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WARNING: This story contains graphic content such as sex, violence, death, and derogatory slang.  

Imprisoned - 1. The Party

I opened my eyes to see a handsome man lying on my chest.

The morning sunlight peaked through the wood slats of the blinds and danced off the walls creating a peaceful atmosphere.

I ran my fingers up the spine of the man making me his pillow. He breathed softly as I started at the base of his spine and traced the intricate rune tattoos that traced his vertebrae all the way up to his neckline. I ran my fingers through his thick brown hair and he stirred slightly. I looked over at the clock on the nightstand, the time read 7:45 AM.

"Jaaames." I whispered in a deep sing song voice. "Honey, wake up. Your gonna be late for rounds." I said a little louder.

James let out a long, low groan. "Coffee." He muffled into my chest.

I chuckled. "Okay, I'll start coffee but you need to wake up and get dressed."

I slid out from underneath him and retrieved a pair of boxer briefs from beside the bed. I gave him a soft smack on his bare ass before exiting the room, all James could muster was another groan. I chuckled again and shook my head.

I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen crossing over to the coffee maker. I grabbed the carafe and walked over to the sink to fill it with water.

"Alexa TV on." I commanded.

"TV on." A soft voice echoed back before the small LCD monitor on the kitchen wall flicked to life.

"Still no news yet on a potential vaccine for the Northern Flu, which is estimated to have killed over 200,000 people worldwide..." The anchorman reported.

I walked over to the coffee maker and filled it with the water from the sink, and then began scooping grounds into the filter before flipping the lid closed and turning the coffee maker on.

"Military presence is still heavy in Los Angeles, which has been a hotbed for the virus since its first occurrence in the United States 2 months ago..." The anchorman continued.

I glanced out the kitchen window where downtown Seattle was being bathed by a gorgeous sunrise, even Mt. Rainier was visible. That was the nice thing about living in Queen Anne, the views never disappointed.

The coffee maker beeped pulling me away from the view. I grabbed two coffee mugs out of the cabinet in front of me and poured coffee into both of them. I put cream and sugar in James', he didn't like black coffee and could never understand how I liked it black.

"I like it black like my soul." I recalled telling him sarcastically on our first date. He laughed and slapped my arm shaking his head.

I smiled at the memory and grabbed both coffee mugs in my hands.

"Earlier today the national guard moved into Portland, which has been the site of numerous, violent protests..." An anchorwoman began to report.

I made my way out of the kitchen and up the stairs, the steps creaked under my weight showing the age of the house. James loved this house, "character" is what he called it, to me it was an old house with repairs in the foreseeable future.

I walked into the bedroom and noticed James was still lying in bed, I chuckled and set his coffee on the nightstand next to him. I took a drink of my own coffee and crossed over to the window.

"C'mon babe, time to get up." I opened the wood blinds, letting sunlight poor into the bedroom.

James didn't stir.

"C'mon James, if your late for rounds Dr. Cross will give you scut work. You'll be knuckle deep in rectal exams all day." I laughed as I sat down next to him. I placed a hand on his shoulder and shook him slightly.

"James." I paused, no response. My pulse quickened as I shook him again. "James." I said again a little louder.

James' opposite hand quickly reached up and grabbed my forearm. He had a death grip on me, his hand was bloody with slight cuts on the back.

"James what are you doin?!" I shouted, his grip tightened.

I tried to pull away but his grip was too strong for me. His breathing sounded raspy and crackled as he turned his head around to face me. Every muscle in my body tightened as I stared horrified at him. There was blood coming from his eyes, it ran down his cheeks and dropped off his chin.

"James, l-let go!" I stammered pulling away from him. His grip only tightened more.

I was helpless, I pulled and pulled against him with all my might, but somehow I was getting weaker. The more I pulled and fought him, the weaker I got.

He lunged at me and I yelled falling to the floor.

"Dr. Pierce! Dr. Piercel!" I heard a stern voice yell.

I jerked awake, bolting upright. I was covered in a sweat and my breathing was quick. It was a nightmare.

"Dr. Pierce. Are you okay?" The voice asked.

I felt a rough hand on my bare shoulder and I jumped, my head bolting in the direction it came from.

"Whoa relax. It's just me, Cody." He said in a calm reassuring voice.

I exhaled, the warm touch calming me. I looked up at him weakly and my eyes met his. A look of care and concern floated around his bright brown eyes.

"Was it another nightmare?" Cody asked, still remaining crouched next to me.

I nodded slightly. "Yeah."

"The same one?" Cody asked.

"Yeah." I replied shortly. I rubbed my face with my hands and swung my legs out of the bed.

Cody walked off to the other side of the room and began pouring liquid into a mug. He came back clutching a steaming black mug in his hand that I soon recognized as coffee.

"Cody I've told you, you don't need to fetch me coffee." I said annoyingly as I took a drink. The warm liquid passed down my throat radiating warmth as it went down.

"I'm your Apprentice, it's what I do." Cody replied winking at me over the rim of his mug as he took a drink.

Cody Park was my best Apprentice. I've had 3 in the past and he's the only one that's made the cut, you could say I'm a little strict. But when someone's life is in your hands, there's no playing games.

Cody came to the United States when he was just 8 years old. His parents sent him to Los Angeles to live with an Aunt to pursue a better life. His Aunt was killed in the big earthquake of 2023.

Since the Pacific Revolution all traditional medical and nursing programs became oversaturated with applicants. So the military stepped in and began offering free apprenticeship programs, free of charge. When Cody finished his Pre-Med he joined the Army and became my Apprentice. I was protective over Cody, he was like the little brother I never had.

"What are you doing in here anyways, your shift hasn't started yet." I eyed Cody curiously.

"I was studying for the boards." Cody replied taking another drink of his coffee.

"You need to take a break, your gonna fry your brain." I grinned, standing up.

I crossed over to the sink in the corner of the room and splashed some water on my face. I peered at myself in the mirror, my hazel eyes looked tired being held up by thick bags. My short brown hair was disheveled, I ran my fingers through it, straightening it as best as I could.

"I should say the same to you. Are you even supposed to be sleeping in here?" Cody questioned.

"Do you think all these patients will mind?" I said sarcastically, gesturing around the tent at the empty gurneys.

"True, but I worry about you boss. These nightmares, the sleeping in the medical tent-"

"I like sleeping in here it's comfortable." I cut Cody off. "The only thing you need to worry about is passing your damn boards. Otherwise all your training and hard work is for nothing." I added sternly.

I walked into my office, Cody hot on my heels. I came up to my desk and pulled a khaki shirt out of the bottom drawer. I pulled it over my head and it fit snug to my torso.

That was one thing the Army did for me. I used to be out of shape, a bit of a belly on me not very big. But after a few years of being in the service I packed on muscle, lost the belly and became the type of man I used to stroke my cock to every night.

I opened the top drawer and pulled out a thin silver chain, with two engagement rings attached to it. I put the necklace on and tucked the rings inside my shirt, they rested in the center of my chest.

"Medical come in, over." A rough southern drawl came over the radio.

I picked up the radio off my desk and clicked the button down on the side.

"This is Dr. Elliott Pierce, over." I replied.

"Get down to the river in the old Hart Park, we need medical, over." The voice replied shortly.

"Could you be any more vague? Over." I questioned, sarcasm dripping from my voice. There was no response. I rolled my eyes and clipped the radio to my belt.

"Grab the bag Cody, we got work to do." I said walking towards the doors. I grabbed my navy blue scrub jacket on the way out just in case, tying it around my waist.

"Your the only person I know who ties their scrub jacket around their waist." Cody chuckled following close behind with the medical backpack.

"It's hot outside, and this is my last shirt. I don't wanna get shit on it." I replied. Cody just laughed.

I pushed the heavy metal doors open and the hot desert air hit my face like a brick wall. It always felt like the inside of an oven here in Fort Bakersfield during July. A light breeze blew threw, rustling the leaves on the desert palms.

I hopped in the Jeep and fired up her engine, she roared to life. As soon as Cody got in the passengers seat I pressed down on the accelerator and we drove off down the gravel road towards the highway.

"Where are we going?" Cody asked.

"Hart Park." I replied. We came to the gate and two guards waved us through after I flashed my badge.

"Safe travels Dr. Pierce." One of the guards said as we drove past.

I turned right and began racing down the highway.

"Isn't Hart Park Rager territory?" Cody asked, a hint of nervousness is his voice.

"Yep, so keep your head on a swivel." I replied.

Bandits, or Ragers as we like to call them, are mostly outcasts of society. Most of them were homeless people and drug addicts who had no place to go after the big earthquake of 2023. They like to use this drug called Rage, a type of amphetamine that is cooked up using common household chemicals similar to meth. They're crazy, barbaric, and have no civilization left in them; traveling in packs robbing, raping, and killing.

I glanced over at Cody, his short black hair whipped slightly in the wind coming through the window. There was a slight look of worry on his face, as he stared out the windshield.

"Something on your mind bud?" I asked.

"I've never come in contact with Ragers before." He replied.

"It'll be okay, just make sure your sidearm is loaded and ready to go at any moment." We turned down a single lane road. "You'll be fine." I chuckled, giving him a couple of slaps on the chest. He turned his head and grinned at me.

15 minutes passed and we turned down a dirt road and came to a halt behind a humvee parked underneath a tall shaded tree. Cody and I hopped out of the Jeep and made our way down towards the river. I couldn't see anyone in the distance.

'Something's not right.' I thought to myself.

I pulled my sidearm out of it's holster on my side. I released the clip into the palm of my hand, full clip.

'That'll do.' I thought, pushing the clip back into the gun and loading one in the chamber. I holstered it on my right leg and kept my steady pace toward the river.

There was a grove of trees to my right, I watched them out of the corner of my eye staying prepared.

I stopped and retrieved the radio off the back of my belt. "This is Dr. Elliott Pierce, we are on sight, over."

Cody appeared next to me, his sidearm drawn. I motioned for him to keep an eye on the trees, he nodded in confirmation.

"This is Dr. Elliott Pierce, where the hell are you guys? Over." I commanded into the radio.

I looked around in every direction but there was no one. The terrain was relatively flat, so I would be able to see if there was someone advancing.

"Ragers?" Cody asked, still watching the trees like a hawk.

"No, this isn't Ragers. This place would be a disaster if it were Ragers." I explained.

A rustling came from the grove of trees, I spun around pointing my gun at the direction of the noise.

"There's something back there." Said Cody, pointed his gun in the direction of the noise.

I began walking towards the trees, cautiously. I held my gun tight in my grip, my muscles tightened and I kept my breath calm.

'Please don't be Ragers, please don't be Ragers.' I kept saying to myself as I got closer and closer. Nothing really scared me, but Ragers, they scared the hell out of me.

As I approached a large boulder just before the trees a hand reached out, grabbing my wrist. I panicked and jerked my grip away but I lost my gun on the ground. I turned around and began running in the opposite direction but I was tackled by something large and human like. We wrestled around on the ground for a little bit until the person thrust their forearm into my chest pinning me on my back. I looked around wildly for Cody, who was just standing there.

"Cody what the hell are you doing?! Blast this fucker!" I yelled. But Cody just laughed, holstering his sidearm.

'What the fuck?!' I screamed internally.

I looked at the person who tackled me, they were wearing a scarf wrapped around their face and had a buzzed head. The man pulled the scarf down around his neck and I instantly recognized the man as Boomer, our demolitions expert in the team.

"What the fuck Boomer?!" I yelled, my blood beginning to boil.

"Happy birthdaaay!" Boomer said in a teasing tone.

"Fuck you!" I yelled struggling to get out from underneath him. I had forgotten today was my birthday.

"Aww come on, upset that I finally bested you?" Boomer teased a little more.

"You caught me off guard." I argued still struggling. Boomer was a large guy, 6'3" and stacked like a brick shit house.

"Mmhmm." He grinned rolling off of me and retrieving his LA Dodgers cap, which had fallen off in the scuffle. "Y'all can come out now!" He hollered in the direction of the trees.

"SURPRIIIISE!!" I bunch of voices yelled as I saw more people from my platoon and friends from the base start to make their way out of the trees.

"Fuck off! You can all go home now!" I yelled back with a grin. I heard laughter as they approached me, some of them pulling me in for a one armed hug, others just slapping me on the back. I saw Cody leaning up against the large boulder that Boomer had hid behind. He was grinning ear to ear.

"You knew about this?" I asked approaching him.

"Yeah, well you never give yourself a break from medical and I figured you would forget your birthday." He replied.

I smirked and threw my arm around his neck grabbing him in a headlock.

"C'mon Dr. Pierce, let go!" He shouted in between laughs.

I started giving him a noogie. "How many times have I told you to call me Ell?" I questioned, laughing as Cody attempted to escape.

People were watching chuckling and pointing in our direction.

"Fine, fine! Ell let go!" Shouted Cody, still laughing. I let him go and he stumbled backward slightly.

"Happy birthday Elliott." I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around and came face to face with Jon.

"Hey Jon." I said, rubbing the back of my neck slightly.

Jon folded his muscled arms, his tan skin dazzling in the sunlight, left arm covered in tattoos. He was essentially a desert god sent from above, only he had a shit personality. A memory of me plowing my cock into his tight hole flashed across my mind, making the crotch of my pants tighten slightly.

"I have a birthday present for you. Why don't I swing by medical later and you can open it." He stated giving me a wink.

I saw Cody raise an eyebrow out of the corner of my eye. I chuckled shrugging my shoulders, "Maybe." I said shortly but he knew what I really meant was 'Yes.'

He smiled before flicking his attention on Cody. "Maybe your Apprentice can join us? He'll be screaming Japanese expletives by the time I'm done with him." Jon had a cocky tone in his voice.

I tensed up, my protective instincts kicking in, but before I could say anything Cody piped up.

"The only Japanese I know comes off a take out menu." Cody crossed his arms across his chest, "And I'm Korean, you asshole." He added.

Jon laughed, "Feisty, I like that."

"If you come near me with that thing I'll slice it off with a scalpel and bury it somewhere in the desert. How's that for Feisty?" Cody had a challenging tone in his voice. I smirked, apparently I was rubbing off on him.

Jon laughed louder and shook his head, "I like this one Ell." He began to walk past Cody and stopped next to him, leaning down and lowering his voice to a mutter that I could still hear. "Stay frosty kid." And with that he walked off.

Cody scoffed, "What an ass." He said.

"Yeah," I sighed "But he's a really good lay."

Cody chuckled as I threw an arm around his neck, "C'mon let's get something to drink." I commanded, Cody just nodded.

I didn't care much for surprise parties, even before everything went to hell. Maybe it was the trauma physician in me, that would be enough to get rid of your love for surprises. Maybe it was because the last person to throw me a surprise birthday party was James.

"C'mon let's get some music out here!" I heard someone yell.

"Hold yer horses, I'm working on it!" A thick southern drawl yelled back. It was the man from the radio. I looked over, letting Cody go from my grasp.

The man was standing next to a large speaker, he wore a rustic orange baseball cap on his head that had a longhorns insignia on it. His green, 3/4 inch sleeve baseball tee, showing every muscle in his torso and biceps. He was flipping through what looked like a cell phone. He was a pretty hot guy, I could only imagine what the rest of his body looked like. He looked over and saw me staring, giving me a smile and a wink. I smiled back and looked away.

At that moment Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G. came on and everyone cheered as they began to dance.

"I love old school hip hop!" A girl who couldn't be more than 20 yelled. I groaned and rolled my eyes turning to walk the other direction.

"Happy birthday old man!" A voice called, snapping me out of my thoughts. I turned to my left to see Alex approaching me with a gleam in her eye. Her red hair flipped about in a tight ponytail.

Alex Wilson was our mechanical engineer in the team. She was small and tiny, but scrappy as all hell, she could probably take me in a fight. She slapped me on the arm with a smile on her face.

"Old man! I'm like 35!" I said incredulously.

She laughed, "I could still take you." She turned to Cody, "Hey Cody."

Cody blushed, rubbing the back of his head. "H-hey Alex."

I knew that Cody had a thing for her, I tried to convince him to ask her out but he was too nervous. In fact I was almost certain Alex also had a thing for Cody. I could always tell these things, it was a curse in my eyes.

"I'm gonna go talk to Riley." I announced, slapping a hand on Cody's shoulder. "You guys catch up." I walked backward away from them, Cody was shaking his head slightly. He was freaking adorable when he was nervous. "Get to know her!" I mouthed, signaling towards Alex where she couldn't see me. I gave him a wink as I turned on my heel and headed towards Riley.

Riley Monroe was the weapons expert in our team. Him and I had been best friends since I walked on Fort Bakersfield 3 years ago, true we did fool around once but he was always just a really good friend. He was handsome; strawberry blonde hair, and sharp blue eyes. He had sleeve tattoos that ran from his wrists all the way up his arms. In fact he recommended the tattoo artist that finished my right sleeve last year. Riley was the only person I trusted to open up to, he knew everything about me and I knew everything about him, well at least I hoped.

"Hey happy birthday buddy." He pulled me into hug, I got nose full of his scent he was wearing. It was a little woodsy, it was like one of the scents that brought a sexual nature out in you. Riley handed me a beer out of the red cooler sitting behind him. "Feel old?" He added sitting on the color with a devilish grin.

"I almost broke a hip when I fell out of bed earlier." I joked. We both laughed. I took a seat on the cooler next to him.

"What's the kid doing over there?" He pointed at Cody who was talking to Alex, who let out a laugh. That was a good sign, I hope.

I took a swig of my beer. "Laying on the charm." I said with a grin.

"Pfff, what charm?" Riley laughed.

"He's got game." I replied, "What you think I teach him JUST trauma technique?" I added. Riley laughed again.

"You really took him under your wing didn't you?" He looked at me.

"Yeah, he's a good kid." I smiled still looking at Cody and Alex.

"Do you have a thing for him Ell?" Riley nudged me with his elbow. I flashed him an incredulous look.

"He's like my little brother, Riley." I replied. "Besides he's straight and he has a thing for Alex. Not to mention me fooling around with him is completely unprofessional and an abuse of my power." I added.

"Okay, okay don't bite my head off." Riley raised his hands up.

I grinned and nudged him with my shoulder. "Besides, your the only man I need." I said smooching my lips at him in a teasing manner.

"I feel sorry for you then." He chuckled and took swig off his beer. I followed suit and stared off in the desert towards the direction of Fort Bakersfield. I could see a plane taking off, it's red lights blinking slightly. I wondered where it was going, who was in it, what was in it. "Do you ever think about going back?" Riley asked, knocking me out of my train of though.

"Where? Seattle?" I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know, sometimes. There's too many memories there." I took another drink off my beer.

"Of James you mean?" Riley asked.

"Yep." I said shortly.

"Well that's just as well. I heard after the war Seattle has gotten even worse with all those lovey dovey people running the joint now. You can't even flip off an asshole without getting an infraction." Riley said rolling his eyes.

I just laughed and nodded my head. There was a moment of silence before Riley spoke again.

"Have anymore nightmares lightly." He questioned. There was no use in lying to him, he could spot a liar from a mile away.

I nodded slightly, "Yep." I said shortly.

"Maybe you should talk to someone." Riley had a hint of concern in his voice. I frowned at him and he put his hands up, lifting his shoulders. "Hey all I'm saying is that every year around this time you start to have crazy nightmares about James. I worry about your man." He added.

"Yeah, you and everyone else." I said with an annoyed tone.

"Look, I'm always here. Next door in The Armory. I got you." Riley placed a hand on my leg.

"I know, I'm just not ready to go through that right now. Things are finally starting to return to semi-normal ever since the outbreak and I just want to try and look forward to the future, instead of dwelling on the past." I explained, looking into Riley's face. He smiled and slapped my leg.

"Hey, whatever makes you happy bud." He took a drink off his beer. "Oh, look at your boy!" He added pointing in the direction of Alex and Cody. I looked in the direction he was pointing his finger and I noticed Alex and Cody kissing.

"See, told you, game." I said taking a drink off my beer.

"I'll be damned." Riley had a hint of shock in his voice. We both looked at each other and clinked our bottles together before tipping the bottoms into the air. The cold beer washed down my throat in the most soothing fashion.

Riley tossed the empty bottle over his shoulder and let out a loud belch.

"Sexy." I said sarcastically.

"You know it baby!" He motioned for me to stand up so he could open the cooler. I stood up and tossed my empty beer bottle on the ground. Riley dug around in the cooler but came back empty handed.

"Damnit, looks like I'll have to run up to the jeep for more. Be right back." He slapped me on the shoulder and headed off in the direction of where the jeeps were parked.

I took in the hot desert sun, pulling my shirt off which was sticking to my chest.

"Woooo, take it off birthday boy!" I heard a woman call out. I just laughed and shook my head.

I grabbed a nearby folding chair and positioned it next to the cooler facing it away from the crowd and towards the vast empty desert.

"You know the party is the other direction right?" I craned my neck to see hot southern guy standing behind me. He had 2 beers in his hands, holding one out for me.

"Thank you." I said taking the beer. Our fingers brushed and I felt a shiver roll up my arm. He sat down on the cooler next to me and took a drink of his own beer.

"Names, Ryan." He held out his hand for me to shake. I took his hand and shook firmly. His hands were rough, but not too rough, and his grip was just right. A sexual feeling began to rise up in me, I quickly shoved it down.

"Ell." I replied shortly.

"Ell?" Ryan had a look of confusion on his face. "Like the letter?" He added.

"Short for Elliott." I explained.

"Ahh, I like Elliott. It sounds smart." He smiled at me with a glint in his eye.

"Well I am doctor, so that makes sense." I chuckled.

"You don't have to be smart to be a doctor." Ryan took a drink of his beer.

"You calling me dumb?" I asked.

"Wha-no, no." He had a look of embarrassment on his face.

"Dude, it's okay. I'm just giving you a hard time." I said, laughing at how adorably flustered he looked.

Ryan blushed and adjusted his hat. His sandy blonde hair curling slightly around the edges. I observed the logo on his hat, now that I could see it closer I could definitely tell it was a longhorns hat.

"Texas Longhorns." I stated. Ryan flashed me a confused look. "Your hat." I added.

"Oh! Yeah! Gotta show my Texas pride somehow." He smiled proudly.

"Ahhh, so your a Texas boy?" I asked inquisitively.

"Yep, born 'n raised. Came to the Republic a few months ago." Ryan took a drink of his beer.

"I thought people in Texas hated the Republic?" I asked.

"Oh they do." Ryan chuckled. "But I needed a fresh start, and the Republic was willing to provide that. Plus my record spoke for itself." He added.

"Record?" I asked.

"Three years in the Army Rangers, four years as Sargeant for the Austin PD." He explained.

"Impressive." I responded shortly.

"So what about you?" He asked

"What about me?" I replied.

"What brings you here?" He clarified.

"Well I don't know if you've heard, but it's my birthday." I took a drink off my beer.

"Ha ha ha, mister smart ass." He gave me a backhand on my shoulder and I laughed.

"I was actually conscripted during the war. Then after the war they offered me the position of Chief Medical Officer and I took it. Been at Fort Bakersfield ever since." I explained.

"Wow. That has got to be, the most boring story ever." Ryan laughed and I punched him in the arm.

"Hey Tex! Get over here! Somethings wrong with the speaker!" Someone shouted over the crowd behind us.

"Tex?" I eyed Ryan curiously.

"It's a stupid nickname." Ryan explained.

"Seems fitting." I replied.

"Does it now?" Ryan smiled.

"Tex!" The person shouted again. Ryan whipped his head around.

"I'm comin!" He bellowed back. He turned his head back towards me. "I better go before they riot."

"We wouldn't want that." I replied.

We looked into each other's eyes for a bit, his blue eyes peered into mine like he was searching for something.

"It was nice meeting you Ryan." I added.

"Same to you Elliott." He grinned and turned on his heel, disappearing into the crowd of people.

"What was that?" Riley was back holding a case of beer.

"It was nothing." I grumbled, finishing the rest of the beer Ryan gave me.

"Didn't look like nothing." Riley probed, trying to get me to spill.

"We were just talking, he was a nice guy." I said flatly.

"Mmmhmm, A nice guy with a hot body, a southern drawl that would make anybody wet, and the classic southern charm to boot." Riley teased.

"Shut up." I chuckled slightly.

Riley and I sat there drinking beer as the sun went down. He tried to get me to spill more about Ryan but I refused to. Truth be told I didn't think it was anything. Sure he was a handsome guy, and really nice. But he wouldn't want someone like me, I was like a damaged car with an expired warranty. Even if he was interested in me, I would only end up ruining him.

Someone decided to light a bonfire and everyone, including Riley and I, started to gather around it. The flames rose high into the night's sky, sending off an orange glow to the surrounding area. I could see Ryan still manning the DJ role as Guns N' Roses blared out of the speaker. I had to admit, he had good taste.

I observed the people around me. Most of them were laughing, drinking, and having a good time. I enjoyed the fact that even after a virus, an earthquake, and a civil war, that we were able to still find joy and happiness. Well some of them anyways.

I looked towards the grove of trees to my left. They sat there empty, dark, and inviting. I just wanted to walk in them and be alone for 5, maybe 10 minutes.

I turned and snuck away towards them, making sure no one would see me and attempt to stop me. Once I got past the first row of trees I exhaled. Freedom.

Another year past, another year without James. True it had been 8 years, but I missed him everyday. I always thought about that day when I found him.

The days leading up I knew he wasn't feeling well, but I had to go to work, my future as an ER Physician was more important. I beat myself up over that. I prioritized a fucking career over the man I loved.

I kept walking until the trees enveloped me and I knew no one could see me. I sat on the ground and leaned against a tree. My cheeks were wet from the tears that flowed out of my eyes. I slammed my head back against the rough bark of the tree, growling as I did so.

Why did James have to die? Why couldn't he have been immune like me? He was everything that was bright and beautiful in my dark and twisty outlook on the world.

I laughed and smiled and put on a good front for everyone, but deep down inside I was dead, lifeless. That glint in my eye had faded out right after James died, and nothing had made it shine again.

I heard a twig snap and I jumped to my feet, jerking my body in the direction it was coming from.

I could see a tall brutish figure, the shadow walking slowly toward me. I put my hand on my sidearm, ready to fire at the first sight of danger. The figure stepped into my eyesight and I immediately recognized it as Jon. I exhaled sharply and let my hand fall to my side.

"Damnit Jon! I could've shot you!" I hissed.

He just grinned stepping closer to me. "Well then you would never get your birthday present." He joked.

He approached me with on an inch to spare between our bodies. I could feel the heat radiating off of him as I looked into his steel grey eyes, which let out a glint, even in the lowest of light conditions. That's how he got me the first time, the eyes.

"Just get out of here man." I replied. I wasn't in the mood right now.

"C'mon, it's just me and you. No one is around. We could have a little fun." Jon put a hand on the tree trunk behind me and leaned in closer. I had to admit, I could use the distraction.

He began running the back of his hand across my nipple through my shirt, my cock was beginning to harden in my pants. I grabbed his wrist firmly, he met my gaze with equal intensity.

"What's the matter? Is that turning you on?" He whispered playfully in my ear.

He licked my earlobe, slowly working his way down to my neck. I felt weak in the knees, my cock at full attention by this point. I turned my head towards the party, I could hear music and laughter but no one could see us.

"Fuck it." I thought and began running my hands up his shirt.

My hands glided over his firm belly and met his nipples, which I grabbed in between my fingers, pinching them slightly. Jon let out a low moan into my neck. Our lips met and we began to kiss, our tongues dancing in each others mouths. He quickly undid my belt and pants, they fell to the ground with a slight thud.

He gripped all 8 inches of my cock in his warm hand and began to slowly jerk me off. I moaned into his mouth as I began to undo his pants. He grabbed my hands, placing them back on his chest.

"Ah ah. Tonight's about you." Jon said, gripping my cock again. I had to be honest I liked the sound of that.

He lifted the front of my shirt over the back of my neck to expose my chest. He grinned as he looked at the metal barbels in each nipple.

"Those ain't regulation Doc." He said with a smile.

"I won't tell if you don't." I replied with a grin. With that he took my right nipple in his mouth, licking and nibbling slightly.

I tossed my head back and moaned, making sure not to be too loud. Jon always knew where my turn on spots were. He may not have been too bright, but he was a mastermind when it came to sex.

He jerked my cock as he played with my nipples, I felt like I was in heaven. Jon swiped the tip of my cock and licked the precum off his thumb.

"Mmm, I can't wait to have that in my mouth." He said with a devilish grin.

He began licking me down my chest and stomach taking the time to kiss each scar, that I obtained from the war, along the way.

I placed my hands on the top of his head as he ran his tongue up the underside of my cock, it jumped slightly at the attention it so greatly appreciated. Jon then slid the tip of my cock into his mouth and I moaned sharply. The feeling of warmth and wetness enveloped my cock like a velvet glove as Jon worked his way down to the hilt.

"Ahhh fuuuuck." I moaned.

Jon ran his hands up my torso and began pulling and pinching at my nipples. I had no words for the feeling that my body was going through right now. The only thing that would make this better is if Jon took off his clothes and sat on my cock. The thought of that alone pushed me closer to the edge as Jon kept sliding up and down my cock. He squeezed and worked my cock with his mouth like it was a masterpiece that needed to be finished.

"I need to hold out just a bit longer." I thought to myself, wanting to enjoy this moment for a little longer. But my body and Jon had other plans in mind.

Jon milked my cock with his mouth and I could feel the orgasm beginning to rise.

"Oh fuck, Jon, fuck. Oh fuck Jon I'm gonna cuuum." I told him, but this only made Jon work harder as he was eager for my load in his mouth.

I could feel the sensation start to travel down my cock as my balls tightened up closer to my body.

"Fuuuuuck, I'm cummming!" I shouted so only we could hear.

Jet after jet of hot cum flooded Jon's mouth as he deep throated me. My body convulsed slightly at the intense orgasm I just had, my cock continued to throb even though no cum was coming out. Jon milked me more, determined to get every last drop.

I leaned my head back and chuckled slightly, my breathing quick. "Damn, did you get better at that?" I asked. Jon stood up to meet me face to face.

"I gave it a hundred percent, just for your birthday." He winked, giving me a soft kiss.

I just laughed and pulled my pants up, making sure everything was still on my belt.

"I'm sure you say that to all the guys." I retorted pulling my shirt down.

"What other-" Jon was cut off by a loud explosion that ripped through the air and sent a bright light across our once dark secluded space. There was screaming and yelling followed by a word that froze me to my core.


Copyright © 2020 zanoGreen; All Rights Reserved.
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Thank you for reading! Please comment below and let me know where you would like to see the story go or what your favorite parts are so far. Please note that this story does not revolve around a killer virus, that's just what sets up the events that lead to the story.

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Excellent story! You’ve got an interesting storyline and believable characters with emotional depth and lots of backstories to develop. You’ll probably need to give a bit more background on Ragers. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 🤬❤️




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Well written and the pacing was good; but I can't believe for people that survived what they supposedly have that they could be this stupid.  Who the hell throws a birthday party in an area knows for psycho's that are known as ragers; then turn up the music and start a bonfire?  Why not just put a big sign out that says kill me???

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I like Elliott and Cody, and you have written several supporting characters that could easily lead a story of their own! The surprise party was fun, and the blow job from Jon was pretty erotic! I must agree with Centexhairysub. It seems like having your party at a Ragers park was not smart. Good writing! Thanks. 

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