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  1. Always a good day when you post a new chapter. The fact it's on inauguration day, makes it that much better. A wonderful chapter and I want to thank the family foundation for its joint donations to both the American and Australian Red Cross for fire relief.
  2. I guess finding out late is better than not finding out at all. Noticed a congratulations for most liked content from 26 May 2020. I know that gold, rectangular brick wasn't on my profile when I wished everyone a Happy Christmas. LOL

    1. dez421


      Very well and truly deserved.  Can't wait to see what 2021 will bring from you.  Happy new year and as always congratulations for works well done and well written.   

  3. Another great chapter. I said it before and will repeat myself. You couldn't have come up with a more fitting and wonderful end to such a horrible casserole.
  4. I like the way the chapter turned out. Great job!
  5. WolfM

    Western Skies

    I can't think of a better way to start the new year than to have a new story in the CJ world. It's about time Ritch gets to step out of his brothers shadow.
  6. My husband and I want to wish you all a Happy Christmas. Even though this year has been a challenge, we'll come though it stronger. Stay safe. With luck I'll have something new for you all soon ;)

    1. chris191070


      Merry Christmas 🎅 

    2. Reader1810


      Merry Christmas! :) 

    3. dez421


      Happy holidays to you two as well.

  7. WolfM


    Thank you, Fantasy I can't remember, but I think you're the first person who's actually familiar with Burney and the falls.
  8. Like embers on the wind I'm blown around from place to place Never sure where I'll land But set for the blaze when I do ****** Eerily beautiful Is the nightly blizzard of light As wind driven embers Dance in their destructive ballet ****** Grab a hose or shovel Hoping there is enough water Or strength left to battle This miserable year from hell Please consider donating to the American Red Cross for western wildfire relieve. Thank you.
  9. WolfM


    Thank you for the wonderful compliment, Wenmale. As I've said before, Dorian officially died in the original version of the story. If it hadn't been for world events and even me needing something to feel happy about, he would have remained a fallen hero of the story.
  10. WolfM

    Running with the Pack

    I'll take your word for that, and if true, I'm humbled by it. Thank you Carlos and everyone.
  11. I'm tired, but can't slow down, Foolishly I thought I could rest. Even joked I'd get called. It's been one after another; Everything is burning. Seems the whole coast is on fire. All of us need rest, sleep. Exhaustion is my companion, But it won't slip me up. I’ll be ready for the next call, And no matter how long, We'll keep fighting these damn fires. I'm tired and need to sleep, Because I’m running on empty.
  12. WolfM


    Thank you, bjorde. Like I've said before, Dorian was dead as far as I was concerned, until I decided current times deserved a happy ending. It was fun though to make my readers wait to find out he was alive. 😈
  13. WolfM


    Really enjoyed this chapter. Brought back memories of a private party at WP24. Their food is truly incredible.
  14. WolfM


    I really enjoyed this when you asked me to beta read it. Relaxing and reading it again today was just as much fun. Like all the stories of yours I've read, this one is wonderful. The fact it's a shifter story make it all the more fun for me.
  15. WolfM


    Your sense of humor is always razor sharp, my friend. ❤️
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