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  1. WolfM

    Ask an Author 2.0 #13

    This is wonderful and a fitting start to year two of AAA 2.0.
  2. WolfM

    Chapter 18

    Thanks again @Backwoods Boy I'm sure they'd be friendly while you're on a walk. Sex scenes tend to be one of the more difficult aspects of writing for me.
  3. WolfM

    Chapter 17

    Thank you @Backwoods Boy Like i said before, sometimes when people pick up some of the smallest details it brings the biggest smile.
  4. WolfM

    Chapter 14

    Thank you @Backwoods Boy I liked that I was getting a new chapter out every week. Looking back though, I wish I was putting out what is being posted in the rewrite. So much detail was missed at the time.
  5. WolfM

    Chapter 12

    @Backwoods BoyThere are so many possibilities when it comes to the various lore on shape shifting. Trying to build a history and not go totally overboard on it was difficult. At times I think I probably did add too much. Much like your writing, I could have incorporated a lot from Pacific Northwest lore. Thankfully the totem poles I remember from the Vancouver area didn't come to mind. Were those figures from learned shape shifters or from blood shifters? Are they one and the same, but don't know it? So many possibilities. (Hate when I forget to click quote before typing. lol)
  6. WolfM

    Chapter 10

    Sometimes it's when people notice the small, playful details that brings me the biggest smile.
  7. WolfM

    Chapter 9

    It was fun thinking this stuff up
  8. WolfM

    Indian Summer

    Backwoods boy take us on a wonderful journey into the life of his characters. With each passing chapter he gives them life and paints vivid pictures of their surroundings. This is very much worth reading.
  9. WolfM

    Chapter 10

    This is an absolutely perfect ending to a wonderful story!! Thank you for sharing it. You know how much I enjoyed the original draft of the story, but this version does each one of your characters proud. I hope there are more books on the life and adventures of Buddy and Tocho
  10. WolfM

    Bird Styles and Morning

    It's beautiful!
  11. The edit of Running with the Pack has now hit the halfway point with the posting of chapters 21 through 25.  I hope you all enjoy the new content. 

    1. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      Great!  More reading, if I ever find the time.

    2. Normischell


      Awesomesauce!  Just in time for bathtub reading!

  12. WolfM

    Ask an Author 2.0 #12

    Happy Anniversary for a year of the new AAA. It's a great selections of authors and always wonderful to see their responses. Thanks to all who participate and make this possible.
  13. WolfM

    Chapter 9

    Like BHopper said, You already know what I think of this chapter too The changes from the original draft really add to it. This was very well done.
  14. WolfM

    Chapter 8

    Pahana continues to develop wonderfully and Benny is an excellent teacher. He does his grandfather proud and will make a outstanding Shaman someday.
  15. WolfM

    Chapter 8

    Yep, you'll have to keep reading to find your answers Sometimes just hinting about it is just as hot. I don't mind writing a full on sex scene, but it isn't always needed. It's a good mating/joining process no matter if their lycan or Native American. I still don't know how I managed to go through the last chapter without missing a single week. Each chapter was in process for three to four weeks before posting, but it was a lot of work.

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