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  1. zanoGreen

    Chapter 3

    Riley I had received the text yesterday, and I still had to re-read it several times for the words to really sink in. Gray knew I was here now, something I was hoping wouldn’t happen. But when you were the brother of The Commander, you probably knew the ins and outs of this place, especially soldiers who came and went. Meet me at Hallowed Grounds tomorrow at ten AM. Short and sweet, and attached to the message was a geolocation of the meeting place. It shouldn’t be too hard to find as it was in the town square. I looked at my watch and the time was nine AM, I only had forty-five
  2. zanoGreen

    Chapter 2

    Riley I stare across the vast emptiness of the San Francisco Bay as the ferry trudges through the cold waters. I look at the city with disdain, its towers that survived the earthquake standing tall and proud against a blue sky. In twenty-twenty-five, all the bridges and the tunnels out of the island city were demolished to contain the Clayton Outbreak, and so far they hadn't been fully repaired yet. In a twisted way I was glad for that, I want to take my time to get to the city. It wasn't that I hated San Francisco necessarily, but what was contained within it, a certain large and
  3. zanoGreen

    Chapter 1

    I'm so glad to hear your tagging along for the second story! I really enjoyed writing the first one and this one has been challenging, but in good ways. I hope you enjoy it!
  4. It's been a year since they thwarted the terrorist plot on Los Angeles, but things are still far from over, especially for Riley and Gray. Both had come to terms with never seeing each other again. But things change when Riley is forced into a mission that lands him in the worn torn city of San Francisco, right where Gray happens to be. Will these two be able to rekindle their lost love, or will it be lost forever?
  5. zanoGreen


    In the year 2023, a virus ravaged the globe, killing hundreds of thousands of people with no signs of slowing down. The CDC and WHO called it HRS, Hemorrhagic Respiratory Syndrome, but it was more commonly known as Red Death. The symptoms mimicked the flu however, it progressively got worse and caused respiratory failure, internal hemorrhaging, seizures, and eventually death. In 2025 scientists were still scrambling to find a vaccine for the Red Death, and only one showed promise. The doctor responsible for engineering it, Dr. Jameson Clayton, an epidemiologist in San Francisco, te
  6. zanoGreen

    Chapter 1

    Riley "San Francisco?" I repeated the name as if I didn't hear it the first time. "That's what I said." General Tucker shuffles around a pile of papers on the corner of his desk. General Tucker was a younger man, around forty if I had to guess, which meant that he was under a lot more stress than the average General. Because he was probably the youngest General in Republic history, maybe even the US, he was watched under much scrutiny. "You're to report at the airfield no later than oh-six-hundred hours tomorrow." He adds, throwing up his hands and seeming to give up on what he
  7. Whats funny is that when I was writing Riley's perspective the song "Blood In the Cut" came on, specifically this part. "Met back up with the boy I love Cried on the streets of San Francisco I don't have an agenda All I do is pretend to be ok so my friends Can't see my heart in the blender Lately, I've been killing all my time Reading through your messages my favorite way to die Take my head and kick it in Break some bread for all my sins Say a word, do it soon It's too quiet in this room" But your song works too!
  8. "San Francisco?" I repeated the name as if I didn't hear it the first time. "That's what I said." General Tucker shuffles around a pile of papers on the corner of his desk. "You're to report at the airfield no later than oh-six-hundred hours tomorrow." Tomorrow? I would be leaving tomorrow? "Sir, with all due respect, I think my talents could be used elsewhere." I try to plead my case, try to convince the General that San Francisco would not be the best place for me. "I'm not coming with." "What are you talking about?" The conversation plays on repeat inside of my head
  9. zanoGreen

    The End

    This is going to be a series, so all questions will be answered in future installments. 😊
  10. zanoGreen

    The End

    One Year Later I wake up to the smell of bacon and fresh coffee wafting into my nostrils. The sun is streaming through the pulled drapes casting that beautiful morning glow that I love so much. Rudy rests his head on my knee, laying in a little ball beside me. "Hey there Rudy doo. You have a good rest?" I pat him between the ears and he gives a long yawn, shaking his head. "Where's Daddy?" I ask. He perks his ears up and cocks his head to the side before standing up and jumping off the bed, disappearing into the hallway. I stand up and give out a long stretch, groaning at my ac
  11. zanoGreen

    The Sergeant

    I rubbed my sleepy eyes, picking my head up off the rough comforter. The slow rhythmic beep of monitors filling the room almost makes me fall back asleep again, but then the door to the room slides open. I jerk my head up and glance towards the direction of the door, my eyes adjusting to the bright fluorescent lights. "Sorry hun, I didn't mean to wake you." The nurse, Sarah I think her name is, says to me in her sweet southern accent. "It's okay, I was already awake." I grumbled. She tsks at me as she checks the IV pumps and does her hourly rounding. "You should really go
  12. zanoGreen

    Momento Mori

    "Elliott?" I snap my gaze up to meet Ryan's, his brown eyes swimming with concern at the sight of me. I have blood all over the front of my shirt, Alex's blood, and I've been sitting on the edge of one of the chaise lounges by the pool. I don't exactly know how long I've been sitting here, I was lost in my own thoughts, the sound of a gun going off playing on my repeat in my head. It must have shown, because a moment later I felt a hand on my knee, and then Ryan was kneeling in front of me, that same concerned look still on his face. I look back at him with swollen eyes, I ha
  13. "Ow! Son of a bitch!" Ryan exclaimed. "Oh, did that hurt? Good." I pressed on the wound while I dug around in my bag with my other hand. I was sitting across from him on one of the teak chairs on the back patio, fuming slightly at the injury he had sustained. He had a pretty gnarly gash on his forehead, nothing too serious, though it didn't stop me from being a little overprotective. "Do one of you want to explain to me how this happened?" "We were sparring-oww!" Ryan explained as I began cleaning the gash with alcohol solution. I rolled my eyes and looked at Riley. "Sparring… Really?"
  14. zanoGreen

    The Final Straw

    I ran into the dining room to see Alex covered in blood, but it wasn’t hers. It was Cody's. "Cody! Cody!" She shrieked through tears, shaking his limp body on the floor. My heart plummeted as I ran over and dropped to my knees beside him. I felt for a pulse, there was nothing. "No-no-no-no." I had a panicked tone to my voice and immediately started doing compressions, hoping in some glimmer of hope he would come back. "C'mon Cody!" I yelled, as if somehow he would hear me. "Elliott…" Riley's voice broke as he came to stand behind me. "I'm not giving up on him!" I shoute
  15. zanoGreen

    The Fugitives

    Thank you for the feedback.
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