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Raging Love - 3. Chapter 3: Emma gets the shock of her life. How will Antonio react?

Andrea turned around with a smile on her face, pointing at the huge screen. Everyone in the room looked attentively at her and they were all super happy. She was dressed in a sexy pink designer’s suit that stuck on her body like a seductress, showing her gorgeous curves and her super sexy body.

“And that ladies and gentlemen will be our new clothes and shoe line.” She chuckled happily, opening her arms widely. “This will give birth to yet another successful line, bringing billions into our company so…” She paused and smiled sexily. “…ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the shoe and clothes brand I would like to call, classy Brandea.”

As soon as she said that, everyone in that room was impressed and they started clapping. All the sketches and some designs Andrea had shown them screamed class and it was magnificent and impressive. They couldn’t help but clap.

“This is a name that Bruce and I came up with because they’re all our ideas.” Andrea hollered, feeling proud of herself. Bruce who was seated closer to his husband was really happy too. “This line will bring us billions because they’ll be classy and expensive just like always. Don’t you agree?”

Everyone was busy clapping when all of a sudden…

“I disagree!” A voice hollered throughout the room, getting the attention of everyone.

Everyone stopped clapping and diverted their attention to the handsome man that stood in the doorway looking like a fashion god. He was dressed in a sexy white see-through designer’s shirt with a white tight vest inside that was tucked in a sexy, tight white skinny trouser with white designer’s shoes on his feet. His hair was tied in a gorgeous ponytail, revealing his face. He was magnificent and that smile on his face made people’s hearts jump. Even Antonio couldn’t help but look.

Travis smiled brightly as he moved to the front where Andrea was standing, staring at him like she wanted to kill him.

“Miss Gonzalez,” He started, still smiling at her. “I agree that your designs and your presentation are magnificent but I don’t think that they’ll be enough to attract a lot of customers. In other words, I think something is missing.”

“Excuse me!” Andrea snapped, chuckling softly. “Are you being serious right now? Did you even see my entire…”

“I saw enough to know that it won’t bring us much income. And that’s why I think your presentation…”

“Really?” Andrea laughed, folding her arms on her chest. “Mr. Marasigan…” But she said it in such a way that it sounded rude. It was pretty clear she still had beef with him. “…I have been in this company since it was first created. Not only am I one of the board members but I am also the vice president of this company. Surely, I know exactly what this company needs to rise to the top and exactly what the clients and customers want.”

Travis raised an eyebrow. “I am not trying to dispute that, Miss Gonzalez but I am also….”

“Mr. Marasigan, you just joined the company yesterday. Surely, you don’t know how it’s run. I’d suggest you just sit down, relax, and try to learn how this company is run.”

Travis chuckled, shaking his head. “Miss Gonzalez, I am a businessman and I have been running ‘fashion and the city’ for a long time now.” He said with such confidence. “It didn’t become the top fashion company in the country because I was lazy. I own several companies that are doing well in the country and abroad too. I know what…”

“Well, if you’re so good at what you do then why don’t you show us something that will beat Brandrea?” Andrea said rudely, furiously looking away. “But I can assure you that nothing will beat Brandrea.”

Travis smiled softly. “Please, sit down, Miss Gonzalez.”

Andrea rolled her eyes and took a seat near her brother and Bruce. She was mad as hell because no one had ever challenged her whenever she made a presentation. Her arms were folded, her eyes fixed on the handsome boy whom she was really mad at.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for your time and your patience.” He started, smiling at everyone. “But like I said yesterday, all I want is to take this company to the top. I have a presentation that I know will help with that so without even wasting your time, let me dig into it.”

Travis started with his presentation and boy was he so good with it. He showed the board some pictures of the pieces of his designs that he thought were gonna be great on the market and how they were gonna attract a lot of customers.

“So ladies and gentlemen, that’s just what I think will bring much more income to this company.” He said as he concluded his presentation. “Not only will it bring much recognition but it will help with our market.”

Everyone in the conference room started clapping except for the three culprits. Travis wasn’t surprised because he knew exactly what they were thinking.

“Excuse me, Mr. Marasigan…” Andrea said, getting up from the chair. She cat-walked to him, her arms folded. “…I don’t think there was any presentation to see there. Everything that you showed us was just too cheap and inferior if you ask me. It is below this company’s standards. I still think that Brandrea is the best because it will bring a new evolution to this company.”

“I agree with you, Miss Gonzalez.” Travis chuckled sheepishly. “My designs and ideas are very simple but so is the material and the target market. I didn’t think about the high and mighty in society but the simple and poor that can afford such clothes and shoes. Haven’t any of you ever wondered if such people also want to benefit from Tonzalez blue?”

There were indistinct whispers among the board members among themselves and Travis was just hoping that they agreed with him.

Andrea laughed, shaking her head. “You still don’t understand something, Mr. Marasigan. This company is not for the inferior in the community. We deal with big fishes, people from abroad and we generate huge amounts of money.”

“And I believe you haven’t even tried to…”

“It’s a waste of time,” Bruce said, smiling at Travis as he’d just won a lottery. “Tonzalez blue doesn’t have time for such inferior designs or the people in that community. It’s a sheer waste of time. We’ve been dealing with classy and expensive things and…”

“And I am guessing you’re saying this because you’re a model!” It wasn’t a question and Bruce was super mad. “You’re used to expensive things but I am saying this from a business point of view. How will we learn what the clients and customers want if we don’t try it?”

Everyone was quiet, just staring at Travis and Andrea. Damn, Antonio was so mad that Travis had the nerves to suggest such things in his company. He couldn’t allow it because he was not known for producing such inferior designs, never! But then, he was quiet, just watching as the boy embarrassed himself.

“Well….” A woman spoke softly, sounding not so sure. “…it wouldn’t hurt to try. I mean, as a fashion industry company, we need to try different things. It’s a fresh idea and I am up for it.”

“Yes!” Everyone in the room agreed and they started clapping.

Travis was beyond happy when he saw that. He was really happy.

“Really?” Andrea said angrily, staring at the board members. “You’re all just gonna agree with an idea like that? Brandea is in production as we speak and we have got a lot of samples. All that’s remaining is just a fashion show and then boom, we’ll attract a lot of customers.

I can assure that this will be one of the greatest income-earning brands this company will ever see. All the materials used for shoes and clothes are very expensive and classy as well, just like our clients like. I am not trying to downgrade the company’s reputation by bringing inferior ideas.”

Travis was so upset with Andrea’s words but he didn’t wanna show it. He rather just smiled happily.

“How will you know that if you don’t even try it? I have a lot of samples too and all that’s remaining is to create more and then sell them. I am a shareholder of this company and I believe that I…”

“It’s fine then!” Andrea opened her arms widely. “Both of us will launch our brands and then we’ll see what goes better on the market. But I can assure you that your line has nothing against Bruce and mine. You’ll only be wasting our resources.”

Travis smirked. “That’s a risk I am willing to make, Miss Gonzalez.”

Andrea was so sure that she was gonna beat him and rub it in his face. “Good luck then, Mr. Marasigan. And since you’ve got samples and mine are also ready, we’ll launch our collection both next week. Let the best man or woman win.”

Travis smiled brightly and just stood there, laughing at how overconfident Andrea was. Though he was not so sure that his collection was gonna do well on the market, he still had confidence that he was gonna be okay.

As he was standing there happily, a lady dressed beautifully came inside the conference room just before the meeting was adjourned.

“Sir, your office is ready!” She announced, slowly bowing to him.

“Thanks!” Travis smiled brightly at her. “Shall we?”

The woman smiled brightly and then led him out of the room. He followed her to the 21st floor where she opened a door at the far end, welcoming him to his new office and God, it was a really beautiful office. Everything seemed to be brand new, from chairs to tables and everything else. The whole office was huge with his small living room with white couches, a bathroom, and a library. He was really happy. But what impressed him a lot where the paintings on the wall of nature. They were really beautiful.

In addition to the beauty of the office, Travis had a perfect view of the city and he couldn’t have been happier. I mean, his office at fashion and the city was gorgeous but this one too was magnificent. It made his heart race and he was very happy.

“Wow! This is beautiful.”

“You like it?” The lady asked, still wearing that fuck me brainless smile on her face.

“I love it. Thank you!”

“You don’t have to thank me, sir!” She smiled seductively. “I am only your assistant and whatever you need, I am only a call away, sir. By the way, my name is Tina.”

“Tina?” Travis nodded. “Thank you so much and…” He paused and laughed. “…I wanted a team for a new collection that we’ll be launching in a week. Can you help me with the best that you can find at this company?”

Tina lost her smile on her face. “I am sorry, sir.” She apologized. “But the best team has already been gotten by ma’am Andrea. She wanted all the hands to be working on hers and sir, Bruce’s designs so…”

Travis smiled softly, patting on her shoulder. “It’s okay, Tina.”

Tina felt happy and she blushed. “The only ones remaining are the interns but I don’t think they know anything about…”

“No, it’s fine!” He chuckled confidently. “Call a meeting with them and tell them I’ll see them. I am sure they will just be perfect.”

Tina nodded and then left a nervous-looking Travis all alone. Now he was sure that he was gonna have some challenges with his collection. He knew that working with interns was a lot of work but he was ready to teach them and make his collection a success.

Travis shook his head and was about to go and sit on his chair when suddenly, his eyes caught something, an angry-looking man standing in the doorway with his fist clenched. His eyes were fixed on him and that look on his face gave him chills but Travis wasn’t scared. He rather just stared at the man and decided to ignore him.

Travis sighed and then looked away, slowly moving towards the chair. He had no idea when Antonio moved to him or how he quickly he moved but the next thing he felt was a hand on his arm, holding it tightly.

Travis felt himself get angry and his mood changed instantly. Feeling Antonio’s hand on his body made him feel pain.

“Please, leave my hand?” He said softly, not even daring to stare at Antonio. “Don’t create a scene once again.”

Antonio slowly turned the boy and looked into his face, a face that reminded him of his past pain. He was so furiously that he got dangerously close to the boy. Travis wanted to move further but he suddenly hit the wall and couldn’t move any further.

Antonio laughed. “I had underestimated you till now. I thought you were stupid, foolish, and naïve. But look at you…” He laughed in mock, getting even closer. Travis wanted to move but Antonio blocked him with his arm. “…you are a smart boy. It is your first day here and you’re already making challenges. You’re already making stupid suggestions for my company? Why don’t you focus on being just a shareholder?

You don’t miss a single opportunity. Great!”

“I said, get your hand off me!” Travis furiously released his hand, staring at Antonio like he wanted to slap him. “You don’t have the right to touch me, Antonio Gonzalez. You might own this company but you don’t own me. Be careful what you do to me.”

With a nod, he tried to move away but Antonio blocked him with his hand. When Travis raised his head and stared into Antonio’s eyes, he saw nothing but anger in there and pain. But he didn’t give two hoots about Antonio.

“It will be fun to play now.” Antonio chuckled bitterly. “Congratulations. You’ve managed to convince everyone to launch your collection on your first day but…” He laughed, getting even closer. “…I will be watching as you embarrass yourself with your inferior designs. Remember that, only the idea has been presented. Now we just have to watch as you fall flat to your face. Andrea is the best at this. Now let’s just see how you’ll beat her at this.”

With an evil chuckle, Antonio turned and left Travis alone, banging the door like he was going insane.

Travis smiled evilly, breathing in deeply. “You’ve got so much confidence in your sister, Antonio.” He laughed, chirping while he shook his head. “I just hope you’re right about her otherwise, you have no idea what’s gonna happen should she lose. You should make your shoulder available because if I win, she’ll need one to cry on.”

He laughed manically and went to continue what he was doing.


“Thank you all so much for coming,” Travis said with a beautiful smile on his face, looking at the interns that stood in front of him. “With your dedication and hard work, I believe we’ll be successful with this. We need to be successful.”

“Don’t worry, sir!” They all agreed, nodding. “We’ll never disappoint. We’ll do our best.”

Travis couldn’t have been prouder. He gave a smile, nodding too. “Thank you so much. Now all of you can go and rest. We’ll start our work tomorrow morning and we only have a week before we can take our brand on the market.”

“Thank you so much, sir!” They all said. Then they left.

Well, that had gone great, Travis thought as he picked up his keys and documents from the table. He was really glad that all the interns liked him and promised to do their best. Of course, he was a bit nervous but he still had faith in them.

“Oh shoot!” Travis gasped as he glanced at the watch. “I never knew it was this late. I gotta go.”

Travis quickly left the room and started rushing to the elevator. He had no idea that he’d spent a lot of time with the interns and it was already late. It was already 8.pm and he had to go home to his son. He was pretty much sure that his son was waiting for him.

He entered the elevator and it didn’t take long before he was on the ground floor. The elevator door opened and he was busy staring at his watch when all of a sudden, someone bumped into him hard. The documents he had fell to the floor including his phone.

“Shit!” Travis gasped as he quickly knelt to pick up the documents.

However, when he rose, he got the shock of his life when he found Antonio staring at him with angry eyes with his arms folded. Travis couldn’t believe that wherever he went, the idiot suddenly appeared to make his day bad. He didn’t wanna talk to him so he decided to just leave. But….

“I like seeing you on the floor, exactly where you belong,” Antonio said hoarsely, sounding like a storm was happening in his mouth. “People like you deserve to be on the floor because you only know one thing, please rich men!”

Travis felt a sharp pain hit him like a bolt of electricity. He stopped in his tracks and stood still, trying to get what Antonio had just said to him.

“What do you want from me, huh?” He asked, shaking his head. “Why the hell do you always want my attention even when I try to avoid you, Mr. Gonzalez?”

Antonio smiled sinisterly, turning to face the boy. “As I had told you, Travis, or whatever name you’re using right now, I will make you pay for what…”

“And like I said, Mr. Gonzalez…” Travis warned, his voice slightly rising. “…I don’t care about what you think. I have told you several that I am not Praveen or whatever his name was. Leave me alone. You know, with what you’re trying…” He paused and gave an evil grin. “…I am starting to suspect that you’re just trying to get my attention. But Mr. Gonzalez, don’t forget that you’re a married man and I would never, ever fall for you even if you were the last man on this earth.”

With those words, he furiously turned and left a stunned looking Antonio staring at him. Antonio was shocked to the core. He couldn’t believe Travis had the nerves to tell that to his face. He was mad that he saw red. He groaned furiously and turned to stop the boy but got another shock.

As soon as he turned, he felt his heart pound sharply in his chest when he found his aunt, Emma, standing right in front of Travis with her eyes wide open, staring into his face as she’d just seen a ghost. She was with Andrea and Bruce. Antonio froze because he had no idea what was going on.

Travis on the other hand just stared at the woman that blocked him, feeling a really cold wind hit his face. The way she was staring at him, those piercing brown eyes staring into his like they penetrated his very soul. The woman gave him chills and honestly, he hadn’t planned on meeting her that soon.

‘That boy is a whore. He’s just after this family’s wealth. He’s been having an affair with Santiago.’

All the words that she had used on him, all the pain and the suffering he had gone through in her hands came back and hit him like a storm. He was so mad that he was only a few seconds away from bursting. His fists clenched and his face became stern. That had been the woman that had ruined his life that night. The same woman that had started the same shit which nearly ended his life.

“Praveen!” Emma shuddered, her mouth shaking. She was in surprise.

Looking at the boy in front of her, she couldn’t believe it. She quickly rubbed her eyes and then looked again but he was still standing in front of her, staring into her eyes. He might have looked different, classy, elegant and with different hair colors but she could remember that face anywhere.

“What do you think you’re doing in my son’s company?” Emma gasped but her voice was high. “Answer me?”

Travis raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me!” He sounded surprised. “What are you talking about? I am not Praveen.”

Hearing his answer, Emma burst into laughter, her eyes widening. “Really? Let me guess…” She paused and then looked into the roof like she was thinking of something. “…Travis Marasigan?” She laughed, folding her arms on her chest. “You might be able to fool everyone here but I know exactly who you are and what you’re trying to do here.

When everyone told me, I couldn’t believe it so I came to see it for myself. After so many years…” She yelled, getting the attention of the people on that floor. “…you’ve decided to come back and finish what you couldn’t do years ago, huh? You’ve decided to make yourself a part of this company but guess what?” She warned, pointing angrily at him. “Your plans won’t work because today, I am gonna expose you in front of everyone here that Praveen and Travis are the same person.”

Travis simply smiled, shaking his head like he wasn’t scared of her. Antonio on the other hand just stood still, looking dumbstruck. On the other hand, Bruce and Andrea, the people that had engineered the whole thing just smiled at each other because they knew that Travis’ time in the company was up. No one could challenge Emma because she was the ‘iron lady.’

“You’re ingenious!” Emma laughed in mock. “I don’t know how you managed to get into this company but I can assure you that…” She snapped her fingers in his face. But the boy was just smiling, looking at her like he wasn’t scared one bit. “…you’ll be out of here just like that. The entire world will get to know what kind of person you are, a whore. Now explain to me how you did it?”

Travis shook his head. “Who are you and what do you want from me? I don’t know you and I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You can pretend all you want.” Andrea snarled, breathing harshly. “But we’re here to prove a point, that something fake even if encased in gold, in the end, is eventually revealed as cheap and worthless.”

Travis lost the smile on his face. “Are you talking about yourself?”

“No!” Emma shook her head. “She’s talking about a stupid, timid, cheap village boy named Praveen.” She smirked. “Aren’t you that boy?”

By then people were gathering, watching as the drama unfolded.

Travis chuckled softly. “What are you talking about?”

“I am talking about you. You are a fake.”

“Fake?” Travis rolled his eyes, giving that mocking smile that made Emma get upset. “There’s nothing fake about me. Or perhaps it is you who doesn’t know the meaning of the word, ‘fake?”

Emma laughed. “Fake, pirated, a cheap copy.”

“Now you’re talking about yourself!” He glowered.

To say everyone was shocked would be an understatement. Their mouths were wide open, staring at the boy who dared to insult a woman like Emma. Even Emma wasn’t an exception. She lost the smile on her face and took a step back.

“That’s not how Praveen speaks!” She gasped, pointing at the fearless boy in front of her. “This is not Praveen. Praveen is unsophisticated!”

“Like you and your gang over there!”

“What?” Emma bellowed, clenching her fists. “How dare you talk to me like that?”

“With the way you’ve just come to me, you’ve just shown that you have no breeding and you have no class.” He added, his face getting stern. “My mother taught me a lot about respecting my elders but I guess there was an exception to that. From what I know, respect isn’t something that your parents teach you but also… something that you learn as you age.”

The look on Emma, Bruce, and Andrea’s faces was priceless. Travis enjoyed the shocked expression they had on their faces.

He looked at them all from head to toe, chuckling to himself. “I can’t believe you left your home and came here all dressed up and that’s all you have to say? You’re wasting my time. Now, if you’ll excuse me….”

He looked at them disgustingly and then started heading for the exit, leaving Emma feeling hot and breathing like she was in labor. She’d never been so insulted in her life before and that too in front of all the workers. She couldn’t take it.

“How dare you?” Emma furiously rushed to Travis intending to hit him. She raised her hand so high and was about to hit him when suddenly, Travis made a quick turn and she found herself heading for the floor. Since she was in high heels, she fell flat to her face, hitting the floor with a thud.

Everyone had their hands covering their mouths. They couldn’t believe what they’d just seen. Emma was on the floor wincing in pain. Shit! She felt like she sprained her ankle and it hurt like hell. All her dignity, pride, and respect, she felt it all vanish while she was on that floor.

She furiously raised her head to stare into the eyes of the boy that she was now scared of. What she saw was a warning that scared her but she wasn’t gonna give up.

“What the fuck?” Antonio rushed to his aunt, kneeling in front of her. He wrapped his arms around her, bringing her to his chest. “How dare you?” He rolled, raising his angry eyes at Travis. “How dare you do this to….”

“I didn’t do anything to her,” Travis said hoarsely. “But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t intending to. I don’t know what you or your family wants from me but let this be known to all of you that I don’t tolerate people intimidating me or trying to get to embarrass me. I am a very respectful person but even an ant bites when pressured so be careful what you do when you’re around me, Antonio Gonzalez.”

Antonio was furious. He was breathing like a beast. He furiously rose and gripped Travis’ arm painfully, bringing him closer. He breathed on his face and when Travis felt that hot breath, he could have sworn something crawled up his skin. He was really mad.

“You can do or say whatever you want with me but don’t you ever in your life try to hurt her again.” He warned, breathing heavily. “That woman is like my mother and I don’t mess with her. If you wanna get on my bad….”

Travis furiously released his hand from Antonio’s grip, staring into his angry eyes.

“I don’t care what you say to me or your threats, Mr. Gonzalez.” He yelled, breathing like a beast. “I have been through hell and back. I don’t care about your threats because they don’t do shit to me. I don’t care how powerful your family thinks they are or if they feel they can step on anyone. Whether old or young, I don’t fear anyone and I don’t like it when people try to talk about my character.” He furiously ripped his eyes from Antonio and laid them on the woman that was still staring at him like she wanted to kill him.

“Next time, ma’am, please do very well research before you try to intimidate someone.” He warned, pointing at her. “I know my rights very well and I also know that deformation of character is a very serious crime. Be careful next time.”

He shifted his eyes to a growling Antonio, whose eyes turned red from anger. His fists were clenched and he was only seconds away from hitting Travis. But there something deep inside of him that was stopping him.

“You should be thanking me that I didn’t do anything to her.” He warned. “She’s very lucky that she’s way older than me, otherwise, I would have shown her the other side of me.”

With one final look at the shocked woman on the floor, Travis furiously turned and left the building with an evil grin on his face. He wasn’t gonna allow anyone from Antonio’s family to hurt him or make him suffer again.

‘You haven’t seen anything yet, Antonio!’ Travis thought. Clenching his fists. ‘I’ll make you pay for what you had done to me in the past, you and your gang. You’re gonna regret ever crossing paths with me. I swear.’

Antonio groaned and then stormed out of the building, leaving Emma on the floor. She was feeling so ashamed and embarrassed. She just groaned in pain, wrapping her arms around herself. It was shocking to believe that Praveen had done that to her. Now she was sure that he wasn’t Praveen.

“Aunt!” Andrea slowly knelt in front of her, holding her hand tightly. “I am so sorry. I never thought that he’d do that. I…”

“He…” Emma was so dumbstruck that she couldn’t even find a word to use. “Oh my God!”

“Come on!” Andrea helped her up together with Bruce. “Let’s get out of here.”

The two helped their fellow culprit up though she was still shocked and she couldn’t walk normally. People were talking among themselves and others were laughing. They knew what kind of woman Emma was and it was just funny and relieving to see someone put her in her place. She had to know that she couldn’t just step on anyone.

“What the fuck are you looking at?” Bruce snapped, making the workers run. “Get back to your fucking positions before I have your asses fired.”

They were all furious and they all knew that they had to do something about the thorn that started piercing their flesh, Travis. They knew they had to get rid of him somehow.


As soon as Travis entered the kitchen, he was welcomed by a very heartwarming scene in front of him. His son was seated on the counter, holding a folk while laughing with his grandmother that was holding a cookie to him. It was amazing. Both of them were a mess, covered in flour, and Travis couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hmmm….” Travis moaned, rushing to the most important people in his life. “What did I miss?”

“Daddy?” Sean screamed, opening his arms widely.

Travis held his son tightly and got himself dirty in the process but he loved it. He kissed his cheeks, enjoying his tiny, gorgeous giggles. Then he kissed his aunt and just folded his arms, watching the two smile happily.

“So what are my two favorite people in the world doing?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Daddy, we’re making cookies for you,” Sean said softly in his little voice. “Granny said that when you return, you would be hungry so we decided to make cookies for you.”

“Oh…” Travis held his chest, feeling extremely loved. “Thank you so much, sweetie.” He kissed his son on the lips, watching as a smile brightened up his face. “But you’re all dirty.”

“We’re not complaining. Now, why don’t you taste that?” Vanessa laughed as she shoved a cookie in his mouth.


Travis tasted the cookie and it was delicious. The three of them spent over an hour in the kitchen just enjoying cookies and by the time they were done, Travis’ clothes were also dirty. But he was happy because, after such a stressful day at work, he got to laugh, smile, and be with his family. He was very happy.

“So, my baby, how was the first day at school?” Travis asked as he rubbed his son’s lips. “Did you enjoy it?”

Sean nodded, smiling at his father. “It was great. Stephanie and I played a lot.” Then his face got long again. “But she went away and… and I wanted to go with her. Daddy, can I go to Stephanie’s place, please?”

Travis looked at Vanessa with a worried face. “But honey, you just met her. I don’t think…”

“No, daddy… she’s very nice and she’s the only friend I have.”

Travis felt bad for his son. “But sweetie, you don’t even know anyone at her house. Okay…” He smiled brightly, taking his son in his arms. “…granny or daddy will talk to Stephanie’s parents, get to know them, and then you can go and visit them. Do you like that?”

Sean nodded, kissing Travis’ cheeks.

“Now why don’t you run to nanny and then take a shower? Daddy will be waiting for you in the room.”

Sean giggled and then ran out of the room, leaving Vanessa and Travis staring at him as he left.

“I always thank God for giving us, Sean,” Vanessa said with a sigh. “I can see Richard in him. He makes our lives brighter. I don’t know how I would have survived without you two.”

“Me too, aunt…” Travis sighed relief. “…me too.”

“And don’t worry about Stephanie’s parents. I have interacted with her mother. She’s a very nice person and today, she asked if Sean could visit.”

Travis smiled, holding his aunt tightly. She made him feel at peace whenever he held her. “I just want my son to be safe, aunt!” Travis said softly, slightly closing his eyes. “I can’t take it if anyone hurt him. I don’t think I can spare anyone.”

Vanessa smiled, running her fingers through his hair. “By the way, how was your first day at Tonzalez blue?”

Travis raised his head and lost the smile on his face. “Tomorrow, we have to start working on the brands of shoes and clothes I proposed. It’s not what I expected because Andrea has challenged me. But even better.” His face got stern as he slightly moved away from his aunt. “She better pray that her brand does better than mine, otherwise…” He chuckled bitterly. “…she’ll be in for a big surprise.”

Vanessa nodded. “Of course, she’ll be in for a big surprise.”

Travis smiled. “Plus, I had an encounter with Emma today. She came to the company premises just a few hours back.”

“What?” Vanessa gasped, losing that smile on her face. “What did that shameless woman come to do there? Did she hurt you? Are you okay?”

“No!” He smiled, taking a deep breath as he went down memory lane. “She tried to insult me and prove that Travis and Praveen are the same people. But she got what was coming to her. I had to put her in her place. I had been waiting for that moment for a long time.” He chuckled sinisterly. “She’s gonna think twice before approaching me though Antonio got mad.”


“He can’t hurt me, aunt!” He shook his head. “No matter what he does, he’ll never hurt me again. I won’t allow him. What I had gone through in his hands was enough to last me for a lifetime. Now it’s their turn to suffer.”

Vanessa opened her arms wide, gesturing for Travis. Travis chuckled nervously and rushed into her arms. She wrapped them around him and kissed his head softly. Then the both of them just stayed like that for a few minutes. It was such an emotional scene.


There was a terrible noise that sounded throughout the house, making everyone wonder what was going on. Everyone came rushing into the living room and as soon as they reached there, they saw Antonio shouting at someone over the phone. Damn, he was so pissed and everyone knew that something terrible had probably happened.

“Well, tell those stupid fuckers that I am canceling the contract with them.” He yelled, stamping his foot on the floor. “I don’t wanna perform at their event, okay? I have a lot of things to do and so much in my head.”

He remained quiet for a few seconds.

“Well, they can go and fuck themselves.”

He furiously cut the call and threw the phone so hard on the floor and it broke to pieces. Of course, he wasn’t worried because he had a lot of phones in the house. But his entire family was worried and even little Stephanie was scared. She held on tightly to her mother, looking at her uncle like he was a beast or something worse.

“Mommy…” Stephanie spoke in her little voice. “…what’s wrong with uncle?”

But Celine was dumbstruck. She had never seen him act like that and she didn’t know what to say to her daughter.

“Err…” She knelt on the floor and smiled brightly at her daughter. “…baby, uncle is…”

“My love, I am sorry.” Antonio rushed to Stephanie and knelt in front of her.

He held the little girl’s hands and could feel that she was scared. As soon as he had set his eyes on her, his anger had at least melted though he was still mad. But there was something about the girl that always gave him some peace.

“I am sorry, baby.” He apologized, leaning to kiss her cheek. “Would you forgive uncle? He’s just in a bad mood, my love.”

Stephanie nodded, smiling brightly. Seeing her smile, Antonio couldn’t help but smile too. He felt at least happy.

“Would you like to eat ice cream with your uncle?”

“Yeh….” Steph jumped, kissing Antonio’s cheeks.

Antonio smile and whispered an, ‘I love you,’ before lifting the girl and taking her to his room. Everyone felt relieved and Emilia was happy that he hadn’t screamed at her, thanks to her granddaughter. She was really happy.

They were all about to back to their respective room when they saw Bruce entering the house and looking like he’d just had a really bad day.

“Bruce!” Celine called, stopping him in his tracks. “What’s going on? Do you have any idea what’s wrong with your husband?”

Bruce gave Celine an angry look before he gave a bitter laugh. “Really? You’re asking? What good can come to him when that bitch has invaded his company? Do you expect him to smile when the whore that nearly destroyed his life is doing all he can to hurt him?”

“What?” Emilia gasped, trying to understand what Bruce was talking about. “Who invaded his company?”

Celine held Emilia’s hand. “Mother, it’s nothing!” She lied, trying to spare the woman from her pain. “It’s just…”

“Oh, you’re gonna lie now?” Bruce laughed, getting closer to where Celine and the woman stood. “Well, your stupid ex-son in law, Praveen is now a shareholder at Tonzalez blue, one of your son’s biggest companies. And do you know how much he owns there? 30%!” He yelled.

Emilia felt her heart pound in her chest. “How’s that possible, huh? I thought….”

“Don’t pretend to be shocked, mother in law!” He said rudely, dropping his hands to his hips. “You must be very happy since your only goal is to destroy us all. I don’t even know why Antonio keeps you here. He should have thrown you out or taken you to an early elderly people’s home, where you belong.”

“How dare you?” Celine snapped, shaking her head angrily. “Who do you think you are to talk to mother like that? Do you realize she’s the mother of your husband? Instead of you to be…”

“Enough with your lecture, Celine!” Bruce brushed her off rudely with his hand. “I am not interested in it. If a woman doesn’t respect herself why should I respect her? She doesn’t deserve it. The only one I respect as my husband’s mother was just insulted and hurt by that whore called Travis so why should I care about her feelings?”

“What?” Emilia gasped, a tear going down her cheek.

“And you don’t have to pretend to be shocked because he’s only helping you hurt this family.” Bruce laughed bitterly. “But I promise you that that boy will pay if it’s the last thing I do on this earth. I’ll make sure that whatever plans he has, fails!”

Emilia couldn’t take the insult. She just turned and left. Celine was pretty mad and she couldn’t allow someone like Bruce to insult her mother. She couldn’t tolerate it.

“How dare you talk to her like that?” Celine glowered, getting closer to Bruce. “A son-in-law is supposed to bring peace and unity to the family of his husband but what are you doing? You’re causing conflicts and division? You’re supposed to be uniting mother and son but now I see that you’re the problem.”

Bruce simply rolled his eyes, pretending like he wasn’t paying attention to what Celine was saying.

“You know what, I think the greatest mistake that Antonio has ever made in his life is marrying a selfish man like you.” She yelled, making Bruce lose his smile. He was instantly mad. “You know, Praveen might have betrayed this family but when he was here, he made this family happy. He brought unity and no one complained about him. But the very day you stepped into this house, everything went haywire.

And you call him a whore, huh?” Celine laughed. “But guess who the whore is, the one who used to sleep with his husband when they were still married?”

“What the fuck?” Bruce raised his hand to slap Celine but got shocked when she held his hand and gripped it painfully. He was so mad that he was breathing like a wounded bull. “How dare you, Celine?”

“I am not Praveen!” Celine warned. “And neither am I people that tolerate you in this house. I am the first daughter in law of this house and I am older than you so I demand respect from you. Don’t you ever in your stupid life try this stunt with me again?”

She threw Bruce’s hand and stared into his glassy looking eyes. She could see how mad he was but she simply didn’t care about it. With a nod, she turned and left him there, staring at her like he wanted to kill her. It wasn’t gonna be over soon and he was gonna make her pay for her words. That was a promise he made to her.


“Alright, just take these sketches to them and also all the samples that I gave you,” Travis instructed, handing the files to his assistant. “I will be joining them soon. I just want to get something quickly from the office.”

“Sure, sir!” Tina smiled, getting the files from her boss. “And sir, you look handsome today.”

“Oh,” Travis blushed, shaking his head. “Thanks.”

She raised her hand and left, leaving him smiling. They had already started working on clothes and shoes and he couldn’t have been happier. They had been working on them the entire morning and now they were going somewhere. Travis was just happy that the interns were good at what they did. He knew that with them by his side, they were gonna be done quickly.

Travis chuckled and then headed to his office. He needed to set some things in his office, things that he had left unattended to. Travis was just dressed simply that day, in a black t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and brown snickers on his feet. His hair was made into a ponytail that reached to his butt, revealing his gorgeous face.

Travis entered his office and took a small box that was on the table where he had some of the pictures and a few paintings that he wanted to put in his office. He took out the picture that he wanted to be there, the picture of his lovely father. He had been looking really lovely that day in a black suit with a white shirt inside. He was serious but he sure looked handsome.

“I miss you, dad!” He whispered, passing his hands on that beautiful picture.

He framed it and then placed it on his table so that he could look at it while he worked. Then he took out the picture that made him like an emotional fool. He had been with his father that day and though he wasn’t happy, Travis could remember it all well. His father had his arm tightly wrapped around him while he kissed his cheek. That had been after Travis had gotten out of the hospital when he had almost lost Sean due to threatened miscarriage. His father had taken him out to cheer him up. Santiago had even taken the picture.

“I love you so much.” Travis moaned, holding the picture closer to his heart. “And I miss you.”

Travis got emotional and he didn’t even realize that he was tearing up. He came back to reality when he heard a knock on the door. He put the picture down and cleared his face. He didn’t want anyone to see him like that.

“Come on in!” He hollered.

The door opened wide, revealing a handsome looking man in a red designer’s suit that fit him like a second skin with red shoes. He was looking gorgeous and Travis couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey!” Paul waved, getting closer to the beautiful boy. “Hi!”

“Hey, Paul!” Travis chuckled nervously. “What brings you here?”

Paul smiled brightly, getting lost in those eyes that made him enter a world of ecstasy. “You!” He moaned.

“Me?” Travis raised his eyebrow. “Hope I am not in trouble?”

“Not at all.” Paul sighed, chuckling to himself. “I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me for lunch. You must be hungry because it’s your second day here and you’re working hard.”

“Oh!” Travis glanced at his watch. He didn’t even realize that he hadn’t had lunch. “No! I was about to get back to…”

“It’s just a few blocks away from here,” Paul whispered, taking Travis’ hand. “Besides, you and I haven’t talked since you came here. Are you gonna deny me that?”

Travis looked at Paul and then gave a gloomy sigh. “Fine! But I won’t take long. I need to get back to my team.”

Paul nodded. “Even a second with you is worth it.”

Travis blushed, nodding. They both left the office arm in arm, talking like long lost friends. Travis was really happy that at least, someone in the company didn’t him a headache like the Gonzalez. He found peace with Paul and he was happy.

It didn’t take long before they reached the classy restaurant and Travis was happy. But his happiness was soon ruined as soon as they reached. He saw Antonio there having his lunch and he was with his husband, Bruce and they were talking smiling among themselves. Travis prayed for Paul to just find another table where they could just be the two of them but his prayer wasn’t answered. As soon as Paul saw his friend, he was already heading there.

“Hey, dude!” Paul gasped, staring at the happy couple. “Didn’t think I could see you here? Do you care if I join you?”

Antonio was about to answer his friend with a smile but as soon as his eyes landed on Travis, his heart nearly skipped a beat and he became dumbstruck. He had no idea where his anger came from but he found himself staring at the boy, his fists clenching under the table. Whenever he saw Travis, he had no idea where all the anger that he felt came from. He hated him so much.

“Not at all.” Bruce chuckled, giving Travis a mocking smile. “Plenty of space here.”

“Great!” Paul rubbed his hands together.

He smiled at Travis before he pulled a seat for him. Travis sat gracefully, trying, by all means, to avoid making eye contact with any of the fools that were at the table. He could feel their eyes on him but he didn’t care.

“What would you like to have, my gorgeous one?” Paul asked, slowly bowing.

Travis laughed. “You’re insane, Paul. But whatever you order for me, I’ll eat.”

“Great!” Paul chuckled. “I’ll go and get you something special, mi senor.”

Travis winked at the man. “I’ll be waiting, Mr. Mendez.”

Paul chuckled and then left, acting as he’d just won a lottery.

“Some men are just so hard to resist!” Travis commented, taking the menu from the table. He was acting all happy and excited which made Antonio madder.

He couldn’t believe Travis had the nerves to flirt with Paul right in his presence. Wait, why was he even thinking about that, he thought as he clenched his teeth? A lot was going on in Antonio’s head and he was burning in anger. He was so sure that Travis was up to something. But whatever he was up, it seemed to be working because Antonio was getting mad.

On the other hand, Bruce was giving a smile because he knew that he had Antonio all to himself. He was now married to him and he needed to show Praveen or whatever he called himself that he had already won.

“My love,” Bruce moaned, getting closer to his husband. “You’ve got something on your lips.”

Antonio ripped his eyes from Travis and looked at Bruce. “What?”

Bruce gestured, taking a glance at the boy that wasn’t even paying attention. “There’s something on your lips. Let me get that for you.”

Then Bruce even did something crazier. He leaned forward and captured his husband’s lips, kissing him right in front of Travis and everyone that was watching in that restaurant. Shit! Antonio was caught off guard. He hadn’t expected Bruce to do that but he couldn’t do anything. He felt frozen even as Bruce sucked on his lips like there was no tomorrow, moaning his brains out.

Travis felt like ice had just been poured on him when he heard Bruce’s sensual moan. He quickly raised his head to see what was going on and got the shock of his life when he saw the two men kissing shamelessly like there was no tomorrow.

Bruce had his hands grasping the back of Antonio’s head, closing the space in between them. Seeing the two kissing, Travis felt hot and cold at the same time. He didn’t know what he felt, whether pain or anger. He just stared at them, wondering what Bruce was trying to achieve. Then all the painful memories of the past started hitting him at the same time.

‘I love you so much.’ Antonio’s words rang through him. ‘I have never felt this way about anyone else.’

Travis felt tears building in his eyes but he suppressed them. He had never thought he’d be that weak or get hurt by seeing Antonio kissing someone again. He looked away, trying to act like everything was normal.

After what felt like forever, Bruce finally tore away from those gorgeous lips that he was dying to taste again. He had a horny look on his face.

“You’re the best husband any guy could ever ask for.” Bruce moaned, biting his lip while he rubbed on his husband’s lips. “And your lips keep on getting sweeter and sweeter. I love you so much, baby!”

Antonio was beyond shocked. He knew the reason why Bruce had done that. “Love you too!” He muttered. Wait, did he even realize he said that?

Bruce gasped when he heard that from Antonio. He hadn’t expected that from him at all. Tears of joy formed in his eyes and he felt like he was on top of the world. He still couldn’t believe that his husband had just said that he loved him back. It had been long since he last heard that from him.

Antonio diverted his eyes to Travis and got shocked when he saw him smiling, staring deep into his eyes. He had expected him to be sad, hurt, and even maybe tearing up but none of that happened. The boy was just as confident looking as ever.

“Well, it looks like you guys are pretty busy.” Travis grinned, putting the menu on the table. “It would be rude to disturb your romance.”

Travis was getting up when all of a sudden, Bruce intentionally pushed on a glass full of apple juice and it fell, emptying all its contents on Travis’ pants.

“Oh my God!” Travis quickly rose, staring at his jean. Shit! He was wet.

Travis furiously looked at Bruce and saw that evil grin on his face. He knew that the guy had done that on purpose. He lost the smile on his face and gave Bruce an angry look. He was mad.

“Oh my God!” Bruce gasped in mock astonishment. “I am so sorry. I… I didn’t mean to do that. I… I am sorry.”

Travis took some tissue from the table and tried to wipe the juice but it wasn’t helping. He was wet and he needed to clean up somehow. He glanced at Antonio and saw that satisfied smile on his face. He was pissed at Bruce for pulling such a stunt.

With a groan, he walked away and went to the bathroom to clean himself. He was so wet that he no matter what he did to wipe it off, it wasn’t working. In the end, he just gave up and stared at himself in the mirror. He was so mad and he promised that Bruce was gonna pay.

As he was still staring into the huge mirror, the door to the bathroom opened, and in came a happy-looking Bruce, smiling as he’d just won a lottery. He was so happy that he had managed to put Travis in his place.

“Hmm….” Bruce moaned, folding his arms.

Travis sighed and then took a tissue, slowly rubbing his hands. Even through the mirror, he didn’t miss that mocking smile on Bruce’s face. The man-made him go insane with anger.

“You know what?” Bruce started, staring right at Travis. “I know exactly what you’re up to. Getting into the company, showing up whenever you’re not needed and always smiling at my husband…” He chuckled bitterly. “…your plan is not going to work. Today was just juice but next time, it will be hot water. Do you understand?”

Travis just chose to ignore the bastard and continued with what he was doing. He didn’t think that he had the time to argue with someone like Bruce. He was way smarter than that.

“Now I am warning you for the last time!” Bruce snarled, pointing at the man that was just in his world. “Whatever plans that you have, they’re not going to work. My husband belongs to me and no matter what you try to do or how much you pretend, I can see through you. I know you’re still the same old dirty boy you were six years ago. So stay in your lane.”

With an evil laugh, Bruce left the bathroom, leaving Travis groaning. He was so mad.

Bruce got out of the bathroom and got back to his husband where he found him together with Paul and they were talking among themselves. Of course, Bruce had to put up a smile as he sat beside his husband, knowing that Travis was not gonna mess with him again.

“Hey, where’s Travis?” Paul asked, sounding a bit worried.

“Oh, there was a bit of an accident,” Bruce answered, still smiling like an evil bitch. “He went to the bathroom to clean himself. I think he was a bit overexcited and he accidentally poured juice on himself. You know, being in the presence of Antonio Gonzalez is not what most people are privileged with.”

Paul gave a half-smile, wondering what Bruce meant by what he said. “Well, I better go and check if he needs anything.”

“You do that!” Bruce clung to his husband.

Paul nodded and was about to get up when a smile popped up on his face. He saw Travis coming towards the table with a smile on his face, looking as sexy as ever. He was dressed in a red designer’s shirt that was halfway done and tucked in white skinny jeans with white sneakers on his feet. He was looking sexy and amazing and his body was just to die. Paul was impressed.

“There you are.” Paul smiled brightly, staring at the boy. “Are you okay?”

Travis nodded, standing near Paul. Then he looked at Bruce and when he saw that shocking expression on his face, he felt really happy. Bruce was really surprised because he hadn’t expected Travis to change. And how the hell did he change that fast, he thought as he looked at the boy from head to toe.

Antonio on the other hand had never seen anyone so sexy his entire life. For a second, he forgot he was staring at the boy that made his blood boil. He was blown away by his beauty, class, and his sexiness. Shit! Did he even realize he was staring?

“I am okay. Just a few minor setbacks but I’ll live.” His eyes were fixed on Bruce. “And I also have to leave? I am needed by my team for something important. I have been gone for too long and they’re all wondering where I have gone.”

“Really?” Paul asked, losing the smile on his face. “I thought we were supposed to have lunch together.”

“I am sorry.” He apologized. “I’ll make it up to you.”

Then he leaned forward and kissed Paul’s cheek right in front of Bruce and Antonio. Antonio suddenly felt a powerful vibration hit him, getting him out of his thoughts. He was suddenly brought to reality and he had no idea why he felt so much anger when he saw Travis kiss Paul’s cheeks. He didn’t even realize that his fists were clenching.

“But I am sure that the couple will love to have you for lunch!” He chuckled nervously, staring at the two mad looking men. “I have to go now. I have got a lot of work to do.”

He left with the two men staring as he walked out of the restaurant. Many faces in that restaurant were staring at him because he was a beauty to behold. When Bruce saw the way his husband looked at Travis, he felt like a vessel of anger. He was so mad.

Antonio was still staring at that ass that made his body ache with desire when suddenly, his phone started ringing. Without even looking at it, he answered the call and…

“What?” He furiously got up from the chair. “Where? I am coming right now!”

Without saying a word to the two men he was with, he left hurriedly. Both Paul and Bruce wondered what was going on but they couldn’t ask because it was already too late to ask.


Emilia was moving from side to side, looking at her watch. Her heart was racing and she was already sweating and teary. It was already dark and she was really scared and nervous. Her breaths were harsh and her body shook in fear. She was making prayers in her heart but nothing seemed to be working. It had been so long she had called Antonio but he hadn’t shown up and she was now getting worried.

“Maybe I should just start looking!” She gasped, nodding. “It’s getting late!”

Emilia was about to start her search when suddenly, she saw her son’s car rushing towards her. The car stopped and a pissed looking Antonio came out. His eyes were red and he was breathing harshly.


But Emilia didn’t even finish her sentence as Antonio gripped her arm painfully and pinned her to a wall. It hurt but she felt she deserved it somehow.


“You said you’ll take care of granny!” He glowered, his breaths becoming even harsher. “This is how you take care of her? Why did you bring her here knowing that she’s not well, huh? How many times have I warned you not to bring granny out of the house without else and most especially to this freaking place? Despite my warnings, you insisted on bringing her here.”

Emilia shuddered, shaking her head. “I… I am sorry. I… I thought that maybe I could bring her to the temple and she’d get better since you’ve refused to…”

“Whom did you ask? Who even gave you the right to bring my grandmother here? I have always told you to stay away from her but you’ve always insisted on taking care of her. Is this how you take care of her?”

Emilia couldn’t fight her tears. “I was with her when I was praying and she was right there. I just closed my eyes for a minute and she was gone. I tried to look for her but I couldn’t find her. I don’t understand how she could have moved and…”

“Aren’t you an expert at causing chaos?” Antonio snapped, making Emilia slightly close her eyes. “If anything happens to granny today, Emilia Gonzalez, I will not spare you. I will make you suffer should I lose my grandmother. Even if she suffers a little, I will make you pay. You know I have no one left but her. She’s the only one!” He yelled in her face.

“Antonio, please…” Emilia sniveled, crying softly. “…I…”

“You don’t listen, do you?” He hollered, screaming in her face.

“Antonio!” Ethan came rushing together with the nurse.

Emilia had called him and he was surprised to find Antonio hurting her. “What do you think you’re doing hurting your mother?” He pushed Antonio away from Emilia and held her tightly. “What kind of behavior is this? Instead of trying to think of ways….”

“What ways?” Antonio yelled, breathing like a monster. “She caused all this. If it hadn’t been for her, granny would have been home right now sleeping. But now she’s missing and only God knows where the fuck she is and it’s because of that woman.”

Emilia sobbed, resting her head on Ethan’s chest. She was beyond hurt.

“Calm down, will you?” Ethan yelled, shaking his head. “Instead of blaming each other, let’s go and look for her. I agree that aunt made a mistake but it’s already late and if we keep on blaming her, we won’t find granny.”

“Antonio, I promise….”

“Don’t just promise, focus on your job!” He brushed her rudely. “She only has one simple job and she can’t even do it right. Go and search for granny!”

Emilia moved away from Ethan and ran away from there. She didn’t want to make her son madder than he already was. Ethan shook his head angrily and followed her. The nurse too excused herself and went to search for her.

Antonio was so mad. “Fuck!” He swore, pulling on his hair.

As he was busy cursing and thinking of what to do, suddenly he heard some people shouting that there was an old woman in the middle of the road and she was in a wheelchair. Shit! Antonio’s heart missed a beat. He knew exactly how busy that road was and it was his grandmother, she was in so much danger. He didn’t waste any time. He ran like the hounds of hell were after him.


Granny’s wheelchair was right in the middle of the big busy road and there were a lot of cars that were honking at her, almost hitting her wheelchair. She was really scared and she had her hands on her ears, looking everywhere and groaning in pain and fear.

Her face was flooded with tears and her heart was racing. The poor woman had no idea what was going on. Her hair was loose and she was wearing just a simple dress with nothing on her feet. Her mouth shook uncontrollably in fear and she wanted to scream for help but she couldn’t. Man, the old woman didn’t even know what was going on.

People were watching from the other side of the road with their hands on their mouths. None of them could help because they were really scared of getting hurt themselves. Suddenly, there was a loud honking sound that scared everyone.

A large truck was nearing the old woman, honking like it was going insane. It was speeding and there were also many cars behind it so it couldn’t stop. The truck kept on honking but the old woman wasn’t moving. The truck was near and people lost all hopes. Some had their eyes covered while others watched in fear. They all knew that it was all over. The old woman was dead already.

Just when they thought nothing could save the old woman, they saw a brave young man running towards the old woman. He gripped the wheelchair and pulled it out of the road. The truck nearly hit them both but the young man was really quick.

“Almighty!” Everyone gasped, feeling their hearts race.

They all began rushing there to see if the old woman and the young man were okay.

Granny was groaning softly, her hands shaking uncontrollably. She was scared. But suddenly….

“Are you okay?” The young man asked quickly, kneeling in front of the woman.

When granny’s eyes landed on that young man’s face, everything in this world disappeared. A tear went down her cheek as she felt like a powerful force had just taken control of her. For a second, she felt a peace unlike she had never felt before. Her heartbeat calmly and her breaths stopped while her eyes widened.

That face! There was something about that face that granny couldn’t understand. It was like… no, she could have sworn she had seen that face before. The young man was handsome, staring at her with wide-open eyes. He looked shocked or rather surprised. He was putting on a yellow long see-through shirt and a black skinny jean. His hair was loose and he had a beautiful blue scarf around his neck. Granny had never seen a man as handsome as him.

“You!” Granny gasped, slowly raising her hand. A smile popped up on her face and a tear went down her cheek. She felt so much joy and for the first time in six years, she smiled. “You!”

The young man wanted to say something but people came rushing there including granny’s nurse who looked worried.

“Ma’am!” The nurse gasped. “Are you alright? Oh my God, you’ve got no idea how scared we were.”

The young man tried to get up but granny gripped his hand tightly, taking a glance at the nurse.

The nurse looked at the handsome young man. “Thank you so much, sir! You did a great job.” She put her hands together. “You have no idea how worried her family has been. You did a great job.” She diverted her eyes to the old woman. “Come on, ma’am! We have to go. Your grandson is worried.”

Granny shook her head. “Don’t touch me!” She warned, surprising even the nurse. “Don’t touch me. I don’t want to go with you. Listen…” She looked at the young man. “…don’t let them take me. Please, take me with you. I want to go with you. I don’t want to go with her. I want to go with you. They’re very bad, please!”

The young man was just staring at the old woman without saying anything. He was still shocked and his eyes were turning glassy. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The woman he had left sane, beautiful and so much happy, she was now sick. He couldn’t believe it. Travis was dumbstruck. He just looked at the woman, trying to understand what had happened to her.

“Please, take me with you. Don’t touch me!” She hit the nurse’s hand. “Please, I wanna go with you.”

Travis opened his mouth to say something but…


It was Antonio’s voice and Travis felt his heart sink in his chest. Fortunately, Antonio couldn’t see him due to the crowd that had surrounded granny. Antonio came running like a madman with Ethan and Emilia right behind him.

Travis quickly withdrew his hand from granny’s, just as Antonio arrived and knelt in front of his grandmother, holding her hand tightly. He had tears in his eyes and he was beyond scared. He couldn’t believe his grandmother was alright.

“Granny!” He sniveled, kissing her hands sweetly. “Thank God you’re alright. You’ve got no idea how worried I was. You got me scared.”

“Antonio!” Granny spoke softly, slowly moving her hand to caress his cheek.

When Antonio heard his name from granny’s mouth, he froze. He quickly raised his head and got shocked when he saw her smiling. That had never happened since she got sick. To add to that, the woman had never called his name or anyone’s name for that matter. She was always shouting, throwing things, and saying things he couldn’t understand so it was shocking.

“Granny!” Antonio chuckled in pain, failing to fight his tears. “You’re smiling?”

“Where did you go, Antonio?” She asked, shaking her head. “Where were you? When did you return?”

“Granny!” Antonio sobbed, lying on her lap. “Granny!” He still couldn’t believe it.

Meanwhile, Ethan and Emilia came rushing and when they arrived, they were just as shocked when they found granny smiling and running her fingers through her grandson’s hair. They couldn’t help but smile even though they were still shaking from fear.

Travis on the other hand felt tears building in his eyes when he saw Emilia after six long years. She didn’t look good but…

‘Even a witch doesn’t attack her own home but you… you stabbed me right in the face. Don’t ever call me mother, ever!’ Her painful words still haunted him and he knew he had to get out of there before she saw him.

Travis rushed out of there, running towards his car. He was in so much hurry that he didn’t even realize that the scarf on his neck had been blown away by the wind. He just reached his car, entered, and told the driver to drive fast.

The scarf that had left Travis’ neck landed right on Antonio’s face. Antonio slowly raised his head, taking the scarf away from his face. He looked at it and somehow, there was something about that scarf that made his heart race but not in fear or anger but something really sweet. He didn’t even realize that he was smiling as he held on to that scarf, trying to look around. He didn’t even know what he was looking for.

Granny chuckled. “You know what Antonio, I am so happy that you’re here today. A boy saved my life today. An angel saved my life, my angel.”

Antonio looked at his granny slowly, wondering what she was talking about.

“A boy!” He gasped.

“He was so beautiful!” Granny chuckled happily, remembering that gorgeous face. “He’s my angel, Antonio. He was very nice and… it seemed I know him but I can’t remember.” She cupped her grandson’s cheeks. “If not for him, I don’t know what would have happened.”

“No, granny…” Antonio shook his head, holding her hand tightly. “…nothing bad would have happened to you.”

“Because I had my angel with me.” She said happily. “He protected me. Antonio, you need to find that angel.”

Antonio was still confused and he had no idea why he felt like that. He had a feeling that he knew the person that had saved granny but who, he thought as he tried to get back to normal. His granny was smiling and speaking like she was a bit normal and he was happy. But that scarf he was holding reminded him so much of Praveen. He wanted to throw it away but he didn’t have the strength.”

“Did you see the boy?” Antonio asked the nurse who was just as surprised as he was.

“Yes!” The nurse nodded. “But I never paid much attention to remember him.”

Antonio looked around but couldn’t see anyone that fit that description. “Granny is smiling and speaking normally for the first time in six years. I think it’s all because of that boy. I need you to help me find him, please. But for now, we need to take her to the hospital. I need the doctor to examine her and explain what’s going on?”

The nurse nodded and took the smiling granny with her. Emilia followed behind because she didn’t wanna upset her son.

Ethan on the other hand remained with Antonio, staring at him like he was a stranger. He held his hand, watching as the man gave him a worried look.

“Are you okay?”

Antonio nodded. “Let’s go. It’s nothing!”

The two men followed behind.


Travis slowly entered the house, walking and lost deep in thought. He just kept on thinking about granny, the state that he had seen her in, and how happy she had been when she saw him.

‘Take me away from here. I wanna go with you.’

Travis sighed, holding his hand softly, the same hand that granny had held. He could still feel her touch just as gentle as it had been years back. But he was not at peace. He was scared and there were a lot of questions running through his head. He just wasn’t himself.


Travis nearly jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He quickly raised his head and found Vanessa looking at him worriedly. He tried to smile but he wasn’t fooling anyone at all. She could see through him.

“Son!” Vanessa spoke softly, rubbing on his shoulder. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Travis nodded. “Where’s Sean?”

“He went to sleep,” Vanessa said as she led to the living room. “He was too tired and couldn’t wait for you. Are you sure you’re okay?”

Travis didn’t wanna lie to Vanessa. The woman was always worried about him and he felt he owed to tell it to her.

“I saw granny today, aunt!” He muttered, shaking his head.

“Granny!” Vanessa was confused. “Which granny?”

“Antonio’s grandmother!” He said, taking a deep breath. “I was coming from the temple when I saw a woman in the middle of the road. She was in a wheelchair and she was in a danger. I saved the woman and I got shocked when I saw that it was granny!”

“Oh my god!” Vanessa gasped, looking confused. “Did she say anything bad to you? Was she with Antonio and…”

“He was there but he didn’t see me.” He got up from the chair, combing his hair with his fingers. “She couldn’t recognize me. It’s like she didn’t even know who I was but she was excited to see me.”

Vanessa frowned. “What are you saying…”

“I think she has a mental problem, aunt!” He hollered, turning to face the woman. “It was so painful to see her like that, aunt! She looked thin and… and it just hurts to see her like that. Granny was one of the people in the house that loved me unconditionally. And now I get to find out that her…” He couldn’t say it because it was so painful. “Why? How?”

“Shh…” Vanessa wrapped her arms around him, bringing him closer. “…I know what you’re trying to do, Travis. Don’t blame yourself for what happened to her? She probably…”

“No, aunt!” He muttered, fighting off his tears. “…I need to find out exactly what had happened to a woman like her. I will not be at peace until I find out what had happened to her.”

Vanessa gave a gloomy sigh. “But how will you do that? You can’t come out as Praveen Garcia. At least, not yet.”

Travis shook his head. “No, I won’t do that. But one way or another, I am gonna have to find out.”

Travis vowed that he was gonna find out what had happened to granny. She didn’t deserve what was happening to her.


The doctor came out of the room and Antonio, Andrea, and Emma rushed towards him, hoping he was gonna give them some good news. Emilia was standing at a distance with Ethan and Bruce was just seated on the chair wishing he could just get away from all that drama.

“Doctor, how’s she now?”

The doctor sighed, shaking his head. “Her condition is still the same, if not worse. She almost bit one of the nurses and she was making a lot of noise. She doesn’t even want anyone to touch her. It’s a miracle we're able to put her to sleep.”

Antonio sighed, wondering what was going on. “But I don’t understand. Earlier, I told you that she acted okay and she called my name, although, she was asking when I came back. I don’t understand how she…”

“Well, Mr. Gonzalez, patients like your grandmother needs special care and love.” The doctor said, patting on Antonio’s shoulder. “When something intense like a deep feeling of love, joy, happiness, and maybe if they encounter a similar situation to that very reason that made them that way….” He paused and took a deep breath. “…they can temporarily snap out of it. I believe your grandmother felt at peace when she saw that boy or maybe she felt like he’s the missing link in her life.”

Now everyone was confused. They were looking at each other in dismay, trying to get what the doctor was telling them.

“What I mean is that, after a long time, your grandmother finally got to say something sensible.” The doctor chuckled, shaking his head. “We’ve tried so many nurses but none of them have been able to handle her. I believe, Mr. Gonzalez, if you can find this boy, you’ll just help in your grandmother’s quick recovery. I believe this boy can help us, that’s if he can agree or you can find him.”

Tough! Antonio felt the entire world on his shoulders. He loved his granny a lot and he was ready to do anything for her. But the task at hand was too difficult for him. Where was he going to find the boy? He didn’t even know who he was and not to talk about seeing his face. The only thing he probably had that was his was….

“His scarf!” Antonio muttered, looking at the scarf closely. He had no idea he still had it with him. “This is the only thing I have of the boy. I don’t know where…”

“What?” Bruce furiously rose from the chair. “You have a scarf? For what? Why do you have that, huh? How did you even….”

“Can you please shut up?” Antonio snapped at his husband, right in front of the doctor and the staff. “I am thinking of ways to make granny better and all you have to think of is why I have his scarf? You better keep quiet if you don’t have anything to say to me.”

Bruce folded his arms on his chest, looking away. He couldn’t believe Antonio had just said that to him in front of everyone. And it was all because of a stupid old woman that should have been taken to the mental asylum already.

The doctor pretended like he hadn’t heard anything. “I suggest we keep your granny here for a day or two, just to make sure that she’s alright!”

Antonio nodded, rubbing his sweaty forehead. “Yes!”

Antonio was still confused as hell. He didn’t even know what he was gonna do. His granny had finally shown hopes of getting better but the person that had triggered that was nowhere to be seen. He didn’t even know where to look for him. What was he going to do?


Travis was holding a black shoe that had just been given to him, examining it properly to make sure that everything was okay. He was so impressed with it. It was day three and everything was going perfectly. They had only remained with four days before their brand reached the market and they had produced several pieces, though the shoes were not that many. But it was okay. They were gonna continue with the production while selling.

“This is great!” Travis chuckled happily, smiling brightly. “I love it. If we continue like this, we’ll be successful guys.”

Travis’ steam started clapping. “You’re all doing a great job. Now, why don’t you go for lunch? We’ll continue with this later.”

The interns thanked Travis and left. Travis was really happy. He got out and started heading to his office. He didn’t even reach far when he saw Antonio rushing out of the elevator, talking to someone on the phone.

“Look, I don’t care what you have to do.” He yelled. “My grandmother is not as important as any fucking meeting right now. She’s my life, okay? Cancel all my meetings, reschedule them, or something. I don’t care what you do. Just cancel all of them.”

He cut the call and cursed, gripping his hair. He was sweaty and so confused. His granny’s condition had gotten worse and he didn’t know where to find the freaking boy. He didn’t even know how he looked like.

Antonio walked past Travis and he didn’t even see him.

Travis got a little worried. He had never seen Antonio act like that. He wanted to ask him but how could he? He knew better. But luckily, he saw Antonio’s assistant and he rushed to her.

“Hey, what’s wrong with him?”

“His grandmother!” She sighed, shaking her head. “The woman has been mentally unstable for six years now. But now, I think her condition has gotten worse. I heard the boss say that he was looking for someone, a boy that saved her life yesterday. He was able to stabilize her condition yesterday.”

Travis smiled sheepishly. “Thank you so much!”

Travis was now confused and nervous. Granny had been sick for six years. That meant that she probably got sick after he left. He didn’t know what he was gonna do but he felt like he needed to see her. He needed to do something. Antonio didn’t deserve his sympathy or help but this was granny here. She didn’t deserve to suffer.


The big glass of water crushed to the floor and broke to pieces… things in the room were scattered and the loud noise coming from the old woman was deafening.

“Please, ma’am…” The nurse pleaded, trying to get close to her. But the old woman threw whatever she got her hands on at the nurse. “…please, try to…”

“Get out!” Granny yelled, acting all insane that it scared the nurse. She was worse that day. “I don’t want you. Get out of here. I want my angel. Get out!”

“Please,” The nurse was in tears. “Ma’am, your grandson had gone…”

But she didn’t even finish her sentence as granny threw a pillow at her. She didn’t know what to do so, in the end, she just decided to leave. She couldn’t handle the woman anymore. She was gonna quit because it seemed the woman was a lunatic.

“I am done!” The nurse groaned, quickly turning.

But as soon as she turned, granny’s noises quieted down. She couldn’t hear her screams anymore. She stopped in tracks, wondering what was going on. She took a glance behind and found granny staring right at her with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. She was surprised.

“You came!” Granny gasped, a tear going down her cheek. “My angel!”

But the nurse realized that she wasn’t talking to her and neither was she looking at her. It was at the young man standing in the doorway with a smile on his face. The nurse couldn’t help but admire the young man’s beauty. He was dressed in a red designer’s shirt that was tucked in a black designer’s skinny jeans with red snickers on his feet. He was looking amazing with a brown designer’s coat and his hair was just loose and he looked amazing and sexy. The nurse couldn’t help but stare.

Travis was nervous but he slowly entered the room, slightly smiling at the nurse.

“You!” Granny chuckled, holding out her hands.

Travis rushed to her, sat on a chair closer to the bed, and held granny’s hands. He had no idea why he felt such peace when he held her. Her smile comforted his soul and the tears of joy in her eyes made him tear up.

Granny on the other hand was happy and peaceful. Seeing that beautiful face, her angel again was too much for her.

“Thank God you’re here!” The nurse chuckled, staring at the young man. “She has refused to eat or do anything. Just look at how the room is looking.”

Travis glanced at the nurse. “Give me her food!”

The nurse nodded and gave him granny’s food. It was just curried rice with a nicely made soup, something to give granny energy.

Travis nodded as he looked at granny. Granny nodded and opened her mouth, enjoying the food that the beautiful boy was giving her. For the first time in six years, the woman had her food without any difficulties. She sat carefully on the bed but she still had her hands on Travis’ hand, rubbing on it sweetly.

“I’d like to say something,” Granny said softly. “I never wanted to stay here. I was so scared but now that you’re here. I feel safe.” She looked at Travis as she took a spoonful of the rice. “I feel as if you’re an angel that’s been sent to me by God!”

Travis couldn’t help but smile at her words.

“My beautiful angel!” She added. “You know, I would like you to meet my grandson, Antonio. He’s very handsome and very nice. I am sure that he’d love to meet you too. Do you know that he just came back from abroad? He’s been staying there for a long time. Maybe… he came back because he heard that I was sick. But it’s okay….” She nodded. “…he’s a single man and I am sure that you’d love him.”

Travis paused, staring at granny. ‘I don’t understand why you don’t recognize me, granny. Why do I feel like you’ve forgotten everything that has happened in the last six years?’ He thought as he tried hard to smile at the old woman. ‘You don’t even remember that I was once married to your grandson. Maybe this is for the best.’

Travis smiled as he continued feeding the old woman. They said she acted insanely and all but to him, she was just okay.

He was still feeding her when she gripped his hand quickly and screamed in fear. “Get her away from me!” She screamed. “Tell her to getaway. Don’t let her come close!”

Travis took a glance behind and saw a nurse with an injection. He looked at granny and smiled, holding her hands together. “Don’t worry, I am right here with you.” He assured, shaking his head. “It won’t hurt at all. I will be holding your hand and you won’t feel anything.”


“Do you want to get better?”

Granny nodded.

“Then you need to get the injection, right?”

Granny nodded like a kid. “Yes!”

“That’s it. You won’t feel a thing. Just look at me and everything will be alright.”

Granny felt comfortable and peaceful when that voice spoke to her. She was so happy and she got lost staring into that face. She didn’t even feel it when the nurse injected her.

Granny felt happy. “My angel!” She chuckled.

Travis smiled back and held his granny’s hands, rubbing on them sweetly.


Antonio was feeling stressed, tired, and angry. His days had just gone from bad to worse. He had no idea what he was gonna do or how he was gonna handle his grandmother. His eyes were red and his hair was messy. He looked like someone that had not slept for days. He had no idea where to look for the boy or how to start.

Antonio was with the two culprits behind him, Andrea and Bruce. They had just arrived at the same time as him. As he was nearing his granny’s room, he saw the doctor coming towards him with a smile on his face.

“What did I tell you, Mr. Gonzalez?” He shook his hand happily. “Your grandmother would get better provided the right things. She’s showing lots of improvements and it’s all thanks to that special boy. He has formed a special bond with your grandmother and her condition has just miraculously improved in the last five hours.” Antonio looked at Andrea in shock, a frown appearing on his face. “She ate her food and took her medications on time without any problems. She has never been out of control in the last five hours since that boy arrived.”

Antonio frowned. “Who is this boy?”

“I didn’t ask his name but he’s still in the room with your grandmother.”

The doctor didn’t even finish talking and Antonio was already rushing in the room with his heart racing. As soon as he entered, he found a man with his back to him. He was wearing a red shirt, black skinny jeans, and white sneakers. He had long hair too and Antonio got anxious when he couldn’t see his face so he rushed to him.

“Excuse me!”

The man quickly turned and Antonio smiled brightly when he saw that face. But…

“Where’s the young man that was with her a few minutes ago?” The doctor asked. “I left him here.”

“Oh,” The man said in a deep manly voice. “He left about a minute ago. He had something to do but he said he’d be back tomorrow.”

Antonio lost the smile on his face. He glanced at his granny and she was still awake but she still had a beautiful smile on her face. “Granny, how are you feeling?”

Granny chuckled happily. “I am feeling better now that my angel is with me. I will get better now that I have an angel by my side.” Her eyes were already getting better.

“Granny!” Antonio sobbed and rushed to her, putting her head on the woman’s chest.

“Andrea!” The old woman spoke weakly. “I will be fine, don’t worry. My angel is now with me and… I will get better.”

Andrea raised her teary face and looked at her grandmother. She was emotional because after so long, her grandmother got to call her name. She was getting better. Andrea took her grandmother’s hands and kissed them.

Granny’s eyes were getting heavier. “You should… meet him, Antonio. He’s very beautiful and nice. He took very good care of me. He’s very cute, my angel. I would be happy if you… made him my grandson-in-law.”

“What?” Bruce gasped hoarsely, furiously dropping his hands. Man, he was so mad. “Why would you say something like that?” He snapped. “Don’t you know that…”

“Bruce!” Antonio didn’t need to tell Bruce what he wanted to say. Just the tone of his voice was good enough.

“Who’s that?” Granny gestured. “Who’s he?”

Antonio glanced at Bruce, giving him angry eyes but smiled when he looked at granny. “He’s Andrea’s friend, granny! Don’t worry about him. Just rest and your angel will be by your side when you wake up.”

Granny smiled and she didn’t even waste any time to sleep. She was just too tired.

Antonio kissed her forehead before he got because he wanted to talk to the doctor.

“Thank you so much, doctor!” He said, putting his hands together. He was just so emotional. “This is the first time in six years that granny seems so composed and hopeful.” He glanced at her and smiled. “I needed someone like that to take care of her and bring her back to herself again. I was losing hope but now for the first time, I feel there’s hope for my grandmother.”

The doctor chuckled, patting on Antonio’s shoulder. “You don’t have to thank me. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without that boy.”

“Yes, please speak to him on my behalf and ask him to take care of my grandmother.” He said, still wearing that smile. “I am ready to pay any amount of money just to see my grandmother healed.”

“Mr. Gonzalez, I understand but he’s not a nurse and neither does he work here.” The doctor gave a gloomy sigh. “I don’t think he’ll be able to agree to do that.”

“Who’s he then?”

“I am sorry, but I can’t give you that information, Mr. Gonzalez.” The doctor apologized. “I doubt if he’ll be able to agree to this.”

Antonio laughed. “Doctor, money is the fuel that runs the engine of life. There’s nothing in this world that can’t be done without money.”

Meanwhile, Travis was standing at the door hearing whatever Antonio was saying to the doctor. His fists clenched as soon as he heard Antonio’s words.

“I am sure even he cannot say no to it.” He was so confident about it. “You have to speak to him the next time he comes here. My granny cannot continue staying here. I need her back home and that’s where I want him to be taking care of her.”


“Trust me, he won’t disagree.” Antonio was so sure and so confident. “I am a celebrity and as soon as he gets to know whose grandmother he’ll be taking care of, he’ll agree. But if he doesn’t, then inform me. I’ll convince him. He cannot deny me.”

The doctor gave a sheepish smile. “Okay, I’ll give it a try. Excuse me!”

Antonio nodded and then went back to his grandmother, ignoring his pissed off husband. He didn’t want any drama. “I’ll bring your angel back to you, granny. I promise.” He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“Can you please watch her for a few minutes?” Antonio asked his sister. “I know you’ve got a lot of work at the company but I just need to make a call.”

Andrea nodded and Antonio smiled brightly and left. As soon as he got out of the room, he saw the doctor rushing towards him and he wondered why he had come back so early.


“Mr. Gonzalez, I am sorry but the boy refused to take care of your grandmother at your house.” The doctor apologized, hoping the man was gonna understand him.

Antonio lost the smile on his face. “What do you mean he refused? Didn’t you tell him that Antonio Gonzalez, the celebrity wants him to take care of his grandmother? Didn’t you tell him money is not an issue?”

The doctor nodded. “I told him that money is not an issue but he said he’s just not comfortable with the arrangement. He doesn’t even care about the money nor does he want to talk about money in the future.”

Antonio could feel the anger building deep inside of him. “Isn’t he now acting too high and mighty?” He said hoarsely, slipping his hands through his trouser. He wasn’t used to begging and he wasn’t gonna do it.

“I think you’re misunderstanding him, Mr. Gonzalez.”

Antonio laughed bitterly before his face got stern again. “I get the point here. If he agrees so soon, how can he negotiate? Give me his number and I’ll talk to him myself.”

The doctor shook his head. “I am sorry but I don’t think I can do that. Besides, he didn’t give me his line. He’s the one that got my line and even if…”

“Really? That’s how it’s gonna be?” Antonio’s voice rose. “After such great difficulty, we’ve finally found someone that can take care of granny, someone that she’s comfortable with and you’re telling me bullshit!” He glowered, shaking his head furiously. “My brother recommended you to me because he believes that you’re the best doctor that deals with such cases and now that we’re starting to get somewhere, I am asking for his number and you’re apologizing?” He stamped his foot hard on the floor, scaring the man a bit.

“Calm down….”

“Calm down?” Antonio scoffed, trying to contain his anger. “Are you kidding me right now?” He got closer to the man, getting more serious. “You said you’d find the best nurse for my grandmother at all costs. You have a chance now and you’re saying sorry? Okay, fine…” He yelled. “…if you can’t provide that boy then I am also convinced that you’re useless and you can’t heal my grandmother. I don’t need to tell you exactly what’s going to happen.”

“Mr. Gonzalez, I was…”

“I know, money can buy anything in this world.” He said rudely. “That boy is acting like a fool and since you cannot do anything, I am taking my grandmother back to the house.”

He furiously turned and left….


‘You’re still the same person you were years ago, Antonio!’ Travis who was standing at a distance watching thought, clenching his fists. ‘You still think the world is run by money but you’re gonna know soon enough that money cannot solve anything. Sometimes it takes the heart to solve many problems. Unfortunately, you don’t have that.’


“Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am really happy to inform you that we were successful in producing Brandrea and all the shoes and clothes are ready,” Andrea announced.

Everyone in the room started clapping including Travis who was equally happy for Andrea, literally. He couldn’t believe a week had passed since he joined Tonzalez. It had been a stressful and busy week but it was worth it.

“And I’d like to also tell you that tomorrow night, we’re having a fashion show to officially launch Brandrea.”

The whole room went loud with claps and cheers. Andrea was happy and she was killing it with her designer’s clothes. She glanced at Travis and saw that smile on his face.

‘You’re not gonna have a reason to smile after this, Travis.’ She thought, an evil grin forming on her face. ‘You’ll be gone sooner than you came. I promise you that. Your brand can and will never beat Brandrea. And with this loss that you’ll make, you’ll be kicked out of this company and will remain a loser. Just wait and watch.’

‘I know exactly what you’re thinking, Andrea.’ Travis was still wearing that smile but deep down, he was really in evil mode. ‘You can do whatever you want now, but I am far smarter than you think. Whether a loss or profit comes to this company, I still have a lot to gain from that. You just have to wait for what I have planned for you. You’ll never even know what hit you.’

“Thank you so much, everyone.” Bruce got up and waved. “With this brand, I can promise you that we’re moving to another level. Brandea will bring a great revolution. And with me as the lead model, we’ll surely attract a lot of clients.”

The whole board was clapping, including Antonio though he had his eyes on Travis. He knew that his brand was a flop already. There was no way he was gonna beat Andrea’s brilliant brand. He was too small for that.

But Antonio’s happiness didn’t even reach its maximum as he received a call….

“What?” Antonio furiously got up. “Granny has hurt herself? Why? How?”

Antonio’s voice had now attracted everyone’s attention in the room.

“She fell off the staircase and…” He paused and groaned. “…alright, I am coming right now.”

Antonio didn’t even waste any time. He ran from the conference room like the hounds of hell were after him. Even Andrea and Bruce ran after him. Travis remained seated there but he was so scared and nervous. He didn’t know what was happening.


Antonio came out of the room and found his entire family there and they looked really worried. Man, even he was worried and upset. He looked messy and he had no idea how many times he had cursed since he arrived at that hospital. His granny’s condition was getting worse.

“It’s okay, Antonio, granny is okay?” Eduardo assured, rubbing on his brother’s shoulder. “I checked on her as soon as I arrived here. She just has a sprained ankle.”

Antonio sighed, fighting off his tears. “It’s not major this time around, Eduardo. But she could have been hurt too. You were not there. I was not there. I feel like her condition is getting worse now.”

“Listen, don’t blame yourself for this.” Eduardo was trying to make his brother feel better. “I am a doctor. I should be around more. Even if it means stopping…”

“No!” Antonio shook his head. “You know that won’t prevent her from doing what she did today. I don’t know what this boy has done to her. It’s only been three days since she last saw him and look at what has happened to her. I don’t know what to do man. I am just confused.”

As the two brothers were talking…

“Mr. Antonio…” The doctor came and he had a smile on his face. “…I was just about to call you. I have some good news for you.”

Antonio got excited and anxious too. “Good news? Has granny…”

“That boy, he has agreed!”

Antonio felt his heart pound violently in his chest. A harsh breath escaped him as he felt tears build in his eyes. “What? Are you serious?”

“Yes!” The doctor nodded. “Your grandmother came for stitches yesterday and he came to see her. He changed his mind when he saw her condition.”

Antonio took a deep breath as a smile popped up his face. “Thank God!” He felt like he was able to breathe after so long. “That solves everything.”

“Yeah, but…”He paused and sighed. “…he has some pre-conditions.”

Antonio nodded. “I accept! I accept all of them as long as he takes care of her.”

“Listen to them first,” The doctor suggested. “They are quite weird!”

Antonio looked at his brother, frowning. “What do you mean? What does he want?”

The doctor took a deep breath before he started. “First of all, he will work between 9 am to 2 pm at your house every day, except for Fridays when he will be working between 2 pm to 7 pm. You have to manage the rest of the time. He will also not be working on weekends except he has to.”

Antonio nodded. “That’s okay.”

“Secondly, he won’t speak to anyone in the house nor will he interact with your servants.” The doctor added, making both brothers frown. They looked at each other in surprise. “He won’t speak to you nor will he meet you.”

Antonio’s face got blank. “He won’t meet me? As in?”

“I don’t know about that.” The doctor answered. “He has set these pre-conditions and you can accept them or not. One last thing…” The doctor added. “…throughout those times, he doesn’t want any of your family members in the house. He wants to be alone or he won’t work at all.”

Now everyone was anxious, wondering what was going on. Antonio was quite confused because he had expected the boy to be excited about meeting a celebrity. He didn’t even ask for money. What was going on?

“He’s rather strange, right?”

“Who cares?” Antonio said hoarsely. “I accept the conditions. You can tell him to start work tomorrow and we won’t even be there. We’ll all be attending Andrea’s fashion show.”

“Good!” The doctor smiled, shaking Antonio’s hand. “Excuse me!”

The doctor left and…

“Antonio, how can you agree to such conditions?” Emma asked, feeling a little angry.

“Does it matter?” Antonio asked. “All I want is to see granny get better. Granny’s caretaker will be arriving tomorrow at 4.pm and that means all of us should be out of the house by that time. All of us will be going for the fashion show.”


“I want all of you to remember that while he’s working, no one should get in his way. You all heard his conditions and if we all want to see granny back on her feet, we’re gonna have to agree. He will get his key and when he comes, I am sure he’ll be in granny’s room. But none of us should be at the house.”

Emma furiously looked away, shaking her head. She couldn’t believe some stupid pauper was making them live by his conditions. She was really mad.

“Baby…” Bruce paused, trying to get his head clear. “…I think it’s strange. I mean, who asks for all this? He doesn’t want to be seen or anyone to talk to him? What if he’s a criminal? Granny will be at home alone with him. What if something bad happens or we lose things?”

Antonio took a glance behind. “All I know is that I’ve managed to get granny her angel, with great difficulty. That’s all that matters to me.” He took a deep breath. “I had promised to get her angel for her and I am just fulfilling my promise.”

With those words, he started going away. Hopefully, granny was gonna get better.

Did the Gonzalez family know what they’d just done? What is Travis up to?

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Glad that Emma started to get what she deserved but only a start can’t wait for the 3 other jokes get theirs. Travis yes take all there monies which they would never have if Praveen never married a evil Antonia in the first place.nothing like revenge served cool great 2 Nd half 

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Emma deserved what she got but this is just the tip of the iceberg I hope. 

Happy for Granny and hope she recovers soon and gains her memory back in flashes so that she can help Praveen

Travis always a good person at heart no matter how much u have been ill treated by the so called Gonzales family

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I’m sorry for what’s happening to granny but some dark part of me is kinda enjoying the misery everyone else especially Emma, Andrea, and Bruce are going through. I do feel some pity for Emilia considering how Antonio is treating her though not much as I still can’t forget how she easily turned on Praveen as well as how she shamelessly & selfishly pretended to attempt suicide in order to force Antonio into a loveless marriage. Is there any chance Granny’s illness is being caused by drugs? She wanted Travis to take her away, seemed to possibly fear her own family, and her reaction to the nurse with the syringe made me wonder if some despicable person is giving her drugs to keep her out of the way as wild as that sounds. The most likely suspects would be Bruce or Emma as she has a strong influence on Antonio which neither one would appreciate if it interfered with their meddling. I mean she might disapprove of Bruce being Antonio’s husband and I have no doubt she wouldn’t like Emma trying to take Emilia’s place as Antonio’s mother.

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