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    Wombat Bill
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Max and Charles - 2. I Might Give it a Try

About an hour before retiring for the night, he took his medication, showered and chose his clothes to wear the next morning. He slipped into bed beside his partner but sat up and read for about thirty minutes while he was waiting. While still reading, he felt his partner roll towards him and reach out to caress his belly. It was not long before he felt his partner’s hand travel south across his abdomen, through his pubes and begin fondling.

“You’re still a bit relaxed down there, not yet ready for action?”

“Well if you keep doing that I soon will be.” He replied as he put his book down and turned off the lamp. Within minutes he had the erection of a twenty year old.

“Very impressive!”

“Thanks for your help.”

“...and the little blue tablets.”


The next morning Max and Charles were having breakfast on their tiny Bondi terrace when Charles observed, “You know Max, this time next week we will be Mr. and Mr. All legal and certificated as a married couple.”

“You’re right Charles, but you know I didn’t think it could ever be so when we met fifty years ago, not even in my wildest dreams.”

“I know, society has come a long way in that time. When we first met we ran the risk of being jailed for what we used to do in the privacy of our own bedroom. Now here we are fifty years later, only a few days away from being legally married on the same day we celebrate our fiftieth anniversary together.”

“Did you ever think it would last this long?”

“I don’t think I really gave it any thought. I knew I loved you and wanted to spend my whole life with you and that was all that mattered.”

“Thank you.” said Max, as he put his hand on Charles’ and squeezed lightly. “How about I freshen up this pot of tea and we can go over the arrangements for next Saturday.”


As Max returned with a fresh pot, Charles said, “You know those two lovely boys seem almost as excited as us about our wedding.”

“Craig and Justin certainly are the dynamic duo and seem to have thought about everything to make our special day just perfect.”

“I wonder what surprises he has planned for the wedding. I’ve heard that Justin can be quite daring in his approach to serving.”

“The only clue he gave me was when he asked if he could be the ring bearer, he said he had a surprise way of delivering them. I suppose it will be acceptable for a mixed group. But he didn’t say anything about the reception, so we could be in for some surprises.”

“Oh I forgot to tell you, I had a call from Roger and he has confirmed he would feel honoured to be the MC at our reception.”

“That’s great, he’s always a lot of fun and a bit of a wit, so should keep out guests entertained.”

“He asked me why we especially requested no gifts on our invitations. I asked him what we could possibly need after all these years. He thought for a moment and then said he couldn’t think of anything. So I told him he had answered his own question.”

“Well, my love,” said Max as he raised his cup, “Here’s to us and another fifty years together.”

“Are you planning to live to 125?”

“If you’ll be by my side, I might give it a try.” replied Max as he winked at Charles.

Copyright © 2020 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.

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