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  1. WolfM


    Thank you, bjorde. Like I've said before, Dorian was dead as far as I was concerned, until I decided current times deserved a happy ending. It was fun though to make my readers wait to find out he was alive. 😈
  2. WolfM


    Really enjoyed this chapter. Brought back memories of a private party at WP24. Their food is truly incredible.
  3. WolfM


    I really enjoyed this when you asked me to beta read it. Relaxing and reading it again today was just as much fun. Like all the stories of yours I've read, this one is wonderful. The fact it's a shifter story make it all the more fun for me.
  4. WolfM


    Your sense of humor is always razor sharp, my friend. ❤️
  5. WolfM


    Thank you, Smoothy. Getting to share my imagination with my readers on GA brings me a lot of joy.
  6. WolfM


    Thank you, Peter. I almost flipped a coin to decide if I was going to post this last chapter, but decided between the work I'd done and my editors it was going to join the story. It's fun working with what I've already set for Ethan's gifts. Predictable or not, Dorian got a happy ending and will hopefully live a long life with his mate and new alpha.
  7. Although I Have loved the story, I feel that the author has cut it short. It has a purpose, it has an aim. but its been tooooooooo fast.

    Whats more     WOLFM    ????


    You R GnG2 SrPRSE ME

  8. WolfM


    Thank you, Quixo. I'm glad I did too.
  9. WolfM


    Thank you, Dez. I'll see you again on Mondays when the next book is finished and released.
  10. WolfM


    Thank you, Gee. Actually Dorian did leave her a farewell message. He said goodbye to her in his video to the pack and his family. I'd had to think of Ethan's reaction if one of his nieces or nephews were kidnapped. Elemental on the war path. lol.
  11. WolfM


    Thank you, Mike. The support you show is greatly appreciated. I've got a new book in the works. If my characters behave, it will hopefully be headed to editing in the near future.
  12. WolfM


    Thank you you for always being so supportive, Chris. I know many readers were hoping Ethan would revive a dead Dorian at the funeral. I actually quite liked that idea, even though it's well beyond any gifts I've already given Ethan. For something that was an afterthought, this made for a better ending.
  13. WolfM


    Thank you, Hellshield. What's microfilm? Never mind, I'll google it.
  14. WolfM


    Thank you, Terry. Dorian left as alpha because he knew his life in that position was over. No matter how much security he'd have around him, there would always be a bullet waiting. His only way to live was to die. He loved his people and being alpha. If he'd stayed he knew he would have to give up Karissa or she'd be a target as well. So he made the only decision he could.
  15. WolfM


    Thank you, Don. I'll take devious. I'll try not to make you wait.
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