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  1. Howzat

    Chapter 1

    A great start to a new story @astone2292 - first time I've ever heard of deer shifters!
  2. What a place to leave this story! I've enjoyed reading every chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next. Book2 better be along soon my friend!
  3. No matter who actually gets involved when Vinnie gets to deal with Stefan, he is toast - probably quite lliterally! And that mole is going to end up regretting betraying Mace & Vinnie - but knowing Vinnie, he'll probably forgive him! Once again a great chapter @astone2292!
  4. Vinnie's wolf is an Alpha too - this is going to be fun! I definitely wasn't expecting that @astone2292! Vinnie's first shift is fast approaching and I'm sure you're going to spring more surprises on us (your audience) and also for Mace and the others. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter.
  5. What @Patch1 said! Nothing I can add.
  6. Another great chapter @astone2292 Detective Shaw is going to regret listening to Stefan! Lei, Mase, Miss Elaine to name but a few will be having a few words with the Detective when they find out! Love the fact that Vinnie now realises he has a family again - well we knew already but our Vinnie can be a bit slow on the catch-up at times. This story is just amazing.
  7. @astone2292 - that was absolutely stunning! Vinnie's dance was just fantastic. Well done on describing it so perfectly. I can't wait for when Mase & Vinnie get to go hunting/running together as wolves. Every time I logon to GA I always wait in anticipation of this story appearing with a new chapter. Mark xx
  8. And there was I thinking how could you possibly top what has gone before and you went and did it! I won't underestimate you again Aaron. Alpha Tierney as a fire mage is stupendous - what a display that must have been to behold. I'm now looking forward to Vincent's dance even more - he'll knock it out of the park I'm sure. Keep up the fantastic work.
  9. Aaron - WOW, just WOW! What a superb chapter - I can't wait to read about Vinnie's mage dance, it's going to be spectacular. I loved the shower scene - I could envisage it all in my mind and loved Mase's comment about being able to wolf shift different parts of his body, but not that one Vinnie!! Though if he could do that I think Vinnie would probably faint. Keep up the fantastic work and roll on the next chapter.
  10. Hey Aaron, I am absolutely loving this story and I can't wait for the next chapter. Mase & Vinnie are just made for each other and they'll definitely be there for each other. Vinnie's Mage dance is going to be spectacular I'm sure.
  11. If you have never read any of @Mark Arbour's stories then you must have been living on Mars for the past 10 years! You need to go back to book 1 of CAP and start from there - although each story can be read individually you will miss out on so much if you do not start at the beginning. Mark brings all the characters to life in every story and describes every aspect of their lives from love to hate to tragedy and joy. Reading Marks' stories (including the Bridgemont series) will take you a while but it'll be worth it - something to add to your bucket list. Although this isn'
  12. Howzat


    Great chapter and even better that the next chapter is tomorrow and not on Tuesday - thankyou Brian. Though I suppose that means the next next chapter isn't until next Saturday! C'est la vie!!
  13. Howzat

    New Day

    Auntie M and assorted cousins are going to be TROUBLE I can tell! What do they think they know that could possibly mean that Lenny loses the Farmhouse? What is in that dresser that requires the drawers & cupboards to be locked? What information will Pippa & Freya be able to divulge about what happened to Luke? Will Ade & Lenny get to christen all the rooms in the Farmhouse? Will Brian (@lomax61) give us the next chapter as soon as possible? All this and more to come in the next thrilling installment!
  14. Howzat


    What a great start to a Saturday morning - a chapter from Brian and Lenny & Ade starting their relationship properly! Can't wait for the next chapter!!
  15. Howzat


    @lomax61 - your story just gets better and better. Ade & Lenny are just meant to be together! Though the Aunt & Cousin still have some part to play I'm sure. Just what is hidden behind that panelling? And what do Luke's old friends know about how he died! All this and more to come in the next thrilling installment of Any Day!
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