What I mean is he seemed despise Hector last we heard so it seems like he could find somewhere else to go if he just wanted to get away from his dad meaning Hector could be a sorta rebound type hookup or in other words a major distraction from the fact he may have been unknowingly trying to hookup with his brother. I mean his comment about Drew not being ready after their first kiss and just a few other things didn’t make either kiss seem like a pity kiss. He was also pissed at his dad for cheating on his mom as well as keeping all of this a secret yet he didn’t give any indication to Drew that he was as emotionally impacted by the idea of having kissed his own brother by comparison to how Drew had felt making it seem like he handled it from that perspective way better than Drew. Of course we’re only seeing things from Drew’s perspective which is why I’m suspicious there’s more than Drew is aware of when it comes to how Teo was emotionally impacted. I mean Teo might not want to tell Drew that he was disturbed at having kissed him because he wouldn’t want to make Drew feel bad and it’s not like Drew told Teo how upset he was after learning they are brothers. Still, I could be reading more into as far as the story behind why Teo kissed him as from the beginning Drew wasn’t supposedly Teo’s type so his interest in him did seem to come out of nowhere and Teo may have truly felt a little pity for his literal brother from another mother considering Drew is a bit of a wallflower especially when compared to Teo.
  8. NimirRaj

    Chapter 28

    I’m such a weirdo that the biggest thing that stood out to me in this chapter is this sentence. I mean I’ve been “in the closet” but I’ve never masturbated “in a closet”. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I guess it’s because I never had a walk-in closet. 😂 When in Rome.
  9. NimirRaj


    A very sweet and touching ending that satisfies the romantic in me. 👍🏻
  10. NimirRaj

    Chapter 8

    It’s great that Harry’s mom as most predicted took him being gay easily, likely because she already had her suspicions, though acceptance has limits as I completely understand how she wasn’t necessarily pleased at the idea of her son having sex. 😂 As far as the visit to Alex’s house goes I think Harry’s prediction that his mom is going to express her um opinions is likely right as she seems like a good mom who won’t stand for children not being treated right. I can’t wait to see how things go.
  11. NimirRaj

    Chapter 25

    It took Richie a while to feel comfortable bottoming to the point Jimmy’s comment about their sex life being “ok” made it seem like he was getting frustrated yet he thankfully didn’t put any pressure on Richie. It shows how much he cares about him and it doesn’t hurt that he can better understand where Richie is coming from than someone who’s only ever topped because he’s bottomed himself. The boys have a very sweet relationship and it’s good that Jimmy’s so focused on safe sex unlike so many though since they were both virgins before getting together as well as have an exclusive relationship it shouldn’t be a problem.
  12. NimirRaj

    Chapter 5

    Well seems like the theoretical has become factual. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Definitely a shock to your system I’m sure to find out you have a brother right after making out with him. I’m assuming Mr. Petrakis will tell Teo considering what has happened though now I’m wondering if both boys will think back to the article Teo read where some people apparently believed being gay means incest shouldn’t be off the table. Not saying I’m supporting incest just that when discussing that article both boys seemed equally disturbed by the idea of blood relatives being in a sexual relationship yet part of me wonders if maybe Teo especially might have trouble letting go of his feelings despite them being related. I mean part of me is curious if he brought up that article because he already knew they were related and only faked being disturbed at the idea of blood relatives being intimate, though I think it was likely a massive coincidence rather than him trying to feel Drew out. In Drew’s case his feelings for Teo are fairly new and he’s simultaneously been developing a crush on Cole which I strongly suspect is reciprocated so he might have an easier time moving on considering he has another person to direct his feelings towards where Teo might have been secretly harboring feelings for Drew for a long time making it harder for him to move on. I’m very curious to see how things go and especially curious about how the whole situation came to be as clearly all the “parents” involved are in the know yet all three kids are implied to be in the dark.
  13. NimirRaj


    All I can say is wow. A very sweet ending though I’m sorry to hear about TJ’s potential future as while his death may be noble it doesn’t make it any less sad.
  14. NimirRaj

    Chapter 15

    Wow, so in the end both of TJ’s “parents” are pieces of trash. 😔 It’s a miracle that behind his bully persona that he was actually a sweet guy considering his origins. They say you can’t choose your family but considering that now all of the guys and of course Devon are his family I’d say that saying is inaccurate as he’s chosen his true family.
  15. NimirRaj

    Chapter 11

    I never expected the “concerned citizen” to be TJ’s dad but as terrible as his predicted homophobic reaction is(Well, actually it’s way worse than ever predicted as I don’t think anyone predicted his little stunt with airing his “concerns” to the news.”) the acceptance & love shown by TJ’s mother is great to see. He sorta expected his mom to accept it eventually but it’s good to see that out of the gate she’s shown how much she cares for her son and how she won’t stand for her husband’s vile words & actions.
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