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  1. WolfM

    Chapter 24

    Thank you, Alexander. It's a wonderful compliment knowing people enjoy it over and over.
  2. It was here yesterday But now it's gone, just a wasteland Postapocalyptic No other words even come close My eyes still don't believe Walls, some flames, in the smoky haze What used to be a town This was their home and livelihood Now it's all turned to ash We tried so damn hard, all night long Everyone gave their all Greenville simply couldn't be saved Guess we can't always win
  3. WolfM

    Chapter 50

    Thank you, Will. I enjoy the comments from the readers as it helps me learn. Plus I get to know people better in the process. If you haven't done so, I'd be grateful if you leave a reaction on the stories main page. I do have several other stories, including three more in the Running With The Pack series. That should give you a little more of a WolfM fix and hopefully you'll enjoy those as much as you have this one.
  4. WolfM

    Chapter 49

    Right or wrong, it's all good.
  5. WolfM

    Chapter 47

    It's one of my favorites too
  6. WolfM

    Chapter 46

    I'm okay with heights as long as there is something solid under my feet. I don't mind working on the roof of a building or being on the side of a cliff. But there has to be something solid. I'm short and do have some fear of high places. Inside the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, getting close to the observational deck windows which are angled out, I got dizzy. Like Ethan, I was glad I took in the view, but I was happier to do so from further away from the glass. In that case I still had something a solid floor under my feet, but it was more than I could handle. Oddly I had no issue what so ever doing the bridge climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Possibly because of the safety cable I was attached to.
  7. WolfM

    Chapter 38

    I'd like to see the falls. Not sure I'll ever go, but it looks fun and beautiful. One thing I enjoy about writing is doing the research of places I include. Often finding thing or places I never imagined.
  8. WolfM

    Chapter 37

    As always, thank you for the spelling catch. Fixed it. Okay, I've got to have some fun here, plus it's payback even though any spelling corrections you pointed out were a great help to me. It's noble fir, not nobel like the award. I personally love a noble fir. They make a beautiful tree with branches open just enough for lights and decorations, but still look full. Living where I do, mine needs to be artificial due to both cost and they dry out too fast. If I had to do it over again, I'm not sure if I would have gone so formal for the wedding. I'm learning more and have seen a few that were laid back and really fun. Though I planned to wear a kilt for mine, something on the beach with both grooms in speedos sound like it would be fun too.
  9. WolfM

    Chapter 36

    To quote Mahatma Gandhi on justice and revenge, he said that an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. Jackie is also the mother to the pack in her position as luna.
  10. WolfM

    Chapter 35

    Unfortunately, Michael didn't really know anything of importance beyond the borders of Parker Valley. He knew about the rogues and tracked down enough to find them. But the greater picture of the lycan world he didn't care. The brutal side of their animal nature was of interest to him. Politics and the greater lycan government would have been boring to someone like him. Probably a waste of time unless he thought it could be used to gain greater power.
  11. WolfM

    Chapter 34

    I didn't intend to write a prequel on what to expect for US politics, but certainly one group seemed to follow along. You're comments always make me smile.
  12. WolfM

    Chapter 33

    I could picture that happening. The rogue compound would have been around 280 miles give or take in a straight line from Niagara, along the flat norther border near Montreal. Still, they need to keep their gifts in check so they don't do more damage than needed.
  13. WolfM

    Chapter 30

    By normal pack dynamics, if there was a challenge of some kind between Ethan and the rogue leader and Ethan won, he'd effectively be the new alpha of the gang.
  14. WolfM

    Chapter 29

    Thank you, Will. It was fun transitioning between the two events.
  15. WolfM

    Chapter 26

    I stand corrected. Thank you And I know we had this discussion in the comments on Embers.
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