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  1. Howzat

    Almost Home

    This is the first time I've read this story @shadowgod and it's so sad but absolutely brilliant!
  2. Thanks for the new chapter @garfwiz - I've missed reading this story! Can't wait to see what happens next.
  3. Howzat

    AOC 12

    Lovely story - is there more to come as it still says "in progress"? @Ivor Slipper
  4. Howzat

    A Proper Sendoff

    Somewhere in the future I'm sure Adam is going to see Greg & Larry again. Onto the next stage in Adam's journey into the unknown. Great story @Altimexis! Mark
  5. All those descriptions of the food are just fantastic - making me want to eat all of the meals! (Maybe not at one sitting though!) Great story @Altimexis
  6. Really enjoying this story so far - can't wait to see how the other 70 odd chapters pan out. Great work @Altimexis Mark
  7. Howzat

    Lost and found

    Only two chapters left!!!!!! I thought this was going to be one of those stories that takes us all through to when Aidan goes to college - so maybe a sequel???? I love this story and am so going to miss it when you post the last chapter 😭
  8. Right, I'm now all caught up. I had to start from chapter 1 again just so I could get all the story back in my head. So many things are happening all at once - I don't know how you keep track of it all @garfwiz! It's a great story and I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter.
  9. Don't know if you still want names @garfwiz but here goes:- Mark Dorset - South Coast Pack (United Kingdom) Jack Wiltshire - same Brad Somerset - same
  10. It's just after 10pm on a Thursday here in the UK and I've just finished reading this absolutely fantastic story well done @Mrsgnomie for keeping me enthrallled over the past week (I think that's how long it's taken me?). I'm sure, like me, that you'll enjoy reading about the ups and downs of Nash Cushman and his life and relationships with the Knott family (and many others). The story has left me wishing that if I was Nash that I could find someone like Penn or if I was Penn that I could find someone like Nash. Enjoy the read - you won't be able to put it down!
  11. Howzat

    Finding a balance

    @Mrsgnomieanother great chapter. Matt & Seamus are just so made for each other - Aiden will be the glue that holds them together. Can't wait for chapter 4.
  12. I'm loving this story! Matt & Seamus have had an interesting start but I'm sure it will settle down - Aidan will definitely help that process. I'm looking forward to the next chapter already.
  13. Hey @Carlos Hazday- another great chapter. Ritch is indeed a great role model for the doolies and they will continue the "new" tradition of no hazing/bullying when they progress further. I'm not 100% convinced that Mr Donovan has disappeared for ever - he may well consider Ritch to be the reason for the loss of his career (even though it was his own fault). I always look forward to a new chapter from you when you have a story going - you are definitely one of the top authors on here.
  14. Howzat

    Chapter 10

    I too love how innocent Cyn is. I'm looking forward to how Cyn and Shea progress with their budding relationship.
  15. Howzat

    Chapter 1

    A great start to a new story @astone2292 - first time I've ever heard of deer shifters!
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