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  1. ...Ok I love Jasper yet I’m blown away that he didn’t realize Leo sending good morning & goodnight texts wasn’t normal. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I mean I had to reread the sentence just to be 100% sure he wasn’t being sarcastic and though it can be hard to tell in text form I’m pretty sure his comment wasn’t laced with sarcasm. Poor guy is so naive sometimes.
  2. NimirRaj


    Wow when I think my opinion of Heinrich Senior couldn’t get any worse he outdoes himself. 🤦🏻‍♂️ With the invite from Gus things seemed to be looking up despite’s dad’s cheery presence until the shock of SexyHunk showing up in person only to be Willy Kohler of all people, though based on that description it look like life hasn’t been smooth sailing for him...which is just so sad. 😂 It’s going to really throw Rick for a loop and now I’m wondering if he had a face pic on the app as I’m curious if that jerk to put it mildly actually knew he was talking to the guy he raped. 🤔
  3. Oh this was delicious. 😂
  4. NimirRaj

    Chapter 14

    Theoretically TJ should be stronger because I recall everyone including I think Tristan being shocked at TJ’s abilities as he supposedly has some he shouldn’t based on his genetics and since Tristan is TJ’s clone he’s likely part of why they felt they knew how strong TJ would be meaning he’s probably stronger than Tristan based on their collective reactions. Of course the difference is Tristan does things TJ has never even pondered trying to do so it’s hard to compare them when TJ rarely unleashes his abilities. I have an idea which is if they’re wondering about things like if Patrick is se
  5. NimirRaj

    Chapter 14

    I’m dying 😂 and I totally love Tristan. I don’t know what Bob did yet I think we all know he deserved it. When are they going to learn that Tristan won’t take their bad attitudes & bs?
  6. NimirRaj


    Poor Will needs to realize that like how as much as Robbie may have had his good points he wasn’t the right person for his dad that Zach is not the right person for Will. Ugh, I knew I’d never forgive Zach for the way he’s repeatedly treated Will but this is a whole new level of selfishness. Now he says he’s exclusive except where Will is concerned and that he loves him...yet he is essentially saying he’s in love with this girl. 🙄 Please, please let Will kick him to the curb ASAP
  7. This is a touching ending to a chaotic, drama filled journey. Very interesting to see Santiago and Ethan end up together though in retrospect it makes sense.
  8. NimirRaj


    Rita Skeeter is one pushy deadbeat who won’t take no for an answer or ya know....pay her bills 🙄
  9. NimirRaj


    🤔 So it seems that except for the pairing the story is sort of set in Kevin’s imagination inspired by the book he was reading. Interesting. Yes, sadly what we’re going through right now does sound like fiction perhaps even some dark comedy concerning how it’s playing out in the US.
  10. Damn Bruce but ugh while it’s not nearly to the same degree I’m not too thrilled with the others either. How self-centered can you be? I originally like Celine a good bit but I don’t enjoy them deciding that Sean is meant to be with them as that’s not their place. They aren’t his family regardless of blood and they have no say in where he’s “supposed” to be. As far as Ethan goes...I get that he’s Antonio’s friend so I understand that he wants the best for him yet Antonio isn’t merely a victim in all this. Yes he eventually fell for Praveen as well as was tricked with false photographs yet he a
  11. Ah that’s a sweet ending to a somewhat somber chapter. I hope Beryl recovers quickly before Daniel gets grabbed by security for breaking protocol and we won’t even talk about the worst case scenario as that’s just putting out bad energy into the universe.
  12. I’m sorry about what’s happened to Beryl but Daniel shouldn’t blame himself as she’s a stubborn woman. I hope she’s ok though as while I think she deserves some sort of punishment for her attitude...that would be a bit extreme obviously.
  13. NimirRaj


    Yeah she might be fine but they don’t know that there’s a chance Beryl has COVID-19. With that knowledge her not answering the phone doesn’t look good.
  14. I’m happy for Jason & Colleen though I am a little worried about the Beryl situation. I mean she might have the virus and she won’t be happy having anyone, especially Daniel, check up on her. The whole scene with Efron or rather Kevin’s reaction is a little odd. I’m glad it turned out ok in the end yet was he mad at Efron or himself? Didn’t seem like he was forced to do anything yet his rage at Efron seemed to indicate he felt like he was somehow forced to go along with that “test”. I wonder if Steve thinks of them as just friends with benefits as he might not be too happy if he learns abo
  15. I think I love Anthea and as for Beryl....sadly I think she reflects the stubborn mindset of some people who either believe it’s not real, not as bad say they say, or is too much of a hassle to get checked. I hope she is ok though if she could get sick yet recover that’d be glorious karma for her attitude towards her friends & family. I mean that comment to Jason about them not wanting any unpleasantness clearly to me screams threat as I’m fairly confident she was hinting at throwing them out if Jason defied her wishes so I’d love to see her get taught a lesson in humility.
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