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Memories of a Street Rat

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Genres: Non-Fiction
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This is not exactly a continuation of Alone in the Night, but just some memories from that same time period. 

I've gone back and forth about posting this and finally decided to do it.  These are some memories from my time on the streets between the age of 16 and 18.  I tried to write this as accurately as I remember the events, though I admit I did tone some things down where I felt it was needed.  This contains descriptions of teenage prostitution and violence, sometimes extreme violence.
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Pup Cameron


Mr. Hazday said it best in his review, this isn't an easy read, but should be read. This touches on places the previous book, Alone in the Night, didn't go. I'm rarely at a loss for words, so I'll just say this. Read it and be happy you get to do it from the comfort of your home, since this shows not everyone had options like that.

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I could easily copy and paste my review of "Alone in the Night" (go read that story before you read this one!), but that wouldn't do it justice. While this story is different from the first one, it is by no means less good. Just as the author describes, it's less of a continuing story and more a collection of memories, like a diary maybe. Nonetheless it's as captivating and emotional as the first one.

Thank you for sharing this, @WolfM

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Carlos Hazday

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This is not an easy story to read. However, it should be. By everyone. If for no other reason than to remind us for every kid like Wolf who survives, albeit not unscathed, countless others do not.

I've never understood the fascination some people have with young men and women as sexual beings. Engaging in actual acts while taking advantage of someone down on their luck makes their crime more heinous. Hell, the multitude of internet stories about youngsters having sex bothers me. I tend to label authors and readers of those as pedophiles whether they act on their desires or not.

As much of a struggle as it may be to get through the story, the author wisely chose to end on a hopeful note. The fact he survived to write about it is a testament to his strength. May his words and actions inspire current and future readers to lend a hand if possible, and to hang in there if they find themselves in a similar situation.


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