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  1. Damn, expecting things to go south and the reality of it isn’t the same. I hope Tyler is alright as obvious I’m not expecting him to die yet you can live through a lot so him getting out unscathed is not guaranteed.
  2. I don’t think Jonathan nor Thomas are thinking clearly depending on their catering plans. I know he’s running as an independent rather than say a conservative but his comment about the “catering” being fun likely implies Jonathan is expecting the more risqué version, which while obviously not illegal could potentially hurt the image of an upcoming politician. Hopefully Thomas will rain on his parade and have a more typical catering experience planned. Thomas’ plans are smart and Jonathan funding his own campaign may help reduce the chances of it hurting his campaign considering he’s not focuse
  3. NimirRaj


    Thank goodness for Marta and the chuckle I let loose when Rick said “Somebody call a plumber?” almost cracked my ribs. I only see things going up from now on.
  4. NimirRaj

    Chapter 27

    Davey told his dad about Brian and his mother, and I use the term loosely, has in the past listened in on them so I’m betting that’s how she learned in general that Davey is gay as well as his past(alternate timeline) relationship with Brian. There’s always a chance his dad told her yet that seems unlikely. Overall this was a rather dark & depressing chapter with his mother’s betrayal combined with Brian’s aggressive homophobia. I agree with @drpaladin that we can’t count Brian and their potential relationship out quite yet as he seems to be at war with himself, though admittedly I’m a lit
  5. NimirRaj

    Chapter 26

    This chapter fills like a mixed bag as the revelations about Brian from Trevor as well as with the latest firsthand experience Davey must feel a little disheartened yet at the same time Brian couldn’t hide his attraction which will likely give him some hope Brian can get past his internalized homophobia. Not sure how I feel about the time machine being built as while I get that with the enemies having it may mean it’s necessary to use it at this rate it feels like Davey could be doing do-overs for eternity. Well I say that yet apparently every do-over has to predate the last because I believe
  6. So it’s officially confirmed Jared arranged his sperm donors death and seems to be taking Justin down a dark path as he even offered to help pay half the cost rather than being remotely concerned about Jared having their sperm donor killed. I mean I get the anger and even the fantasy of having him killed yet I’m a little surprised the reality of it doesn’t disturb Justin at all. Then there’s the lack of almost any guilt over the cheating and overall it is beyond depressing. I really feel sorry for Thomas & Craig as it’s more than just them having been cheated on it’s also the lack of carin
  7. NimirRaj

    Chapter 3

    Oh I know it was a sad reality which is why the scene is so impactful.
  8. NimirRaj

    Chapter 12

    Well I’m glad Edvard is getting his memories back and clearly the “treatments” only made things worse so I hope he doesn’t receive anymore. I’m sorry Syl didn’t come as it didn’t help his depression any yet it’s not surprising.
  9. NimirRaj

    Chapter 11

    Electro shock therapy?! Poor Edvard, though part of me wonders if he’d be better off if he got permanent amnesia as a result as starting over from scratch doesn’t sound like a bad plan for him.
  10. NimirRaj

    Chapter 10

    All I can say is...damn poor kid.
  11. NimirRaj

    Chapter 9

    I’m not surprised Syl didn’t want Edvard to die as I don’t think she’s that despicable but I’m starting to think she has her own mental problems like maybe she’s bipolar. I mean at the start of this chapter besides her dodo comment, which didn’t feel filled with malice, she was actually fairly nice to Edvard which is strange considering her typical treatment of him. Despite wanting him out of the house seeming to be her motivation her plans to teach him to cook also seemed marked with some level of positivity as well so there seem to be rare moments of her being somewhat of a good person. As f
  12. NimirRaj

    Chapter 8

    That woman, and I use the term loosely, obviously wasn’t let in on all the details as while she recognized his name I doubt he was supposed to fill out those forms as if he was applying for a job as he clearly was “supposed” to already have one and her threats to call the cops for his moment of hesitation was beyond ridiculous. If that’s the type of people they hire it’s probably not a place I’d want to work. Ugh, Syl is the worst as on one hand she “sometimes” seem to genuinely want Edvard to improve yet she definitely wishes he didn’t exist which obviously combined with her abusive behavior
  13. NimirRaj

    Chapter 7

    Wow, I know he wanted to join the army but...yeah I’m glad that didn’t work out. I was nervous for a second because sometimes when the draft is involved as long as you’re physically healthy they don’t always seem to care about your mental state though I forgot about his eye/vision being a negative factor. His knees not being 100% is news but seems like the other shoe is always dropping for Edvard so him having yet another problem doesn’t seem much of a surprise. Thankfully it’s something he wasn’t even aware of so it doesn’t seem to be an issue.
  14. NimirRaj

    Chapter 6

    I think Edvard is intelligent enough to handle say a desk job but I’m concerned his lack of confidence will cause him to falter initially as well as potentially result in him not putting in his best effort as he often automatically defaults to believing he can’t do anything right because of his perceived low IQ. Then the socializing aspect of a work environment could be challenging of course so I’m curious as to what E3 considers “suitable employment”. Perhaps it’ll be an office job at his law firm.
  15. NimirRaj

    Chapter 5

    Attempted rape and possible loss of his eye... Why can’t this kid get a break??? I can’t imagine how things are going to go from here if his life keeps on taking a nosedive.
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