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  1. This is great It's fun to hear their experience since it's similar to when I posted my first chapter. Thank you for continuing to put this together @Carlos Hazday and thanks to the new authors for responding.
  2. Happy Birthday!

    1. WolfM


      Thank you, Daddy ;)

  3. WolfM

    Our Path

    Thank you, Jeffrey That makes sense. I liked the look and had fun getting the syllable count to workout how I wanted.
  4. WolfM

    Past and Present

    Thank you, Parker
  5. WolfM

    Our Path

    Thank you, Parker. I'm not even sure what form this would be. I like the result though.
  6. A journey Through a far-away land Traveling moor and glen by saddle Seeing ancient monuments of a long past time And modern marvels of our own age It's our moment on life’s Shared journey
  7. WolfM

    Past and Present

    Thank you, tim. I'm leaning towards I should have taken more time with these two. Still fun for me though
  8. WolfM


    Thank you, Parker
  9. WolfM


    Thank you, tim. It's surprising to some people that a beautiful day doesn't need to be all sunshine and flowers. A storm on the horizon can be just as nice if the company you're with appreciates too.
  10. WolfM


    Thank you, Defiance You can run on anytime. I like the sound of the Caribbean. It's much warmer than the waters of the North Sea.
  11. WolfM

    Through the Mist

    Thank you, Jeffrey I dinnae think this would have worked on any other the others I wrote during the trip.
  12. WolfM

    Through the Mist

    Thanks, Molly
  13. WolfM

    Through the Mist

    Thanks, Mike.
  14. WolfM

    Through the Mist

    Thank you, Parker
  15. WolfM

    Through the Mist

    It was fun using this format. Thanks you for your continued guidance as I try new things.
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