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  1. WolfM

    CDMX • III

    It's great having Lincoln spend the evening with them and Calum is a fun addition. As with the other CJ stories, this one is progressing beautifully.
  2. WolfM

    CDMX • I

    This is definitely a treat for Black Friday. I'm totally not biased from working with you, but I enjoyed this chapter the first time I read it just as much as now. Simmone is a fun addition to the cast and Trixie by extension.
  3. WolfM


    This was a nice surprise to wake up to. It's great to have CJ and Owen back and this is a wonderful start to what promises to be an exciting story.
  4. WolfM

    Chapter 2

    Hugz to you Saavikam. The pain lessens, memories fade, and it gets put behind is in one form or another, but you're right, the betrayal remains. 🖖
  5. WolfM

    Chapter 2

    So very true. Some of those choices though swing the pendulum wildly between the want to survive and the desire not to.
  6. WolfM

    Embers 17

    That is one of the best compliments I can receive. Knowing the story is still enjoyed after multiple readings. I've got starting chapters for three possible options on the next book. It all depends on what characters decide to talk to me. Hopefully by spring if all works out.
  7. WolfM


    Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment, Saavikam. For me, my payment for writing is seeing what the readers have to say. Enjoying their speculation on events to come, and even pointing out corrections that slipped through. When @Carlos Hazdayapproached me about editing Running With The Pack, I almost brushed it off. I thought I'd done a decent job with what I put out, considering I really didn't know anything about writing structure. We slowly worked through each chapter and he patiently pointed out things that he's learned through his time of writing. You might have read the first ten chapters of Running before I did a correction to them over the last couple weeks. With everything I was assimilating, there was just too much for him to teach me all at once. They were a drastic improvement over the original, but I noticed lot of things I wanted to bring to the standard of the later chapters. There is a major difference between Running and the three follow-up books. With Running, I was writing and posting at the same time, so quality suffered and I let the story become a runaway freight train. It really should have been at least three books on it's own. Starting with book 2, everything was written prior to posting. With book 3 and 4, I had the benefit of them being edited before posting, to further improve the quality my readers got. If my characters play nice and talk to me, there will hopefully be at least two or three more books in the series. Live Long and Prosper 🖖
  8. WolfM


    Thanks, Saavikam I do actually agree with what you first said though. It is frustrating to see Dorian descend into savagery. With both Chris Williams in the previous book and now Dorian, I had characters I initially wrote simply to be disliked that I ended up making likeable. Chris got to rebuild his life where Dorian went from having a respectable, though someone brash personality into a total asshole. It was still fun writing him even knowing where I had to take him. The fact readers like you are still enjoying this series brings a smile to my face.
  9. WolfM


    You have to remember with this story that most of it takes place before Ethan met Dorian. That includes this chapter. At this point Dorian hasn't been healed so since whatever is causing his pain was a slow build over years. He hurts and has tried to find out what's causing it, but has also adjusted to the fact he will likely always be in pain. When things happen at a slow pace, they can be overlooked. Others see the change in him, but he can't see it for himself. Dorian had to descent from the person he was at the start of his alphahood to the man we met in Running With The Pack.
  10. WolfM

    Chapter 6

    Thank you, Peter. Through hard work and a lot of luck, I've pulled my life together. I'm still amazed I ended up married and happy. When people ask how they can help, I usually say check to see what services in your area assist homeless youth. For every one like me that got out, plenty more kids are currently living through what I did. I know of only a few that specialize in dealing with LGBT youths. Food or clothing donations go along way.
  11. WolfM

    Chapter 50

    Thank you, Saavikam17. I'm happy you enjoyed this.
  12. This day we say A thanks to you For standing tall And holding true No suit and tie Nor fancy dress But digital camouflage You insisted be pressed With Honor and Courage You went into harm’s way My thanks to our veterans On this Remembrance Day
  13. WolfM

    Chapter 41

    There have been a couple glitches with the website lately. It appears they've corrected this one. I can at least leave a reaction to your comment.
  14. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Thank you for coming along on the ride, Bft. I'm pretty sure I'll keep Brandon and Austin around for future stories. Hopefully the cast I'm trying to work with now cooperate and let me finish something by spring.
  15. WolfM

    Embers 16

    But would that really be fair to the hot and studly Brody?
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