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  1. Howzat

    Black Widow

    If you have never read any of @Mark Arbour's stories then you must have been living on Mars for the past 10 years! You need to go back to book 1 of CAP and start from there - although each story can be read individually you will miss out on so much if you do not start at the beginning. Mark brings all the characters to life in every story and describes every aspect of their lives from love to hate to tragedy and joy. Reading Marks' stories (including the Bridgemont series) will take you a while but it'll be worth it - something to add to your bucket list. Although this isn't strictly a review of this story per se I hope I've given you a push in the right direction.
  2. Howzat


    Great chapter and even better that the next chapter is tomorrow and not on Tuesday - thankyou Brian. Though I suppose that means the next next chapter isn't until next Saturday! C'est la vie!!
  3. Howzat

    New Day

    Auntie M and assorted cousins are going to be TROUBLE I can tell! What do they think they know that could possibly mean that Lenny loses the Farmhouse? What is in that dresser that requires the drawers & cupboards to be locked? What information will Pippa & Freya be able to divulge about what happened to Luke? Will Ade & Lenny get to christen all the rooms in the Farmhouse? Will Brian (@lomax61) give us the next chapter as soon as possible? All this and more to come in the next thrilling installment!
  4. Howzat


    What a great start to a Saturday morning - a chapter from Brian and Lenny & Ade starting their relationship properly! Can't wait for the next chapter!!
  5. Howzat


    @lomax61 - your story just gets better and better. Ade & Lenny are just meant to be together! Though the Aunt & Cousin still have some part to play I'm sure. Just what is hidden behind that panelling? And what do Luke's old friends know about how he died! All this and more to come in the next thrilling installment of Any Day!
  6. Howzat


    But then they could have so much fun getting clean again - bathroom to be sorted first I think!
  7. Howzat


    Oh I know that - we used to have a revolting bathroom suite that was a kind of bluey/green which was most definitely seventies! But still - PINK? 😁
  8. Howzat


    Hey Brian Another great story - you never fail to deliver on characters and plot. I think that the Aunt and Cousin are going to be a big pain in the proverbial for Lenny & Adrian! Lenny has to tell Adrian that he's also gay very soon or Adrian is going to be very upset with him (rightly so). The "Farmhouse" is definitely hiding secrets; perhaps next to the fireplace; perhaps in that awful bathroom suite (PINK?? WTAF!!). Looking forward to the next chapter! Mark
  9. Howzat


    Over so soon! A great story @Carlos Hazday and one that I'm sure will come true one day. Imagine if the Redskins played the Ravens in the Superbowl - what on earth would Phil & Riley have done about that? I always love reading your stories! I can't wait for the next one.
  10. Howzat


    I'm loving this story - if ony we didn't have to wait so long for the next chapter! I'm thinking that Donald's counsellor hit the nail right on the head - him and Conner are going to have so much fun!! Nate & Simon - maybe that will be a great story for the next book? Eddie & Matty - they couldn't possibly get any hornier for each other, though I'm sure Geoff (@FlyOnTheWall) can give it a good try! I'm loving this story - if ony we didn't have to wait so long for the next chapter!
  11. I'm loving this story @garfwiz - keep up the great work! Can't wait to see the results of the two audits and how the Council will then react to Tala's oncoming storm.
  12. Yes Connor seems like a great guy - I'm convinced that he and Donald will become good friends before too long (it's probably already happened as D can use ASL). A great chapter in a great story - well done @FlyOnTheWall.
  13. A great start @garfwiz, I'm really looking forward to seeing where this story goes. Don't be too long in posting the next chapter.
  14. Wow! An early Christmas present - another chapter in the story of our favourite boys (alright - college men) Matty & Eddie. Many thanks @FlyOnTheWall for giving us another peek and promising us another between Christmas & New Year - you know we'll hold you to that! I'm sure someting is going to develop from the "faggot" comment at Matty's first team meal. I love how Nate is growing in to such a fine young man. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone who participates in those festivities.
  15. Howzat

    Chapter 21

    Welcome back @Bndmetl - absolutely fantastic to see this story back again - I've really missed Ember & Brady!! I had to re-read chapter 20 to remember where we were in the story and I'd forgotten how good the sex scenes were! This is a great chapter and I can't wait for the proposal - Ember has planned it really well so something is bound to go awry!! Please don't leave us hanging so long for the next chapter. 😍
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