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  1. Howzat

    CDMX • I

    To paraphrase a well known chocolate product advert "Oh Mr Hazday you are spoiling us with all these chapters"! 😄 (I don't even know if you can get those chocolates outside of Europe!)
  2. Howzat


    Great to see the Abello/Liston family back again and that you're obviously feeling in a productive mood @Carlos Hazdaywith chapters promised for consecutive days. I'm glad we're finally getting the story of what happened to them whilst CJ was posted in Mexico. While it's just a normal chilly Thursday here in the UK may I wish all readers from the USA a very happy Thanksgiving. Mark
  3. I'm so glad Eric has finally bitten the proverbial bullet and made contact with Rob though leaving us in the middle of that coversation was very mean @northie! Things are gradually coming together for everyone; Andy & Adam getting married, Eric & Rob reviving an old acquaintance that may lead to something else, Felicity hopefully getting rid of Oliver to name but a few plot strands that are in the works. Great story and I'm glad I've caught up with it over the last week or so. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
  4. Howzat


    If you love reading shifter stories then you definitely need to read this one! We meet Cyn, a Cernunnos - deer shifter, who lives with their version of a pack - constantly on the move, always in fear of being hunted; of being prey. I won't give too much away in this review (I hate spoilers in these sort of things) but suffice to say there is happiness, sadness, peril, love & joy all in some measure. Cyn gets to meet a wide variety of other shifters and some are not as friendly as they first seem to be. Don't forget to comment as you read through the story and @astone2292(the author of this and other excellent stories) usually responds with a comment and/or a click on the "like" button.
  5. Howzat

    Chapter 58

    Well I wasn't expecting that! What a lovely ending to this story that I can't believe started all the way back in January! I'm so glad that Cyn got to meet his school friends after all this time. @astone2292okay we'll give you some time off to recover from the last 11 months of writing this story but we fully expect either a sequel (or even a prequel)!
  6. Wow @garfwizI wasn't expecting the next chapter so soon! Great chapter - what a tangled web of deceit has been woven just to keep the Red Wolf Pack from existing and claiming their rightful heritage. Tala is going to have a headache when he tries to unravel all the issues! Great chapter - really looking forward to where you take us next.
  7. @garfwizI can't wait for the next chapter to see what Tala does next! Great story - hopefully the chapters will appear a bit more regularly? (Day job & everyday life allowing of course!)
  8. Howzat

    Chapter 12

    I so want to visit Ravello! Absolutely fantastic series of stories @James Carnarvon. If you do write any more Ravello stories I'll definitely be reading them.
  9. Howzat

    Chapter 25

    Oh WOW! @Ronyxwhat a superb story. I am so sad it has come to an end but such a great end - just at the right point where we can see a great life ahead for Matt & Troy and Hayden without more chapters. Not that I'm saying we wouldn't love more chapters as we would but it just leaves enough threads left unfinished that we can then finish them in our own imaginations.
  10. Howzat

    Chapter 56

    Another great chapter @astone2292 A pity there's no lycan version of the Phantom Zone (where Krypton's criminals & political prisoners were sent) - but then there's always the risk of someone escaping........
  11. Howzat

    Chapter 1

    I've only been to Venice - just a very short visit as the final destination of a 2 week school cruise on the SS Uganda, way back in late October 1979, before we flew home from Marco Polo Airport - so I don't really know Italy at all; but I love your superb descriptions of Ravello and the Amalfi coastal area. I can almost smell the lemons as they grow on the trees. Dani is going to be a great "hero" in whatever way it happens - you've left a couple of future plot lines open in this chapter which I'm sure you'll develop as we go forward with Dani on his adventures. I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter.
  12. Howzat

    Chapter 12

    What an absolutely fantastic story - I so want to visit Ravello! I can see all of your characters in my mind from Nonna all the way down to Ennio and Alfredo. I'm really looking forward to reading the next story in the Ravello series - keep up the great work @James Carnarvon.
  13. Howzat

    The Party

    Yeah, me too. Even more concerning he last visited GA on 25th October!
  14. Mike? - I think you mean Larry!
  15. Howzat

    Chapter 24

    It's just as bad here in the UK though the information I could find was on "young" people - classed as aged 16 to 24 so an older age range than we're dealing with in this story but still far too many! https://centrepoint.org.uk/about-us/blog/how-many-young-people-are-homeless-in-the-uk/#
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