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    The region of northeastern California where the Pit River Pack was located was home to many others, a few equal in size, and several very small ones. Between buffer zones and overlapping territorial claims, the various alphas tended to always be calling on their fighters to defend their borders or launch an attack. Even if all they gained was an extra foot of territory, they felt it was justified. It was after one such border skirmish that Dorian’s father didn’t return home. The alpha came to the house to give his mother the bad news and express his thanks for the sacrifice made for the good of the people. It didn’t make much difference to the alpha the fight had been over some petty dispute between himself and a neighboring leader. The two men sent in fighters to a buffer zone and walked away with a draw after suffering near equal losses. Following numerous battles that intensified the tensions in the area, they reached a tipping point over the survival of all the packs in the region. One of the neighboring alphas having grown tired of the fighting issued a direct challenge to the Pit River alpha. This time there would be no large battle, wasted lives, or ending in a draw. Two men would enter the challenge circle; one would emerge alive and the other would be dead. Control of both packs would go to the victor. A neutral location was picked within the buffer zone meant to separate the territories. Members from both sides gathered to watch. The two leaders were viewed as being equally matched, just as both packs were similarly sized in the number of warriors. No one could guess which leader would live. ****** The Modoc leader addressed his people before the fight. “I expect you all to abide by the outcome of this challenge. Whichever of us remains alive in the end will be your alpha. Should it come that I take my last breath today, know that my beta and my enforcer have one final order. They will kill any member of Modoc who attempts to violate the rules of this challenge before control is handed over to Pit River. Your allegiance is to the alpha who wins this challenge.” This small speech by the opposing leader resonated in Dorian’s mind. He had heard many stories about the honor of a challenge fight from his dad and understood they could take many forms. He had heard talk by some within the Pit River Pack of avenging their alpha if he didn’t succeed and here was the other man, the enemy of Dorian’s pack, telling his people his final order was to kill anyone who tried to avenge his death. One of Dorian’s friends joked with his buddies. “Dad said if the other guy wins, the best time to strike is before he gets a chance to heal. Our pack can slaughter the lot of them and take over what’s left.” “We may have no loyalty to him now, but if he wins, he’s the alpha plain and simple. Killing him like that after a fight is the chicken shit way to try and win.” “Dorian, you mean you’d turn your back on your own pack? On getting revenge for him killing your alpha? You’d actually follow that guy?” “He challenged and Alpha Clark accepted. Win or die, he knew we would be merged into one pack with Modoc by the end of today.” “I don’t know. We’ll see what happens and how he treats us if he wins. I’ve heard a lot of things from Dad about that guy and their pack and none of it was good.” The Pit River alpha issued no warning to his pack about following whoever won the day, and that was also noticed by the young Dorian. The lessons his father taught him about a fair fight rang clear. It was a fight to the death so anything goes, but at the end the dispute was over. Why wouldn’t he tell his people to respect the outcome? Dorian was also bothered by his friend’s remarks. He knew his friend’s family was pretty high up and part of the leadership, but should they take revenge for something the alpha agreed to? ****** Each leader spent a moment with their mate, a final farewell if the worst happened. At the appointed time, they shifted, and two large wolves crossed into the challenge circle. From the start the fight was brutal. Each was trying to get the upper paw and attempting to inflict as much damage as possible. The vicious combat went on for nearly an hour with both wolves receiving serious injuries. Modoc’s alpha finally managed to wear his opponent down. The lethal bite to the throat punctured the jugular artery, while shaking his head viciously broke the other wolf’s neck, ending the battle. People on both sides remained quiet. The Pit River members were stunned at the loss of their leader. The Modoc pack was relieved theirs had survived. The alpha, still in wolf, stood next to the body of his opponent. Bowing down on his front legs, he placed his head on the ground beside the one he’d fought, using his snout he adjust the head of his former enemy into a more natural, respectable position. After this show of reverence for the dead, he threw his head back and howled triumphantly at his victory. For a second time, the actions of this other alpha surprised Dorian, as it was something he had never observed from his own leader. First a speech and warning to his own people and then showing respect for the man he had killed before howling his triumph. It was then that he saw one of his pack’s senior members and close friend to the now dead wolf rushing forward with a silver blade. The handle was wrapped in leather to protect its barer. Dorian didn’t think about what he was doing as he launched himself at the attacker. “Look out!” As he collided with the man he knew well, the silver dagger stabbed into his stomach burning the flesh were it touched and filling him with unimaginable pain. Randy Wagner, the Modoc alpha, shifted from his lupus to a hybrid that resembled what most know as a lunis. The shift between forms rapidly healed all the alpha’s wounds. He rushed to Dorian’s side and pulled the blade out of the boy. The smell of burnt flesh permeated the air. Swinging his massive claws at the attacker, he instantly killed the man who had tried to assassinate him. He tossed the blade aside and cradled his badly burned paw. Many of his own people were already on their feet or shifting to their animal ready to fight. Few had ever seen an alpha take on their legendary hybrid form or heard a wolf use human speech. “Help the boy, NOW!” People from Modoc rushed in to help Dorian as Alpha Wagner turned towards the Pit River members. “This boy is hopefully the first step in creating a new and united pack between our two people. When the time comes to swear your allegiance to the new Pit River/Modoc pack, and yes I did just place the Pit River name first, you will have three choices: join, leave, or die. Those choices apply to all members of the now former Modoc Pack as well. This challenge was to end years of unnecessary rivalry and bloodshed between our people. My beta and the Pit River beta will begin work to combine the packs. We will all gather in one week’s time to discuss our future.” With that he returned to his human form and left the field carrying the teen who had saved his live. ****** Dorian was rushed to the nearest doctor. The wound was deep and required surgery to repair the internal damage. Once he was in the recovery room, he was given something to counteract the effects of silver poisoning. He spent nearly a week in the hospital. When he was allowed to return home, it was with strict orders to rest. It would take weeks for the silver burn to heal and allow him to shift again. Unlike other injuries, this one would leave a permanent scar. The several days being laid up in the hospital gave him plenty of time to think about what he had witnessed. It was the first alpha level challenge he’d seen. There had been others that usually ended in one wolf or another getting a beat down to some degree, but the death match between leaders was different. The only way to describe it was primal. It was also the first time he had seen an alpha taking something beyond his lupus form. He didn’t like that his alpha had lost, but he also didn’t care for the man all that much since the continued disputes with their neighbors led to his father’s death. ****** Dorian leaned on his best friend, Levi McKinney, as they helped him from the truck to the gathering of the two packs. A few people from the leadership of what had been the Pit River Pack, glared at the young man as he took a seat with his family. There were unkind remarks made, both in front and behind them, while everyone waited for the alpha to address the combined packs. Sarah Jackman, Dorian’s mother, heard the comments and stood from her spot towards the back. The position representing her family’s station within the structure of the pack. She looked around at her people she knew and stared down all of them. “You make your comments about my son doing what’s right. Calling him a traitor to Pit River, especially those of you that helped run the pack.” She was at that moment an angry she-wolf who was going to protect her family and not be silent. “Our former leader was a miserable, sorry, son of a bitch who squandered the lives of many of our husbands, fathers, and sons. Out of respect to him being our alpha, I kept my mouth shut all these years. He is why my mate was killed and for no good reason but to puff up his chest to a neighbor. Those of you who were his advisors, conveniently never had to fight or send your spouse or kids to die in combat for his failed wars. He would still be alive if he hadn’t continually started fights with Modoc and others.” Her glare was fierce. “That man freely accepted the challenge from another alpha to a death match and had an assassin waiting in case he lost. My son and family are not the traitors to the Pit River. Our former leader and his top advisors are.” With that she grabbed the hand of her youngest child and ushered her other pups including Dorian to the other side of the gathering where all the Modoc members sat. In one final outburst, she yelled back at the Pit River people. “You all sit there trying to remain separate from the Modoc members and they try to remain separate from us. If we’re supposed to be one pack now, maybe you should all get off your ass and find a seat next to someone who wants to move on with life.” Several Modoc members made room for her and the family to sit with them. Everyone, including Alpha Wagner, was surprised at the outburst of this one woman. Even more so when members from both sides stood and moved so they weren’t all sitting like two separate packs. Alpha Wagner quietly spoke with his beta and enforcer as well as the man who had been the Pit River beta. When he was ready to start the meeting, he stepped out in front of everyone. “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first meeting of the new Pit River/Modoc Pack. I can see some of you are surprised that since I won I am retaining the Pit River name and placing it first. As Mrs. Jackman stated a few minutes ago, we are now one pack. Given the territory we cover, it makes sense for us to have our headquarters in the town of Burney where Pit River was based. You will all be free to move about the combined territory. There’s more than enough space for us all to run and hunt as we see fit.” The alpha watched the gathered members as he chose his words carefully. “I don’t care which pack you were from. As of this moment we are one people. If there are any among you who cannot or will not accept me as your alpha, step forward and give your name to my enforcer. I will give you five days to settle your affairs and leave our territory. If you like, we will provide what assistance we can in helping you find a new home or selling your property at fair market value. No one who leaves will be taken advantage of.” He gave the people a moment for that to sink in. “Anyone who attempts to stir up trouble will find I am protective of anyone I’m responsible for. I don’t see many things changing in your day to day lives, but I hope we can build a new community together so we all prosper. The endless and needless border skirmishes that took place are at an end.” Several people stepped forward to indicate they would not declare their allegiance to the new pack. All had been advisors or close friends to the Pit River alpha including the former Enforcer. As Sarah Jackman pointed out, they had all been responsible for continuing conflicts with their neighbors. Dorian was surprised to see a few of his best friend’s family in the group. More so that the beta was the only member of the old leadership who seemed to be working with Alpha Wagner. Turning to address the two betas, and his enforcer, Alpha Wagner spoke loud enough for all to hear. “Do you men now affirm your loyalty to the Pit River/Modoc Pack and pledge with your life to serve as its beta, assistant beta, and enforcer?” “Yes, Alpha, we do.” One by one, the alpha had each man stand before him and present their wrist to him. A claw formed on his index finger which he used to create a small scratch. He did the same to his wrist before clasping their arm. “Our blood is shared and our pledge to each other is forged.” All three men took up position behind the Alpha as he turned to the gathered members. “Do you all pledge, without reservation, your loyalty to the Pit River/Modoc Pack? Promise to support your fellow pack mates no matter their origins and live as one united family from this day on? There was a resounding, “We do, Alpha.” Each member of the pack, no matter their former rank, sex, or age, went before the alpha and presented their wrist. Once he scratched it and scented their blood, they gave their name to both betas. It took some time for the Alpha to get through all the members, but once he was done he gave his final announcement of the day. “Over the next few days and weeks we will be coming to you for filling positions throughout the pack. Just because you held a position before does not mean you will do so in the future. No matter what your rank in either pack was, as of today you are all on equal footing. Have a good evening.” ****** “This is fucked up.” Levi was in a foul mood. Dorian studied his best friend before glancing to their other friends as the group sat on the edge of Lake Brittan. “How so? Sounded like he was being fair with everyone.” “No one from your family is being forced out of the pack. A couple of my uncles had to leave because of this. I won’t get to see my cousins all the time now. Also, my family worked hard to achieve the position we had. Now everyone’s equal. We’re considered the same as the filth who were omegas before. They’ll decide what position people get. How is it fair to take away what we earned?” Dorian shook his head. “Who’s being forced out? Everyone was given an option. If they wouldn’t follow the new alpha for whatever reason, they were free to leave. All they had to do was swear their allegiance to the new pack. Just like they would have to do anyplace they move.” “How could they do that after he killed our alpha? “I didn’t see you or your parents holding back your wrist and not pledging your loyalty to the pack. I thought you were past this stuff. Most of the wolves who are leaving are responsible for a lot of deaths, including my dad’s. Out pack would have been bigger and stronger without all those dead wolves.” “And I thought you were over that.” Levi shot a glare at Dorian. The rest of their friends looked on as the two argued. No one really wanted to get in the middle of it. As long as it hadn’t turned into an actual fight they’d keep quiet and let the two argue. “I’ve accepted my dad’s death. If you’d actually lost family in any of those stupid boarder fights you might feel different. Your uncles managed to shield your family from all that. At least you’ll still be able to see them even if they aren’t living here anymore.” “I still say this whole thing is fucked up.” “Maybe it is, but maybe things will get better around here. Worst case, if we don’t like it under the new guy, any of us can leave and go elsewhere.” “I don’t think I could leave my best buds and go somewhere else.” One of the others who’d remained quiet cracked a joked to lighten the two up. “You don’t think you could leave your bud who keeps you from getting your ass beat by other wolves.” “Thought he liked getting his ass pounded.” Levi flipped off both guys. Dorian ignored the others and focused on Levi. “Then I guess you better learn to keep your mouth shut about Alpha Wagner before you say or do something stupid and get forced out. Guess as friends we could help keep you quiet by keeping a dick in your mouth as often as possible.” The pair fell silent much to the relief of their friends. Each in their own thoughts about how life and pack were changing.
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    Back against a wall

    Yeah, yeah, yeah... I was exhausted when I put that there. lol. Hugz my friend.
  3. WolfM

    The Alpha

    Well known as a bully and antagonist by his peers, his arrogance is a thing of legend and scorn at the annual Congress of Alphas. Overconfidence in his own greatness led the beat down of his life. Self reflection takes him on a journey of how the unlikely wolf eventually became the alpha.
  4. WolfM


    Dorian Jackman was brooding in his room at the Wolfridge Chateau. He contemplated the fight he had with one of the alpha designates of the Parker Valley Wolf Pack. It should have been an easy victory, but turned out to be the second time since arriving at the annual Congress of Alphas a member of that delegation handed him his ass and forced him to yield. First, he embarrassed himself when he mouthed off to their Alpha, John Stockdale, at the welcome reception. Being slammed to the floor with a paw wrapped around his throat in front of all the delegates attending the gathering was as bad as he thought things could be. Oh how wrong he was. After forcing a challenge with a scrawny young pup who was nothing more than a turnling, that half-breed beat his ego into submission and physically threw him into the lake. That was before the still teenager politely handed him his dignity in a paper bag by extending a hand to shake. He tried unsuccessfully to convince himself his loss had been because of the interference of the other alphas overseeing the fight. If they wouldn’t have gotten in the way, he would have had no need to restrain himself from trying to kill the other wolf. He knew death matches weren’t permitted during the congress gathering except alpha to alpha. The rules were beyond strict even for that. He was looking forward to making the little bitch beg for mercy before he let up and accepted his victory. That never happened though, since he was the one who had to yield. As he stared out the window towards the lake and the mountains, he had to admit he deserved both beat downs. The realization in itself puzzled him. It was not like him to give a second thought to how he treated others. Nor did he care what they thought about him as long as he did not hear what they said. And yet here he was thinking about what an asshole he’d been to everyone. He hadn’t always been like this, but he couldn’t seem to remember the last time he hadn’t acted like a bully. He felt slightly odd as he sat and thought about recent events. For the life of him, he couldn’t figure out what actually felt different. If he had to describe it, he actually felt – good. There was always a pain in his body he thought was the result of an old injury and now the aching was gone. The more he thought about his situation the more he realized he was the problem. The issue at the reception started because he didn’t like that Parker Valley brought non-wolves and a human with them. They also had a turnling wearing an alpha designate badge who was obviously mated to another member of their delegation. This was a meeting for the alphas of the wolf packs within the Council so a non-wolf being present did seem to be a justifiable complaint. There were humans in the service of many packs, but to actually bring one to the congress was an insult to all those present. If John wanted those types in his pack fine, but keep that trash away from the convention. Dorian sneered at John Stockdale, the man who always acted as though he was better than the other alphas since he had such a large and prosperous pack. Dorian was proud of what he built as alpha himself. He had increased his territory far beyond what made up Parker Valley. He had merged small or weak packs into his to make everyone stronger. It also rubbed him the wrong way that Alpha Stockdale inherited his territory. The man never had to fight for his position or to build what he had; it was handed to him by his father as if he were being tossed the keys to a new car. The turnling in John’s delegation was the final straw though and if no one else was going to say something then he would. That little bitch really pissed him off when it ordered Dorian’s men to back off. For whatever reason, they listened and actually did. He tore his enforcer and security detail a new one when they were out of public view. No one except Dorian gave his men a command to follow, and a little half breed thought he had the right to do it? John did force Dorian to back down, and everyone around the reception saw it. The embarrassment of being picked up by the throat and slammed to the floor, being told to apologize as people snickered and laughed was too much. Storming off seemed the only thing he could do, even if he did return later and tried to act like he was having a good time. It was hours before the sensation of those damned claws pressing into his throat went away. Dorian thought the incident at the reception would be the low point of the congress. No such luck. His skills as a bully and asshole to others let him easily walk the turnling into a challenge. The bitch didn’t even understand the process. It served Parker Valley and the whore right for letting someone unprepared come to a convention like this. What he had intended as some afternoon fun time of beating the fur off someone who wasn’t even a real wolf, turned into him submitting a second time. It was a challenge to hide his embarrassment at having crawled on his belly to yield the fight. Not only was it not a born wolf who had beaten him, but the newly turned had somehow attained the abilities of a full alpha. Dorian seethed at the lunar spirits since he couldn’t shift to a hybrid no matter how strong he was. He should have known something was wrong when he saw the lupus form the boy took. No turned wolf looks that strong and powerful, and those facial markings. A turning usually leaves the animal form smaller and straggly. Rather than having the beautiful, muscular form of a born wolf, most tend to look more like a coywolf or some mangy mutt. Dorian hadn’t found his true mate yet, so he realized that might be holding him back from reaching the final level of a full alpha. Yet he knew of a few unmated wolves who had the hybrid ability. Oddly, as he sat brooding over the last few day’s events, thinking about what had transpired so far during this convention, his thoughts returned to how he was feeling. He couldn’t put a finger on it, but he was definitely feeling better both mentally and physically. His thoughts were clouded and yet it seemed as though things were becoming clear for the first time in years. Closing his eyes gave the feeling of time travel as he thought about the past. ****** Dorian was the second son in the Jackman household and one of five pups total. In the hierarchy of the Pit River pack the family was in the mid range. They had a modest house in the town of Burney, California and got by in their day to day life well enough. They were by no means in the middle tier in their ranking, but not at the bottom with the omegas either. Still, Dorian’s father was a warrior for the pack and did his duty when called upon in times of need. Growing up, Dorian always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder. His father was strict and believed in training their pups to fight. He often told his boys it was their lot in life. He could still hear his father’s voice, “By yourself you can’t protect everyone in the pack, but you can fight to defend your mother and sisters.” Their mother tried to balance out combat training with knowledge and caring when she could. From an early age, Dorian’s father had him fighting his older brother in sparring matches. Eventually, it included his younger brother when he was old enough. It was a harsh way to be raised. Whichever child lost, no matter if it was from being smaller, younger, or unable to shift, there would be a penalty of some kind to pay. Punishment for losing could be anything as simple as added chores around the house to a beating from his father to toughen up the boys for their role in the pack. If their mother stepped in to comfort her sons over a loss, her mate complained she was coddling them when they needed to learn not to lose. She was relieved when his lessons started pushing a fair fight. He didn’t want his sons using underhanded or dirty tricks to win unless there was no other option. Long before he could shift into his wolf, Dorian was always ready to fight with someone. It never mattered if they were friend or foe. Even with the perpetual chip on his shoulder, when it came to a fight he lived by what he learned and fought by what he interpreted to be a fair fight. It wasn’t uncommon for him to come home with a black eye or busted lip, but the general question he got asked was how bad the condition of the other wolf was and did he fight fair. The only time it was allowed not to fight fair was if the battle was against the pack’s enemies. In those times, whatever it took to win and inflict the most damage was acceptable. His father knew his sons only role in the pack would be as warriors when they came of age. For all his flaws as a father, he wanted his boys to have the best chance at surviving any conflict. ****** Once Dorian was old enough to shift, he and his friends would run from town to the nearby Burney Falls. They had fun watching the visitors and campers to the state park while hiding in the trees. Sometimes there were random dares like stealing a hotdog from someone’s barbecue. By day they would swim in their human form at Lake Britton and at night they would dive into the cold water of the pool at the base of the falls, letting their wolf have some fun. Another favorite of theirs was to head to the lava tubes to the south of town near Old Station. The centuries old remnants from when the nearby Mount Lassen volcano system last exploded. He and his friends always enjoyed hearing the pack elders tell the stories of the great 1915 eruption of the mountain and its effects on the territory. They had fun howling inside the tubes, while their friends on the surface would listen to how far the sound traveled. Or hiding in a dark chamber and growling when humans approached. The boys would laugh their asses off while sitting in the picnic area as park rangers and animal control searched the lava tubes.
  5. Dark columns soar skyward, Blocking out the late evening sun. Ash dances through the air; An eerie summertime blizzard. Fire Lightning flashes, Illuminating the dark clouds. An ominous warning, Of the nightmare that approaches. Fire burns to the north, As more smoke billows to the south. The eastern sky glows red, And the ocean is at our back. If you feel so inclined, please consider donating to the Australian Red Cross to help with relief from these devastating bushfires. Or just to the Red Cross in your individual country.
  6. Through smoke and heat we hold the line No concept’s left that’s known as time Each day to pass is much the same An onward push to beat the flame With pick and rake in hand we go Yet one more time to fight our foe The end is not near, for this battle’s long As both warring sides are remaining strong The day is now done, we’ve given our all Collapsing on cots, some curl into balls The men try to deal in their own special way For tomorrow we’re back to fighting our prey If you feel so inclined, please consider donating to the Australian Red Cross to help with relief from these devastating bushfires. Or just to the Red Cross in your individual country.
  7. A brown haze surrounds Blocking sight past a few feet A dim light hovers Making the eerie sky red As I wonder what comes next The bear clings in fear Tired, thirsty, and defeated A little water And it's carried to safety One more Koala will live The fire hose sprays As roos jump towards its mist Intense heat blasts us Trying to force our retreat The roos are smarter and flee Flames begin to rise As three spinning columns form And rise to the sky In a frightening display It's my nightmare while awake Flames roar on all sides As the circle closes in Blocking our escape Eyes turn to the blood red sky As a tanker's water falls The beast devours all As it hunts relentlessly In search of more food The battle appears endless But we will beat the fire If you feel so inclined, please consider donating to the Australian Red Cross to help with relief from these devastating bushfires. Or just to the Red Cross in your individual country.
  8. Flames and wind swirl around As the foul air tries to choke us And embers fall like rain We have passed through the Gates of Hell Tears of an angel fall Granting us a short-lived reprieve Yet our foe soon regroups As the fierce battle rages on Exhaustion reigns king here In this battlefield between worlds Yet we march on and fight To close the fiery Gates of Hell I’ve been working the fire lines in New South Wales, Australia for the last seven days and expect to be here for the next several weeks. As a reserve firefighter in the US, I felt it was my duty to volunteer as soon as help was requested. Trying to put the unimaginable into words is not easy, but it gives my mind a way to process what I’m witness to in the moments before much needed sleep sets in. If you feel so inclined, please consider donating to the Australian Red Cross to help with relief from these devastating bushfires. Or just to the Red Cross in your individual country.
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    Since distance prevents me from wrapping my arms around you and holding tight, I can only ask Mike to pass on my hug. You are such a wonderful person and beautifully gifted. I hope light returns to someone who always shines.
  10. Coming soon - The world of Running With The Pack will soon be coming to life again with the 3rd edition to the story. Stay tuned. ;)

  11. Santa says Hi

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      Happy Christmas

    2. Bard Simpson

      Bard Simpson

      And a merry Christmas to you too WolfM.

      Thanks so much for sharing your stories. I've had a lot of pleasure from discovering them this year.


    3. WolfM


      Thank you, Bard. It's been fun for me to see your reaction to it. There will be something new coming soon. Hugz.

  12. WolfM

    The Price You Pay

    Each additional chapter I read I'm enjoying the story all the more. Having lived in DC once and visited there many times I can see the sites mentioned and in some cases I can remember the flavor of the burgers at places like The Tomb. Even Brian is a laid back as you describe him. It's also fun to see your earlier writing style.
  13. I'm loving the two dads. The way they handled Rich and the mother was perfect. It's how the two men who helped me wanted to respond to me being kicked out, but unfortunately I wouldn't let them. The sting of his others actions are probably going to hit harder than anything his step-father could have done.
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    Out in the Street

    I finally started reading this and have to say it is very good. I'm glad CJ's exit from the house wasn't like mine, but still a painful experience for any teenager. Thankfully he has a loving father to take him in.
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    This is the perfect ending to this little jewel. Now I need to go and start reading the series from the start.
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