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  1. dadetroyer

    Chapter 9

    Another good chapter. I was just wondering what the constant underlining in the lower portion of the chapter is. Were these editing marks? Patrick
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. CJ, "I am indeed a mountain goat, and I do indeed live high in the mountains of northern Arizona, but all rumors and innuendo to the contrary, a goat (including a mountain goat) would never have anything to do with a cliff. Any claims to the contrary are just fictions, lies, and photoshop." i think this explains it exactly cheers, Patrick
  4. twas a good chapter, i like how you have introduced plot twists throughout the saga (i think i could call it that) even though there (for your sake CJames) no cliffhangers. cheers Patrick
  5. it really is funny where people think there is a possibility of a cliffhanger, when in fact is only a (coughs) common plot twist, inducing suspense into a dramatic section of the storyline, in this case, EPIC storyline.
  6. any recommendations on stories similar to circumnavigation?
  7. Taupo is a caldera, and is, i say, ACTIVE, there are geothermal hot spots and areas of activity, about 10 mins off the coast of the resident town, its namesake,Taupo. whereas this is still controversial,as there are no signs of activity at the previous explosions site, but there always is the possibility of a new vent. this idea of a new vent is where the activity is based around, but according to the NZ earthquake commision, it is dormant
  8. in reply to the spelling, Tongariro, is the correct spelling. As in regard to the question about chain reactions, it is certainly viable, but during the last two years there has been a significant ammount of terrestrial activity, including multiple earthquakes, and other seismic events, along the major fault line that runs through both island of New Zealand. just a suggestion to go along with the storyline, maybe a stopover in New Zealand?
  9. dadetroyer


    you say you have to go to a specialty store to get vegemite, where i come from you just rock on up to the shelves and pluck it off, at any supermarket, mind you they are our neighbours. (excuse the spelling, it's correct over here.)
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