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  1. WolfM

    Two Blue Poems

    These are wonderful, Parker. I can relate to the first one very well.
  2. WolfM

    My Brat

    Thank you, Parker. My boy went back and forth as well. His voice sounding more hurt with each of the first four lines as he read them aloud in question. I couldn't help but laugh when I heard him yell, "Damn horse."
  3. WolfM

    My Brat

    Thanks, Backwoods Ambiguity is fun to work with.
  4. WolfM

    My Brat

    Thanks, AC. I've got Zero to Hero saved and need to read it. Was fun writing something that could be totally innocent or not depending on the very last line.
  5. WolfM

    My Brat

    Thanks, tim
  6. You’re a big pain and brat. The jealously gets old real fast. Dare I say royal ass? Yes, the bane of my existence! Yet you are fun and kind. Knowing when I need a nuzzle, And when to give me space. Helping even my darkest moods. You love it long and hard, Wanting to be ridden for hours. Yes, I hear your complaints, If it is anything but bare. Our private time you crave, Wanting to find secret places, Where we can be alone, Away from a loud, crazy world. It's with impish delight, That my shirt becomes your target. Your joyful game to take, So you can rub my bare torso. I would want no changes; Not one moment of time we share. I am happy you’re mine; The best horse I could hope to have.
  7. WolfM

    Twitch: a Pantoum

    This is wonderful. I don't know anything about this form, but I really enjoy the style.
  8. WolfM

    What is Normal

    Thank you, @AC Benus
  9. WolfM


    This is wonderful. I remember those feelings when I lived in a colder climate. Even with the cold storms I've had lately, it's nice to have sun so the fingertips can warm up.
  10. WolfM

    Chapter 33

    Thank you as always, Backwoods
  11. WolfM


    Based on your intro, I was expecting something different in the poem. The happy response from the older gentleman was wonderful, as it the poem
  12. WolfM

    Poetry Prompt 1 – Tanka

    This is still one of my favorite styles to write.
  13. WolfM

    The Evidence Room - a haibun

    I had to find this after you mentioned it. I've seen the room in pictures and movies, even read about it and the horrors within. Like MacGreg said, this is a powerful poem. It is also a beautifully chilling tribute to those who's screams are still heard. You truly are a brilliantly gifted writer.
  14. WolfM


    Thank you, Parker My boy sparks a lot of my poems and the people here like you help me refine my work
  15. WolfM

    What is Normal

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Kitt You put it perfectly!

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