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  1. Scott and Graham were just two average 20 somethings living in New York. Until one day they discover they have unique abilities that bond them closer as friends or maybe even more than friends.
  2. I was thinking like a prelude to the story would be good, so then you guys could get to know the characters a lot better. Given it would be divided into 2 separate sections, 1 for Jeremy and 1 for Jo. BUT I think I could swing it.
  3. So for those of you who are reading or have read my story, Peace In An Unlikely Place, I have finished it. I am thinking about writing a second book for those of you who liked it so much. Just let me know you would like to see a second book and send me some ideas if you would like to see some certain things in the book. Thank you all for those of you who have read the story and remained a faithful reader. You guys rock.
  4. I haven't finished the story yet lol for some reason the last chapter got posted before I got the chance to finish it. I work nights full time so It's difficult for me to write all the time. But I promise to finish the story good and have a book 2 possibly?
  5. Two weeks had passed since the tornado had hit Hayward, leaving a path of destruction as it left and dissipated some fifteen miles away from town. I had never seen a tornado before let alone experience one but the experience all but enlightened my outlook on life. I was prepared to leave Hayward, leave Jo. But after what happened and the way things went between me and him in the storm cellar a piece of me wanted to stay. Eventually I know I had to leave, the outlook for someone in my career path was slim if not none and I was still aspiring to become a doctor, which would never happen if I stayed in Hayward. It made me sad to think about leaving him, leaving this man that I had come to know and trust since I crashed just outside of town. I laughed at the memory. 'It was fate.' I thought to myself. Jo knew I was going to leave, which made him enjoy our moment together even more. With the shop destroyed and no work needing to be done to my car since it was now totaled, the shop would easily take six months to finish. But on the brightside of things you may ask? Jo finished the '72 Camaro, the only car to survive the tornado in the shop. "It was my daddy's." He explained, I had asked him about it and he was all too willing to tell me the story behind it. "My daddy got it when he was seventeen years old. Him and my momma used to ride in it out on Fort Street near the ole army base. He explained to me, when he left for me in his will, that driving that Camaro was like a freedom he had never experienced before. That he wanted me to experience that freedom once I fixed her up." Jo smiled at me and I grinned at him. We were sitting on the steps to his house staring at the Camaro as her bright red paint flashed brilliantly in the sunlight. "Then why don't you take her out?" I asked. I wrapped my arms around his and rested my head on his shoulders. He nodded his head in approval. "I think I will, if I had a passenger to enjoy the ride with." He raised his eyebrows at me and I chuckled. "Well lets go then." I said giving him a quick kiss. We stood up and walked towards the car and hopped in. Her leather seats felt fresh and new and the interior smelled like the inside of Jo's shop, which I loved. He fired up her engine and it roared as he pressed on the accelerator. He smiled like a little kid as he held on to the steering wheel letting memories flood back to him. He put her in gear and we drove off down the gravel road. I could instantly feel that freedom Jo's dad was talking about, it was exciting. We drove down old Fort Road and came up to a chain link fence with a bright yellow sign attached to it that was easily seeable. "Authorized military personnel only, any violator's will be prosecuted to the full extant of the law." I read aloud as Jo grabbed a blanket out of the back, I grabbed his arm and he stopped midway out of the car door. "Were not going in there are we?" I asked a little scared. He just laughed at me and closed the car door. I stepped out and watched as he spread the blanket out on the hood of the car and climbed up, resting his back on the windshield. He looked over at me and patted his chest. I climbed up and rested my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. The sun was beginning to set over the horizon and I began to speak but Jo cut me off. "I heard you talking on the phone with Julie last night." Jo said still looking out at the setting sun. Shit, I was going to tell him tonight but I wanted to wait till the best opportune moment. I guess now would be a better time than ever. "I was going to tell you tonight. I just didn't want to hurt you." I explained hoping he wouldn't be mad. "Jeremy I'm not mad, I just don't understand why you didn't tell me." Jo said. "I just thought that if I told you sooner than you wouldn't want to spend time with me, out of fear of losing me." I explained looking up at him. "Are you kidding?" He gave me a kiss on the lips and continued. "It would just make me want to spend time with you that much more." "I don't want to leave you." I said sitting up and running my hand thru my hair, which I usually did when I was frustrated. "I know you don't but you gotta leave, for you're future." Jo said sitting up next to me, he began rubbing my back which always calmed me. "What if my future is with you?" I asked looking at him. "You're not gonna be able to become a nurse here, you have to go to Dallas so you can start your new job and school." He explained. "Then I'll relocate to Oklahoma City." I argued and Jo gave me a stern look. "No, damnit. Why do you always have to be so stubborn?" Jo asked pulling me back down to lay on his chest. "I can't help it, us Davies were stubborn people." I said tracing my index finger on Jo's chest. He grabbed my hand in his and our fingers intertwined. "Things would be easier if you were stay, or move to Oklahoma City. But you can't set yourself back because of me, I wont let you." Jo said. I could feel tears start to well up in my eyes. Jo looked down at me and his eyes got soft. "No tears Jeremy." He wiped the tear from underneath my eye. "You have to promise me something." Jo added stroking my cheek with his thumb. "What?" I asked wiping a tear away from my other eye. "You cannot cry when you leave. 'Cause if you cry then it will make it that much harder for me to let you go." Jo said changing his look from soft to stern. I didn't know how I could promise him something like that but I nodded my head and he kissed me. I felt my heart skip and I kissed him more passionately and he grabbed my head kissing me back. All of these emotions in the air were making my heart jump and skip. "Let's go back to my place." Jo said and I kissed him with agreement and we jumped off the hood of the car and into the Camaro. Jo punched it and sped off, completely forgetting about the blanket on the hood. We made it to the house in record time and Jo opened the car door for me and grabbed my hand pulling me towards the house. We barely made it thru the threshold and he pushed me up against the door and kissed me pulling my shirt off in the process. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head, letting it fall to the ground aimlessly. He grabbed my hands and I pulled him towards his bedroom. I had never been in his bedroom before but as I looked around I saw dark blue paint and posters of cars and favorite bands and movies plastered all over his walls. It was a total guy room. I kicked off my shoes and he pulled his boots off. He pulled me into another kiss and I backed up until I felt the bed hit the back of my knees making me collapse on the bed and him collapse on top of me. We both laughed and continued at slow pace as he unbuttoned my pants and stood up pulling the rest of the way off, boxers and all. He stared down at me and got on his knees taking my cock in his hands as he kissed my chest gently. Jo kissed his way down my chest until he made it to my cock, he licked the pre-cum from the tip before taking my whole cock in his mouth making me moan loudly. He bobbed his head up and down paying particular attention to my tip, he knew exactly what I liked. I leaned up and began unbuttoning his jeans. I pulled down on them slightly and he pulled them down to his knees, not really caring about them but caring more about me. I laid back and ran my fingers thru his short, coarse brown hair. Jo stood up and pulled his pants down the rest of the way and tossed them next to mine. I stared up at him for a second before he laid down on me. Jo's warm body pressed against mine felt so good. His rough hands ran up my legs, which were straddling his lower back and met with my face. He gripped my hands and held them above my head, intertwining his fingers into mine. We kissed for what seemed like hours, but I didn't mind. Just having him here, this close to me was all that mattered. ---- Jo's Point of View ---- I never felt a feeling more powerful then when I was kissing Jeremy just now. Our naked bodies pressed together, the warmth of his skin and the softness of his hands. It was pure magic. We stopped kissing and looked into each others eyes. My hard cock was pressed against his ass slightly and grinned up at me. I knew exactly what he was thinking. "Are you sure?" I asked and Jeremy nodded. "If this is going to be our last moment together than I want all of you." He responded. I kissed him, letting my tongue flood into his mouth. I reached over and grabbed the lube out of my night stand and lathered it generously on my cock. I tossed the bottle aside and Jeremy reached down, guiding my cock towards his hole, I pressed against it but didn't thrust any as I looked into his eyes again. "Are you ready?" I asked, my heart was thudding so hard that I swear Jeremy could hear it. He smiled at me and kissed me in approval. I slid my cock into him slowly, resisting against the pressure before all of sudden I felt a release and it slid in more easily. Jeremy let out moan and squeezed my bicep with an iron grip. "Are you ok?" I said in a panicked voice getting ready to pull out, Jeremy shook his head and tightened his grip on my lower back with his legs. "Yeah it's fine, it just hurts at first is all." Jeremy said kissing me. "Just go slow at first." He added and I nodded, I didn't want to hurt Jeremy. This was my first time going this far with another man and it was all too perfect. I loved Jeremy more than I had ever loved another human being, besides my parents. I kept flashing back to the first time I met him and who I was. I was a scared, lonely nothing of a man and Jeremy changed that about me. Making me see more to a world full of such hate and fear. We were both working up a sweat as minutes turned into a full hour and Jeremy spoke up with a slight moan. "Oh-ohhh Jo.. I'm gonna cum!" He exclaimed. I pulled him into a kiss and he let out a loud moan as I felt loads of hot cum hit my chest. I felt his hole squeeze on my cock gently as he ejaculated which sent me over the edge and I began to quicken my thrusts slightly. I was about to pull out but Jeremy tightened his grip on my lower back yet again with his legs and I let out a loud moan as I came inside of him. I collapsed on top him, sweaty and exhausted. I shuddered as the last wave of cum exited me and Jeremy started running his fingers thru my hair, kissing me on the lips. We laid like that for a bit until I lifted myself of him and laid on my back pulling him into me, wrapping my arms around him. He laid his head on my chest just over my heart, I was still breathing pretty heavily from all the thrusting I did and Jeremy chuckled. "What?" I asked looking down at him. "You're heart, it's beating so fast." Jeremy said smiling at me. "I don't see why it would be." I said sarcastically and I planted a kiss on his forehead. ---- Jeremy's Point of View ---- Having sex with Jo was just how I imagined it. Before when we fooled around that was just it, we fooled around just blow jobs and jerking off. But this. This was something I had never experienced before. Sure I had sex with Gary loads of times but there was always something missing. That missing piece is what I felt with Jo. It was like a wholesome feeling that I had never felt before. "I love you Jeremy Davies." I heard Jo whisper in the darkness. My heart rose as I heard those words and I couldn't help but feel them also. "I love you too Jo Jo." I said smiling. He laughed at the little pet name I called him and kissed me on the lips. After a few moments Jo began to snore, I could hear the silent rumble in his chest and it made me grin. In so many ways I didn't want to leave him. He was everything that I wanted, everything that I hoped to be with someday. But he was right, I couldn't stay. I had to fulfill my goals and dreams of becoming a nurse. Who knows maybe one day I would see him again. Even though I doubted it but it felt nice to feel hopeful about something. I saw the sun rise thru the window and let out a soft sigh. Two more hours and then Julie would be here, and I would have to leave Jo. This whole 'no crying rule' of his was going to be hard to keep. But I promised him and I couldn't cry, it would make him feel bad. I couldn't hurt this man. I felt him stir below me and he kissed the top of my head stoking my arm with his hand. I was going to miss this so much when I was gone. "Good morning sleepy head." I said chuckling a bit. "How'd you sleep?" Jo asked stretching below me. "I didn't." I replied. "How come?" He asked looking concerned. "I just couldn't sleep." I said. "I got something for you." Jo said sliding out from below me and walking over to his closet. He was rummaging around on the top shelf and I reached over and smacked his bare ass with my hand. He turned his head of his shoulder. "I'm trying to have a serious moment right now ok." He said, but he grinned and winked at me which made me chuckle. He pulled down from his closet an old cigar box and as he opened it he looked up at me. "Close your eyes." He said and I did as I was told. I felt him climb back in the bed and he got behind me letting me rest my head on his chest in between his legs. I felt as he placed something heavy and cold around my neck. "Ok you can open them now." He said. I opened my eyes and looked down to see a ring hanging from a chain just in my line of view. "What's this?" I asked looking up at him. "It used to be my mothers." Jo said grinning down at me. "Jo I can't-" But he cut me off. "When my parents died they left me a letter in their will. In the envelope they left their engagement rings. They told me that if I ever found someone that I truly loved, then I should give one of them to that person. That's you Jeremy." Jo explained resting his hands on my chest. He grabbed the ring between his two index fingers and flipped it so I could see the inside. "There should be an inscription the inside." Jo said as I squinted my eyes to read what it said. 'No matter how far or how long, I will always love you' I grabbed Jo's hands in mine and brought them to my lips. "I love you." I felt Jo kiss the top of my head before he responded. "I love you too." I let out a deep sigh and sat up getting off the bed. I walked over towards my clothes and began putting my boxers on followed by my pants. Jo got up and followed suit. He grabbed a shirt and put it on and quickly recognized it as mine, maybe he didn't notice but I wasn't going to tell him. He could have my shirt, I had nothing to give him and that was my favorite shirt. I reached down and pulled his shirt on smiling up at him. Jo pulled me into a hug and we stayed like that until a car horn beeped that pulled me out of my thoughts. "Time to go." Jo said kissing me on the lips. He grabbed my hand and led me of his room to the living room, where I grabbed my suitcase and Jo grabbed my duffel bag. We headed out the front door still hand in hand as Julie got out of her car. She ran up and hugged me. "It's so good to see you." Julie said backing away. "It's good to see you too." I replied. "Julie this is Jo, Jo this is Julie." I made the introductions as Jo loaded the bags in Julie's car. He walked over and shook her hand. "It's nice to finally meet you. Jeremy has said lovely things about you." Julie said smiling at Jo. "Likewise." Jo smiled back. "Ok well I'll wait in the car for you. Don't be too long though, It's a long drive back." Julie said hopping in her car and thrusting her sunglasses on grinning like an idiot. I turned to face Jo who was staring at his boots, hands in his pocket looking like he had just been scolded for something. I walked over and wrapped my arms around him. He reciprocated and leaned down and kissed me. I immediately started crying and held my head to his chest. "You promised, no crying." Jo said resting his chin on the top of my head. "I-I know, but I j-just can't help it." I said thru sobs. Jo grabbed the sides of my face and pulled me into a long kiss that seemed to last forever. When we parted hi wiped the tears from eyes with his thumbs and embraced me tightly. "You better go. You got a long drive ahead of you." Jo said kissing my forehead and letting me go. "I love you." He said to me before I got in the car. "I love you too, Jo Jo." I smiled faintly and I could see tears well up in Jo's eyes. Jo and I stared at each other as me and Julie backed out of the driveway and drove down the road away from his house. Julie didn't say anything, she knew I was in pain. She was about to say something but I cut her off. "Don't stop." I said thru tears and she nodded her head continuing our course. Once we passed the sign that read 'Now leaving Hayward' I lost it and began bawling. Julie grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. I was so glad she was there. "You love him don't you?" She asked looking at me. I just nodded my head and stared at the floorboard. I didn't know leaving Jo was going to be this hard. ---- Jo's Point of View ---- Once I saw Julie's car disappear in the distance I began crying, I sat in the driveway and clutched my chest. There was a pain in my heart that felt as if it were breaking. I gasped as I felt pain for the first time that wasn't self inflicted. In many ways Jeremy had done so much for me, and I had done so much for him. ---- Two Months Later ---- I walked thru the doors of the ER and was greeted by Adam the Charge Nurse. "Finally Jeremy you're here!" He exclaimed. I laughed and walked behind the nurses station. "Yes, sorry I got stuck in downtown." I explained and Adam waved a hand at me. "It's ok but we got bigger problems." Adam said a look of panic in his face. As a matter of fact he wasn't the only one. The entire ER was rushing around re-stocking items and frantically prepping. "Did I miss something, was there a tornado?" I asked. "No, MCI and all the patients are headed here." Adam said walking around the counter and retrieving a stack of Triage cards. "How many people we talking here?" I asked wide eyed. "Thirty maybe sixty people." Adam handed me the stack of Triage cards. "Jesus was there an explosion!" I asked walking around the corner of the station and out on the floor. "No, tanker versus cars on the freeway. One of them being a school bus. No matter what, kids get seen first so they get red tags automatically so their seen right away" Adam said walking over to help stack extra blood in the cooler. "Help! Help us!" I heard someone yell, a woman and child came rushing thru door. I ran over and assessed the childs wounds giving him a red card. "Ma'am are you hurt anywhere?" I asked looking at the superficial cut on her face. "No-no but help my daughter she's really badly hurt." She said with a panicky look in her eyes. "Hey we got a child over here!" I yelled and Adam and another nurse came rushing over. "Don't worry were gonna take good car of your child." I said as Adam and the other nurse rushed her and her daughter over to a nearby bed pulling the curtain closed. I looked out the door and saw a crowd of people coming towards the hospital followed by five ambulances. 'This is gonna be a long shift.' I thought to myself and walked out the ER door to assess more people. Nearly forty people later I was resting my head on my arms on the nurses station counter. Ten people died including the little girl I first triaged that walked in the door. "You did good." Adam said resting his hand on my shoulder. "Thanks Adam." I said. Adam was a good friend, me and him were pretty close and with the exception of David and Julie he was the only other person that knew about Jo. "You miss him don't you?" Adam said noticing the look in my eye as I thought about Jo. "More than ever, every time a country song comes on the radio I have to change it 'cause it reminds of him." I said laughing. "Pretty stupid right?" I added looking at Adam. "Not really you're hearts just breaking, it's pretty normal." Adam said squeezing my shoulder. "It's just so hard Adam." I said resting my head back down on the counter. "Then maybe you should turn around." Adam said. "How's that gonna help me right now?" I asked throwing my hands up looking at Adam dumbstruck. "Hey Jeremy." I heard a voice behind me. I would recognize that baritone with a slight southern accent behind it. I turned around slowly to see Jo standing in the door to the ER. I shook my head thinking I was imagining things but Jo was still there, smiling at me. "Jo!" I yelled dropping the Triage cards I was holding and running towards him. I jumped at him and he kissed me, I was so happy that he was here. My heart was racing a million miles a minute. The nurses around us were cheering, I hadn't even noticed they were staring. "Ok people back to work, we don't pay you to sit around and do nothing. Well not all the time." Adam laughed as he ushered the nurses back to work. I heard some of them groan as they didn't want to miss Jo and I's reunion. I just laughed and Jo grinned at me. His stubble tickled my face as he kissed me again and he held me so tight I thought I wasn't going to be able to breath. "Hey Jeremy." I looked over and Adam was staring at me. "Go home you're shifts over." He added. I looked at the clock and saw it was only 8:30 P.M. "My shift isn't over for another hour and a half." I said with a confused look on my face. "Who cares, I'm the charge nurse I can do whatever the hell I want." Adam said laughing as he helped clean up blood off a gurney. Jo and I walked out of the ER doors and put an arm around my waist. "I don't understand, what are you doing here?" I asked looking over at him. He laughed and I smiled at him, I missed his laugh so much. "Well after you left I decided to collect the insurance on my shop and I sold the house. I got a lot of money out of it." Jo grinned. "But you love it in Hayward." I said astounded. "Yeah I did. But I love you more, and anywhere you are I'll love just as much." Jo grinned kissing me on the lips. "Besides with the money I got from the shop and selling the house, I was able to afford a pretty decent house down here." He added. I felt him grab his mothers engagement ring which was tucked under my scrubs collar. "You're still wearing it." He added smiling. "I never take it off." I replied resting my head on his shoulder. He put his arm around my shoulder and we walked towards his Camaro which glinted in the setting sun out in the parking. As we drove out of the parking lot and headed towards Jo's new place I couldn't help but feel everything was going be to ok. It was astonishing how just two months ago I had broke down just outside of Hayward, Oklahoma and thanks to a tornado that destroyed my car, I had fallen in love with this man sitting next to me. But between the both of us we had found peace in an unlikely place.
  6. I looked up at the ceiling and the roof was completely gone, I felt a squeeze on my hand as Jo was trying to gain my attention. I soon realized why when I saw a tractor sitting in his garage. The roof was caved in around it and half of it was sitting on his truck, which was severely damaged. My car was no where in sight. "Well would you look at the luck." I said pointing at Jo's '72 Camaro that remained unscathed and sat beautifully in the corner of the shop. Jo grinned as he walked out into the main shop and put his hands on his hips shaking his head slightly. "Can you believe this shit?" He gestured at the whole shop. "It's gonna take months to clean this up." He had an aggravated tone in his voice. "Where's my car?" I asked. No sooner had I asked that me and Jo heard a scream outside followed by a crash. We ran out of the shop and I quickly spotted my car, on it's roof, sitting on the sidewalk of Main street. "Oh there it is." I said smart ass like as I walked over to retrieve items from it. "Yeah I don't think I'm gonna be able to fix you're car now." Jo said laughing. I rolled my eyes and looked back at him as I walked. "Oh ha ha, smart ass." I said. I took in Main street and surprisingly most of the buildings still stood with the exception of a few, Jo's being one of them. A woman was standing near my car a look of horror in her eyes. "Is this you're car!" She yelled out at me. "Yes Ma'am." I responded trying to open the passengers side door, it wouldn't budge. "It came crashing thru the second story of my shop! Whose gonna fix this!" She was still shouting. I realized she was probably just still in a panic from the tornado. "Well ma'am I ain't god so I can't control the weather. Sorry about you're shop." I said in the most un apologetic tone. She rolled her eyes and looked as if she was about to say more but Jo walked up behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Is there a problem Miss Harrison?" Jo said in his baritone voice, I felt him squeeze my shoulder slightly. "No Jo, no problem here." She said walking away. "What was that all about?" I asked looking at him. "Oh nothing, she's always mean to outsiders." Jo said staring at my car. "I'm sorry about you're car." He added. I just grinned and shook my head. "Ah, she was reaching the end of her tether anyway. Sorry about you're truck." I said squeezing his hand. He looked over at his truck and shrugged his shoulders. "Well unlike you're car my truck could still have gone on strong, but I can replace a truck this." He gestured at himself. "I can't replace." He added. I tried pulling on my car door and I heard Jo laughing behind me. "That ain't gonna work." He shook his head. "Yeah I can realize that." I threw my hands up, irritated before I pulled my leg up and forced all my weight into a kick that shattered the window. "Nice." Jo said cleaning the excess glass out of the frame. I put my upper body thru and started pulling stuff out of my jockey box. I took the keys out of the ignition and took the car key off the ring, tossing it aside carelessly. I crawled between the front seats and retrieved my book bag that now, laid on the ceiling of the car. I dragged it out and began climbing backward out of the car once I got my lower body out I felt a pair of hands wrap around my stomach and help me up. I turned around to see Jo standing there, I grinned at him. "Thanks." I said patting him on the chest, letting my hand pause there for a second as he took it in his and gave me a quick kiss. "How are you gonna get to Dallas now?" Jo asked as we looked at my car. "I don't know. I guess I'll have to call Julie and David, have them come get me." I said and I saw Jo's face fall. "What?" I asked looking concerned. "Nothing." Jo said squeezing my hand for reassurance. I knew better than that. There was something wrong, Jo just didn't want to tell me. What was it that he didn't want to tell me? I looked in his eyes hoping for some truth to bubble to the surface. ---- Jo's Point of View ---- My shops trashed, my truck's totaled. Everything except for my house and Jeremy were still here, but not Jeremy for too long. I realized something I was holding him in the storm cellar. He was so scared and I comforted him, something I would never usually do. I began to think that maybe I liked, even loved this man, which scared me shitless because I've never loved another human being besides my parents before. That and I hardly knew the man which made it so much more confusing. The fact that he was going to be leaving made me feel the empty loneliness that I felt before I met him. Jeremy was looking into my eyes. I knew he was trying to look for an answer for why my face fell at the hearing of his leaving. But I wasn't going to budge. I don't know for one stupid second I actually thought that the event that happened to his car might make him stay for a little longer. But he was still wanting to leave. Did he not like me back? He had to like me back, he holds my hand, he accepts my kisses and whenever I look in his eyes I see this hope in them. So what was it? "There's something you're not telling me Jo. I can see it, in you're eyes." He explained. "There's nothing wrong." I tried lying again but Jeremy still wasn't buying it. He shook his head and let go of my hand, rubbing his face with his hands and taking a step back. "If were ever going to have anything happen out of this." He gestured between the two of us with his index finger. "Then were going to have be honest with one another." He folded his hands across his chest. "What's the point anyways? You're still going to leave." I said throwing my arm in the air and putting my hands on my hips, turning my back to him. "Is that what's got you concerned? Me leaving?" Jeremy asked taking a step forward. "Is it that obvious?" I kept my back to him as I replied. I could feel myself about to cry but I kept it locked away. "Why don't you want me to leave Jo?" He asked. I couldn't see his face but I could picture a concerned look on it. "Because I like you!" I shouted turning to face him. Jeremy's mouth opened a little, a shocked look on his face. "And I thought for a second that you liked me too. But since you wanna leave then it's pretty obvious what the answer is there." I added. I didn't know what was going on with me. I guess I felt betrayed that I finally found somebody that I could open up to and trust and he wanted to leave me. It was like I was destined to be alone. Jeremy took a couple steps towards me and reached a hand out to mine, an apologetic look in his eye but I didn't want it at the moment. I pulled away and shook my head, turning around and walking off in the opposite direction. "Jo where are you going!" I heard Jeremy shout after me. I was hoping he wouldn't follow. I just needed to be alone right now, and I knew exactly where to go. ----- Jeremy's Point of View ---- It felt like my heart was breaking as Jo walked away from me. "Jo come back!" I yelled after him but he kept walking. I thought for a second that maybe I should go after him but I thought maybe he needed to be alone and thought otherwise. I sat there alone next to my overturned car, feeling hopeless and like a total asshole. I had hurt him, the one man that actually liked me and was decent, wholesome and caring and I shit all over him. I walked back over to Jo's shop and sat on the ground leaning against the partially collapsed wall. I liked Jo, it was pretty obvious or I wouldn't be feeling this. Or crying. Hold on a sec, am I crying over a man right now? I felt the tears roll down my cheeks as direct indication. I had never cried over a man before, maybe I really did like Jo. No scratch that, I do like Jo. I got up and ran into the middle of the road. I could still see Jo faintly in the distance walking and kicking rocks as he went. I ran towards him, faster then I had ever ran in my life, tears still rolling down my cheeks. ---- Jo's Point of View ---- I began crying as soon as I left Jeremy standing there. "Jo come back!" He yelled after me. It pained me to do this but maybe it's what I had to do. Leave him and let him go. I felt nauseous again as I was flooded with emotions. I took a few deep breaths, I kind of wish I had my razor blade with me. 'No you don't Jo, stop thinking like that.' I thought to myself. I continued taking deep breaths and the memory of me and Jeremy dancing in the garage rewound in my head and it made the nausea go away. I couldn't believe how happy Jeremy made me feel. We may have only met yesterday but I've felt like I've known him forever. I looked at my boots and began kicking rocks trying to take my mind off of the events that just happened. Suddenly I heard someone yelling behind me, as it grew closer I recognized it as Jeremy's voice and I turned around to see him running at me. "Jo!" He yelled at me. 'Run towards him. Go, NOW!' My thoughts yelled at me and I did as I was told as I started sprinting towards him. We came together in a matter of moments and he jumped into my arms as I kissed him passionately on the lips, he was still crying and I set him on his feet wiping his tears away with my thumbs. "I'm sorry." He said thru sobs. "It's ok, I'm sorry I shouldn't have walked off like that." I replied kissing his cheek. "When you told me you liked me I just got so scared, I didn't know what to say but I realize that I do like you." He continued to sob. I felt my heart immediately fluctuate when I heard him say that to me. He did like me. I grabbed the side his head stroking his hairline with my thumbs as I spoke to him. "I know you're scared, but so am I." Jeremy nodded before I continued. "But if we stick together then we can both be scared, together." I pulled him to my chest and he chuckled his sobs getting lighter. "Sounds like a plan." He said sniffing. ---- Jeremy's Point of View ---- I knew that I couldn't stay for long, hell even Jo knew that. But maybe a little while longer couldn't hurt. Who knows maybe Jeremy would be willing to come with me to Dallas. But I knew that I wanted to stay and get to know this man better, this man who got me to fall for him, in a matter of a day! "How the hell are we gonna get back to you're place?" I asked. Jo chuckled and I could feel his chest rumble as he spoke. "I don't know but.. We'll figure out a way." He responded. "Why?" He added looking down at me. I just grinned and looked up at him. "I guess you'll have to find out when we get there." I said winking my eye at him. Jo blushed beat red and scratched the back of his head. "Does that mean what I think it means?" He said with that little nervous tone that was so adorable. "Like I said... You'll just have to figure it out." I tested him backing away and grabbing his hands. "Well why not just find out now. I mean there is an empty shop just over there and there is a bed in the back that I occasionally sleep on." Jo suggested grinning like an idiot. "Hmm, take me away cowboy." I said. I hopped on his back and he caught me. "Yessir." He said smiling. We both laughed as we made our way back to the shop.
  7. Oh god, I forgot that Tim McGraw sang that. It's funny because I listen to that song a lot. It must've slipped my mind because I was thinking about Alan Jackson as I wrote where the green grass grows lol thanks for bringing that to my attention, I don't wanna be a disappointment to my roots lol.
  8. I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing. I looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand and the time read 4:05. 'Oh my god I slept half the day away.' I thought to myself as I looked for my cellphone. My eyes wandered over to Jo who was still sound asleep in the arm chair. He stayed with me? I found my phone and looked at the screen, it was Julie. 'Shit I forgot to call her yesterday, she's gonna be pissed.' I answered the phone reluctantly. "Hello?" I tried not to sound nervous. "Jeremy? Where the hell are you?" She asked in a more aggravated tone. "Yeah funny story about that." I said trying to ease the tension. "I'm not laughing." She said. "Ok, well after I got off the phone with you I checked my GPS to see how much longer I had and I sort of crashed on the side of the road in a wire fence." I explained. There was a pause on Julies end and then I heard laughter, but not just her laughter. "Am I on speaker phone?" I asked a demanding tone in my voice. "Hey Jeremy." I heard her husband David's voice come over. "You are officially the worlds worst driver." David said between chuckles. I rolled my eyes before continuing. "Well in my defense a cattle truck pulled out and I had to swerve to avoid it!" I was trying to control the tone in my voice as to not wake Jo, who stirred a little in the arm chair. He looked so adorable as he slept. "Why are you being so quiet? Whose there with you?" Julie questioned her tone getting sharp. "Uh no one, I-I don't know what you're talking about." I tried to make it believable but Julie wasn't buying it. "Well I know you're not gonna tell me so whatever. Anyways I really called to rip you're ass and then ask you when you were planning on making it down here." She asked. I could still hear David chuckling in the background. "I don't know, I blew the gasket on my car and he's got to order a new-" But Julie cut me off at 'he's' and I immediately tried to back track but she was to quick for me. "Wait, hold on, rewind. Who's this he? Did you meet a guy already?" She was being really inquisitive. At that moment Jo stretched and looked at me from the arm chair. I immediately panicked. "Uh I'll call you later Julie I gotta go." I said hurriedly. The last thing I heard before I hung up the phone was. "Wait, we gotta talk about this guy! Is he hot?" I rolled my eyes and put my phone in my pocket. Jo grinned at me and stood up stretching a little bit. "Who was that?" He asked putting his hands in his coveralls. "Oh, that was Julie. She was just tearing me a new one 'cause I hadn't showed up yet." I smirked. Jo just grinned and scratched his head. I was trying to figure out what he was thinking but I didn't have any such luck. "Do you want to come to the garage with me today?" He asked looking hopefully at me. I immediately got a pitch in my heart. "Yeah that would be great. I just wanna take a shower real quick." I said trying to sound cool about his inviting me. "Oh yeah, no fer sure. Uh there's towels underneath sink, the hot water takes a little bit so I would let it warm up before you get in." Jo explained gesturing towards the bathroom door that sat next to the bed. "Ok, thanks." I said trying to hide my grin but it was just too big to hide. I think Jo noticed because he got a big grin on his face as he looked at the floor, rubbing the back of his neck. He started backing up towards the door. "Ok, well I'm gonna go and uh take a shower also." Jo gestured at the door as he backed into it. He immediately blushed beat red. "Uh yeah I'll see ya at my truck in about thirty minutes." He tried to shrug off his embarrassment and walked thru the door. I had to chuckle at his adorableness as I heard him walk down the stairs. I walked over to my bags and grabbed a clean set of clothes before making my way into the bathroom. The bathroom was pretty normal. It had beige walls and a large vanity mirror with a standup shower. I turned the water on hot and just as Jo explained it was cold. I sat on the lid of the toilet as I pulled my socks off losing myself in my own thoughts. First off I was terrified. What if I fall for this guy? I was leaving to Dallas probably before the end of the week, and at the moment I'm still trying to get over Gary and the bullshit he put me thru. 'Yeah but he seems so cute and caring. Ha! Yeah that's exactly how Gary was and look where that took you.' I was arguing to myself. I stripped off my clothes and got in the shower letting the hot water cascade over my body. It was like a miracle treatment for me, all my thoughts, worries and troubles just seemed to slip off my body and run down the drain. After about fifteen minutes or so I got out of the shower and dried off, I slipped my boxers on and walked out into the main room. I was just about to put my shorts on when I heard the door open. "Oh, sorry." I heard Jo say as he went to close the door. "No, it's ok. I'm almost finished anyways." I smiled. He blushed as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. He was silent as I slipped my shorts and my shirt on. I looked over at him and caught him checking me out. "If you stare any longer you're eyes might get stuck." I said jokingly. "Sorry." He said looking away, he got that nervous laugh again and I couldn't help but chuckle. "It's ok, if I would've been offended I would have said so." I explained trying to ease his nervousness. It must have worked 'cause he smiled and jabbed his thumb over his shoulder. "You ready to go?" He asked reaching for the doorknob. "Yeah lets go." I said walking towards to him. He opened the door for me and placed a hand on my lower back as I walked thru it. The contact made my body go tingly. It was a good feeling. We got into this truck and he fired her diesel engine up. I loved the sound of diesel, it was like this feeling I got whenever I heard a diesel engine. It was tough to explain but it was always a good feeling. I wanted to hold his hand so bad but I needed to wait for the opportune moment. Jo reached up to change the station on the radio and as hand came down I reached my hand up and intertwined my fingers with his. We relaxed our hands on the space of seat between us and he gently rubbed his thumb against my hand. 'Wow that went over better than I thought It would.' I thought with a relieved look on my face. We reached Jo's garage within a few minutes and we both hopped out of the truck and made our way towards the side door. He unlocked it and as we walked inside and the door closed he pulled me into a kiss. I went with it as I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his hands on my waist. We broke the kiss and he grinned at me. "Wow, you're a really good kisser." He said as he pulled away and walked over towards my car. "I could say the same for you." I laughed turning the radio on. "Good evening Carter County, this is 95.7 KKAJ you're country music station that ya'll love so much. Were gonna kick off this evening with a little Zac Brown Band 'Jump Right In' enjoy ladies and gentleman." The announcer said as the music kicked off. "I love this song." I said turning up the radio. "I didn't peg you as a country music type of guy." Jo said looking surprised. "Well there's still a lot you don't know about me." I stated as I sat on the same wooden barrel as I did yesterday looking at Jo as he worked. Jo peered up at me and grabbed a rag hanging over the front of my car, he wiped his hands off and set the rag down. He walked over to me and extended a hand out at me. I knew exactly what this was. ---- Jo's Point of View ---- "No, no way." Jeremy said clenching up. I jabbed my hand out at him as a signal that I wasn't giving up. "C'mon, wait are you scared of?" I asked. "Uh self inflicted injury." He said with a dumbstruck look on his face. I grabbed his hand and pulled him off the barrel pulling him into me and grabbing his waist. As we began to dance to the beat of the music Jeremy started laughing. I loved his laugh. "Jo, no." He said thru laughter, but I wouldn't let go as we continued to dance. I just laughed as we spun around, I felt infinite with him. It was an incredible feeling. We stopped for a moment and began to kiss. I loved his kisses, the way they made me feel, the way his tongue danced around my mouth. It just felt so right. "See now was that so bad?" I asked as the song ended and looked into my eyes. Those green eyes could make me get lost in them. Jeremy grinned a little before he spoke. "No it wasn't." I broke his gaze and looked at his car. "I should probably get back to work." I sad giving him a quick kiss and letting him go. He just nodded and took his seat on the barrel watching me as I worked. ---- Jeremy's Point of View ---- I looked out the shop door as dark clouds started to slowly appear. The wind rustled the trees a little, the clouds looked pretty threatening. "I think a storm's coming in." I said and Jo looked around the hood to see where I was staring. "Oh, yeah we get those sometimes." He said nonchalantly continuing his work. His unconcerned tone made me feel better. If there was one thing that I wouldn't go for right now it would be a tornado. After about of couple hours of work the clouds got worse as thunder rumbled the guys and lightning began to light up the clouds. I began to get nervous and my feelings were correct as the radio started to make an alarm noise and Jo looked up from my car, his eyes wide. I stared at the radio and went to turn it down but Jo stopped me. "No wait, it's a weather warning." Jo said taking my hand away from the volume dial. Before too long an automated voice came over the radio. My heart began to race as I listened. "This is a National Weather Service warning for Clark County, Oklahoma. At approximately 6:50 P.M. Central Standard Time the National Weather Service detected an F3 tornado in the vicinity of Arden, Oklahoma and Hayward, Oklahoma heading south towards Love County, Oklahoma with winds speeds up to 185 Miles Per Hour. Residents of Arden, Oklahoma and Hayward, Oklahoma are urged to stay indoors. Seek shelter in any low lying areas of you're house..." I was intent on listening to the advisory. Back in Boise we never had tornado's, the most we got warnings over were high winds or strong thunderstorms. At this point I was scared. "Help me close this door will you?" Jo asked pulling on the garage door, I hadn't even noticed Jo wasn't next to me anymore. After we got it closed and latched it up he walked out the side door. "Wait where are you going?" I asked with a terrified pitch in my voice. "I gotta pull my truck in. Just stay here I'll be right back." He said closing the door behind him. I stood there frightened in my shoes as he pulled his truck in the garage. I ran over to help him close the door, as we were closing it I saw a dark funnel approaching the town. Then the warning siren started and my heart dropped. "C'mon there's a storm cellar in the back. Bring the radio." He said as he grabbed my hand as we ran towards the back of the garage. We came into a small room with no windows and the only door was the door we came thru. He led me over to some stone steps that led down to a wooden door. He shoved his broad shoulder into it and it opened. He ushered me thru just as the power went out. I stiffened my posture as I stepped thru the dark feeling with my hands. "Hold on a sec." I heard Jo's voice thru the dark. I saw a bright light turn on and he walked past me to close the thick wooden door. As soon as he closed it he brought a metal slab across it to seal it shut. I sat in the corner of the room and put my face in my knees. This was the first time I had ever gotten really scared over bad weather. Jo noticed my behavior and cross the room sitting next to me and wrapping his arms around me. I rested my head on his shoulder as he rubbed my arm. "It's ok there's nothing to be scared of, were perfectly safe in here." He said tightening his grip on me. He was so confident and calm. Jo holding me close and tight made me feel safe in the most unsafe situation. ---- Jo's Point of View ---- Jeremy was really scared, I could tell. He was shaking as I held him tight trying to comfort him. "I take it you've been thru a lot of these?" Jeremy asked his voice shaky. I chuckled a little bit and kissed him on the top of the head. "Well this is Oklahoma." I explained shortly. He just nodded his head, closing his eyes. The music had stopped as the weather service took over and began giving us continuing updates. As they announced the tornado was now passing south over us towards Texas Jeremy's body tightened and I held him close still. "You know you're lucky you weren't here last summer." I said jokingly with a little chuckle. Jeremy began to unstiffen as I spoke to him. Maybe me talking to him calmed him down a bit. "Yeah I remember hearing about that on the news." Jeremy responded. I recalled the last time a tornado hit Hayward. It was about two years ago and I had just turned twenty. The tornado was pretty bad, it had tore up main street and it took the town six months to clean up the damage. Our farm fortunately didn't get touched but two people died and the town was in depression mode. Even though we were in a storm cellar I could still hear the whipping of the wind as it blew past the building. A crash sounded making the building shake, which made both me and Jeremy jump. I tightened my grip on him and Jeremy grabbed my arm with a grip of steel. The door began to shake a little which I saw as a bad sign, if the door was shaking then that meant there was wind blowing against it which means somewhere the shop had been torn up. Which was probably the crash I had heard. I was scared but I wouldn't let Jeremy sense my fear as he was already scared enough for the both of us. My dad built this storm shelter so I knew we would be safe in it, my dad was a smart man. "Oh shit." Jeremy said as the door began to shake furiously. "Don't worry, the door will hold." I said confidently. But now I wasn't so sure. Suddenly the door stopped shaking and I relaxed as I let my head fall against the concrete wall of the cellar. I felt Jeremy take a few deep breaths and chuckle. "What?" I said sounding surprised. "Nothing It's just, when I was a kid I used to watch that movie Twister a lot. I always thought it would cool to be in a Tornado. Now I'm not so sure." He continued to chuckle and I laughed with him. The alarm sounded on the radio again and Jeremy rolled his eyes. "God that sound is annoying." He stated shifting his body. I just chuckled as the automated voice came over the radio. "This concludes the tornado advisory for Arden, Oklahoma and Hayward, Oklahoma. The National Weather Service thanks you for you're cooperation." The automated voice was over but the radio was still silent. "You ok?" I asked looking down at Jeremy who looked back up at me. "Yeah thanks to you." He smiled kissing me on the lips. "You ready to go outside and see what the damage is?" I asked as Jeremy stood up and held out hand to help me to my feet. "Yeah lets go." Jeremy said a hint of relief in his voice. I walked over to the door and slid the metal slab back pulling at the door with all my strength. "Stand back, just in case there's debris on the other side." I said to Jeremy as he stepped back into the corner. The door finally gave in and jerked open. Nothing fell thru but sunlight poured in. 'That's odd, there's no windows. How is sunlight coming in?' I asked myself looking back at Jeremy. He must have had the same thought as he reached out and took my hand. We walked up the stone steps, hand in hand. Not sure if we wanted to see the damage that was that 'caused by this freak tornado.
  9. Well most of the issues I have written for the characters in the book are based on some of my own (and friends) issues in real life. So that's where I get my inspiration from. Thanks for the positive feedback.
  10. I remained on the deck for a little while longer, still shocked at what just happened. One minute Jo was comforting me and then the next he became all stiff and reclusive again and stormed out of the guest house. I glanced at the bed looking at my bags. My iPod was still setting next to my bags and that's when I decided I was going to get out of here, go back town and catch the next bus to Dallas. Screw my car I could always come back for it later. I just didn't want to stay here anymore. I walked over to the bed shoving my iPod in pocket and grabbing my bags in each hand. I walked out the door and clambered rather loudly down the stairs. It was pitch black now but the moonlight helped me as I dodged landscaping and bushes making my way towards the road. I hadn't made it ten feet from the stairs when I heard a familiar voice behind me. "Where are you going?" Jo asked jogging to catch up with me. "I'm going to town and I'm catching the next bus to Dallas." I said still walking towards the road. "You can't be serious, Hayward is like ten miles from here." Jo tried convincing me but I wouldn't hear it. "I've walked further before." I challenged. I felt his warm hand grab my arm and spin me around. "Look please don't leave." He said a hint sadness in his voice. I dropped my bags and removed his hand from my arm. "What is you're problem? First you're this nice guy that actually seems like you want to get to know me and then all of a sudden you flip and become this reclusive person and leave me hanging." I said putting my hands on my hips. He looked down so I couldn't see his face and began kicking the ground lightly with his feet. Whatever was bugging him must be serious. I reached out and with my index finger I brought his chin up so I could see his face. Tears were welling up in his eyes. I instantly felt bad. 'God you're such a jackass Jeremy.' I thought to myself. I grabbed his arm and went to pull him into a hug but he put a hand to my chest, shaking his head as he turned his back to me and doubled over. It almost looked like he was in pain. "I'm sorry Jo, I didn't mean-" But he cut me off as he spoke. "No it's not what you said, It's me." He said turning back to face me wiping the tears away with the back of his hand. "I have issues with emotions. Sometimes I can't handle them and when I get overwhelmed the only thing I know to do is cut. It's easier to deal with the physical stuff." He added. I nodded my head as I finally understood why he was the way that he was. In more ways than one we were similar. "If I stay, then you promise to tell me everything? No bullshit?" I questioned raising an eyebrow. Jo just nodded his head and I took that as an agreement. I picked up my bags and he took one from my hand and started walking towards the guest house. I stared at his butt as I walked up the stairs behind him and silently laughed to myself at the thoughts I was thinking. I shook them away and continued walking up the stairs. 'This isn't a time for thinking about his ass Jeremy.' I thought to myself. I walked thru the door to the guest house and put my bag down on the floor next to the bed where Jo had put mine. I sat on the bed criss cross as Jo took a seat across from me in a white armchair. He set his feet on the foot rest and got comfortable. ----- Jo's Point of View ----- Was I really about to spill my guts out to this man? This man who looked so confident and refined in his own skin? He stared at me empathetically from across the room. I didn't even know where to start. "I don't even know where start." I confessed looking into his eyes. "Just start from the beginning." He suggested not breaking my gaze. I took a few deep breaths before I spoke. "Well I guess it all started after my parents died. My dad knew I was gay and I had planned on telling my mom at some point. She was an old fashioned southern kind of woman. She believed gay people were a blight on our society and thought they should be chemically castrated. I figured that maybe if she found out her little boy was gay, then maybe it would change her opinions." Jeremy's eyes softened, I couldn't help but think he had a similar situation. "I'm sorry." He said shortly. I could tell in his eyes that he meant what he said, which made it easier for me to speak. "After the car accident that killed them, I sort of became reclusive and didn't talk much. I don't have any family left and I don't really have any friends so It made the adjustment easier. But when you came into my shop yesterday..." I noticed Jeremy's eyes brighten as I mentioned our first meeting. "Things changed for me. I don't want to be this reclusive man anymore, that can't deal with his emotions and hates the world." I finished. I saw Jeremy swallow past a lump in his throat. "Wow." His voice cracked. "I've never realized I had that effect on you. Why though?" He asked still keeping my gaze. "Beats the hell out of me." I chuckled. "But it scares the shit outta me." I added going straight faced again. Jeremy swallowed hard again before he spoke. "My mom is the same way. She didn't take my coming out of the closet good at all. She hardly even speaks to me, I have to ask my dad how she's doing because she won't talk to me." Jeremy explained looking down at his lap. I couldn't help but feel this story had more bad too it as he continued to talk. "My brother was an auto mechanic too." He beamed at me. "I can't help but notice the 'was' in that sentence." I admitted looking concerned. Jeremy's face fell as he got up from the bed and crossed over to the window looking out at the darkness. "About a year ago my brother, James, was working on a car in his shop. He was always in that damn shop, nothing was important to him than his work." Jeremy smiled at the memory and then continued. "One day he asked for my help with this '67 Mustang he was trying to fix up for the upcoming car show that weekend. I didn't know much about cars besides what little he taught me. But I agreed to help." Jeremy paused as tears came to his eyes. I got up and crossed the room to him putting a hand on his shoulder. He didn't look at me but continued to look out the window trying to remain his composure. "What happened Jeremy?" I asked, even though I knew where he was going with the memory. "He asked me to jack up the car while he got under her to take a look at her engine. I placed the jack stands exactly where I was supposed to. But one of them gave way.." He shuddered and inhaled deeply controlling his breathing. I tightened my grip on his shoulder, he placed his hand on top of mine. "It's not you're fault Jeremy." I told him as he turned to face me. "How is not my fault? I killed my brother Jo." He said through light sobs. "It was an accident Jeremy, you can't blame yourself for something that you didn't do." I explained pulling him into a hug. "Yeah... Well I blame myself... Every, single, day." He said wrapping his arms around me, resting his head on my shoulder. I could feel tears dropping on my shoulder. 'How can I make him feel better over something he thought he 'caused. But more importantly how could I make him accept something that happened in the past.' I thought to myself. I rubbed his back softly. Feeling the tight definitions below my fingertips. I lowed my face to his neck and took in his smell for a bit. He smelled good, I could stay like this forever. ---- Jeremy's Point of View ---- I let tears flow as Jo hugged me tight. I had finally let out a years worth of tears over my brother's death. I hoped he wouldn't pull away like before. His embrace made me feel warm, secure and safe. He pulled away for a split second and I immediately thought he was going to become reclusive again, but instead the unexpected happened. He put a hand on my neck and stroked my cheek with his thumb. The next thing I knew he was pressing his warm lips to mine. I felt like a billion fireworks just exploded in my chest as we held our kiss for what seemed like forever. His lips parted as I rubbed my tongue along his and he reciprocated. It was the single most best kiss I had ever had. He pulled away looking ashamed. 'Not again.' I thought to myself. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." He said pressing his fingers to his lips, as if he could still feel my lips pressed there. "No it's ok. Do you see me complaining?" I asked a slight grin crossing my face. He blushed beat read and rubbed the back of his neck as he chuckled a bit. He was too cute. "Really?" He asked, he seemed so nervous. It reminded me of a little kid who tells their parents they have a crush on another kid at school, it was extremely cute. ---- Jo's Point of View ---- 'Wow.' I thought to myself as I realized how explosive that kiss was. I realized I was blushing hardcore as I stared up at Jeremy who was grinning at me, which only made it worse. "I think I may lay down for a bit." Jeremy said, he did look kind of sleepy or maybe that was all the tears. "Ok well I'll leave you then." I said walking towards the door. I felt Jeremy's soft hand grip mine. I looked up at him and he was shaking his head. "Will you just stay and talk to me?" He asked looking hopeful. I pondered it for a moment, looking into his eyes as he spoke. I decided it couldn't hurt and nodded my head. Jeremy pulled his shirt off and climbed into the bed pulling the covers over him. I grabbed the white arm chair and pulled it next to the bed so it was facing Jeremy. I sat down and grinned at him as he stifled a yawn and grinned back. We sat there and talked for what seemed like hours. We talked about everything from our childhood to our careers and where were raised. He was a little shocked as I told him I was actually from Kentucky. "You're from Kentucky?" He asked looking surprised. "Yeah that's why I only have a slight accent." I explained laughing. "Where in Idaho are you from?" I asked him curious to know more. "I'm from Nampa, It's this city just west of Boise." He explained noticing the confused look on my face. "I've never been up there before. I've been to Wyoming but that's about it." I stated. "You're not missing much. Where I lived there's lots of trees but if you go outside the city limits it's pretty flat and barren." Jeremy explained smirking. After about an hour or so Jeremy began falling asleep. I decided I would stick around till he was asleep and once I sure he was I snuck over to the door and flicked the light off. I sat back in the arm chair and reclined my feet on the bed pulling the spare blanket over me. It was remarkable how I just met this man yesterday and in that time I had opened up to him and actually kissed him. I grinned at the thought of the kiss. His lips were so soft and warm and when I made contact with them it sent shivers up and down my spine. Which I could only guess to be a good thing. My gaze went over Jeremy who was sound asleep. He looked so peaceful as he laid there dreaming whatever it was he was dreaming. After a few moments I started to drift off just as the sun began to rise of the horizon. I couldn't help but feeling hopeful over Jeremy being here. It was the first time I was able to get close to anyone since my dad.
  11. As always Daithi I appreciate you're comments. It's nice to know that my writing is actually liked. I've been somewhat self conscious about it lol. There will be more twists down the road but I don't want to spoil anything
  12. Haha yeah I didn't think of that when I was writing that part but I'm glad you guys pointed it out. Maybe I'll have to go in and tweak it a bit. Unless you guys think it's good enough?
  13. I sat on a stool in the garage watching as Jo tinkered under the hood of my car. I had to admit that event for grease monkey he was extremely handsome and the way his muscles flexed as he was cranking the wrench made it all too much to stare at him. He looked back at me and I looked away embarrassingly, I didn't want him to know I was staring. "What?" He asked not taking his hand off the wrench. I just shook my head. "Nothing." I replied shortly. I looked back up at him and he was looking at me, a little glint in his eye. "What?" I asked a hint of amusement in my voice. "Nothin." He replied grinning and going back to his work. I couldn't help but have a shit eating grin on my face. I mean how often do you run into a hot mechanic in the middle of nowhere? I wanted to start a conversation with him but didn't know where to start. I decided to take his work for a subject. "So... how long have you been an mechanic?" I asked. He didn't look at me, he was to into his work. "I've been doing this since I was 12, my daddy he was kind of grease monkey himself. He taught me everything I know." Jo explained looking at me. "So is this you're dads shop then?" I asked looking around. I didn't mean to pry but I had to know more about him. "You sure ask a lot of questions don't you?" Jo asked but I knew he was joking as a grin crossed his face. "It used to be. My parents died a couple years back, my dad always like the idea of me being in the shop so he left it for me." He added. I looked down at the concrete floor of the shop and shook my head. I felt bad for prying. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-" Jo cut me off with a wave of his hand. "It's ok, I'm over it." He grinned at me. God that smile could take my breath away. "What about you? What brings you all the way out here to our little slice of heaven?" Jo's tone sounded sarcastic, it made me chuckle a little. "I'm heading to Dallas." I was hoping he would just take that as answer and not ask my why. But like always things didn't always go into my favor. "Why are you headed to Dallas?" Jo asked cocking his head a hint of curiosity in his voice. I didn't want to tell him about my relationship woes. Hell this guy for all I knew could be gay basher I didn't really feel like getting my ass whooped, as I knew he could take me. "Things weren't working out for me back home. So my friend offered for me to come stay with them down in Dallas, kind of a fresh start sort of thing." I explained trying to cut out the main reason for my unexpected relocation. He eyed me inquisitively and his eyes glanced over my shiner on my eye. "I suppose that has something to do with it?" He pointed to my eye. "Something like that." I replied flatly. "Just as I figured." Jo said throwing the wrench down in his tool box. I was taken aback by what he said and figured I had to cover my tracks quickly. "Ok well maybe that's the whole reason I left.." Jo stared at me with a confused look as I rambled on. "What are you talking about?" He asked impatiently putting his hands on his hip. "What, me? Nothing, what were you talking about?" I laughed nervously my voice changing pitch a little. He cocked an eyebrow at me before continuing. "You're car blew a gasket. I can fix it but it's not gonna be extremely cheap." He kept his hands on his hips as he talked. 'Great, what am I going to do now.' I looked at Jo who seemed to be putting pieces together in his head. 'What is he thinking about?' ------ Jo's Point of View ------ I could tell Jeremy was in a great deal of thought. I felt bad for the guy, hundreds of miles from home hundreds of miles from his destination. 'Offer him a place to stay. What are you kidding me? That's a horrible idea, I couldn't have him around my place. It would be too great of distraction.' Great I'm arguing with myself. 'On the other hand though it could give me a chance to get to know him better.' "Is there a hotel or something in town?" Jeremy asked jerking me out of my mental war. "Uh no, there isn't." I watched Jeremy's face fall. "I have a guest house above my barn... It's not the greatest but if you need a place to stay you could stay there." I suggested a hint of shyness in my voice. 'Smooth Jo.' I thought to myself. Jeremy's face lit up a bit and his face blushed. "That would be great." He responded not looking me in the eye. He was too damn cute, I wanted to know this man more. I shook my head and cleared my throat. Pushing the thoughts out of my head. "Well c'mon then. I'll be waiting out front for you and we'll go out to my place." I said flatly as I walked out of the garage and went to my truck. 'What the hell are you thinking Jo? This is a bad idea.' I thought to myself. 'What are you going fag on me son?' I heard my mom's voice ring out in my head. I put my face in my hands as my body started to clench up. I looked at my jockey box and reached out for the handle. I quickly pulled my hand away thinking. 'You don't need to do this Jo. You're better than this.' I encouraged myself. 'You're such a disappointment Jo. What kind of man has feelings for another man. To me it sounds like you're turning gay on me and you're father.' I heard my moms voice shrill out again. Even though my mom had never said anything like that to me her voice of disappointment made it seem all to real. I felt like I was going to vomit as I reached for the razor blade in my jockey box and lifted my shirt up. I made a single cut on my side and I gasped as I felt the pain radiate to my abdomen. The thoughts stopped and I relaxed as my stomach felt better again. I dropped my shirt just as the truck door opened. In a panic I threw the razor blade out my window and looked as Jeremy hopped in the truck staring at me quizzically. "You ok?" He asked. "Yeah, fine." I said shortly. Jeremy cocked his head back furrowing his brows as I started to drive off. ----- Jeremy's Point of View ----- I don't know what happened. One minute Jo was offering me a place to stay and when I walked out to his truck and hopped in he became reclusive and almost snapped at me. I decided to shrug it off and think of it as nothing, but maybe it was something more. We arrived at his home a few minutes later. I looked over at Jo's house and was shocked to see how beautiful it was. It looked like a classic farm house, two story with a little red barn that set off in the corner of the property. There were flowers sitting next to the front steps, it definitely had a mothers touch. Jo got of the truck and I followed behind him retrieving my bags out of the bed. Jo led the way down a rock path towards the barn. The gravel crunching below our feet till we reached the steps and began climbing up them to the white door at the top of the landing. He opened the door and let me step in before him. He flicked the light on to reveal a standard room with a four poster bed and a dresser sitting off to side of it. There was a set of French doors that opened up to a balcony that overlooked the rest of the farm. The sun was beginning to set off towards the west and I set my bags on the bed. Jo stood in the corner of the room near the door with his hands in his coverall pockets looking at me waiting for any hint of approval. "It's nice." I said turning to face him. "Thanks, me and my dad spent almost 6 months building it. My mom decorated the interior though." Jo explained not moving from his spot. "Thanks for giving me a place to stay. It's really nice of you." I said trying to choose my words carefully. I didn't want him to become reclusive again. I liked talking to him. A grin split his face. "No problem." He replied. As we were looking at each other from across the room I noticed a bit of blood staining his shirt. It looked fresh. "You're bleeding I pointed out." Taking a few steps towards him. HIs eyes widened in horror as he stared down at the blood. "Oh it's nothing." He said shortly trying to hide it from my view. What was he trying to hide? "No, it doesn't look like nothing, here sit on the bed lemme take a look." I said gesturing towards the bed. He looked like he was about to argue with me, but I think he heard the serious tone to my voice and reluctantly sat on the bed. I knelt in front of him and went to lift his shirt. He grabbed my hand stopping me, his touch was warm and yet again sent a shiver up my arm. I looked up at his face and noticed he had a hint of fear there. "Trust me I'm a CNA." I said chuckling. "What is that supposed to be some northwestern humor?" He asked still not letting go of my hand, he had a death grip on it. Why is he so scared? "No, now will you let my hand go. You could need stitches." I said. I felt his hand relax and slowly he let it go. I pulled his shirt up and looked at the cut on his side. Blood was still coming out of it, he definitely needed stitches. I looked at his face and he was looking away his eyes closed. He looked in pain. "Are you feeling ok?" I asked a hint of concern in my voice. He didn't look at me but nodded instead. "Well you're gonna need stitches, but fortunately for you I used to work in the ER and I've seen doctors do this a thousand times." I added standing up. "There's a sewing kit in that bottom drawer over there." Jo said pointing at the bottom drawer of the dresser. I walked over and opened it retrieving the sewing kit and coming back over to Jo whose eyes were still closed. "You're gonna have to lose the shirt tough guy." I said smirking. He looked reluctant but he took his shirt off as told and tossed it on the floor. His body was even better without the shirt on. He had a smooth tanned chest and as I looked lower towards his stomach I saw a happy trail sneaking it's way below his pant line. I shook the thoughts aside, concentrating on the cut instead. "Just relax, it's gonna hurt since I don't have any pain killers." I said shortly. "Just do it." Jo said still keeping his eyes tightly shut. I grabbed the skin around the cut and Jo shuddered. His breathing became light but he coughed it away and looked down at me. Behind his eyes I could see pain and sorrow. It was all so surreal but I shook it off and concentrated on my work. "So how did you know I was from the northwest?" I asked trying to strike up conversation. "Well for one you don't have an accent so I know you're not from the south and the Idaho license plate was a dead giveaway." He started to relax. I think the conversation was taking his mind off of whatever it was that was bothering him. ---- Jo's Point of View ---- I was trying not to concentrate on the fact that I had my shirt off in front of this handsome man while he was touching my side. Given it wasn't anything sexual it was purely just medical. I couldn't help the feeling I got from his warm touch, it sent shivers up my spine. It felt good but I didn't want it too. I clenched my fist as he started the first stitch. I think he noticed because he pulled away and look at my face. "You swear you're not gonna punch me right?" He asked. I chuckled before responding. "No, you're fine." I caught his gaze and we stared at each other for a second. Jeremy cleared his throat and continued his stitching. "You're not gonna ask how it happened?" I asked him with a shocked expression. I was sure he would have asked. "It's not my business to ask questions like that Jo." He looked stern and concentrated. "I would however like to know why?" He added as he worked on the second stitch. "It's complicated." I said not wanting to discuss it with him. How could I explain why I cut without explaining everything else that went with it. It was too complicated. "Everything in this world is complicated." Jeremy said tying off the second stitch. "How did you get the black eye?" I turned the tables on him. I felt a sharp pain as he stuck the needle thru my cut rather hard for my liking. "Hey! Aren't you medical workers supposed to be nice and caring?" I asked chuckling. "Not if our patients are stubborn." Jeremy added grinning. I liked talking to Jeremy, in so many ways I saw similarities between the two of us. I couldn't help but thinking that black eye had a twisted history behind it. ---- Jeremy's Point of View ---- I finished up the stitches on Jo's side and he stood up, looking grateful. "Handy work, I would call you doc but that would be inaccurate wouldn't it?" Jo grinned. "Yeah, it would be." I laughed. We stood there for a few moments staring into each others eyes. Jo grabbed his shirt and pointed towards the door. "I'll be at the house if you need anything." He said nervousness flooding his voice. He walked out the door and closed it behind him. I sat back on the bed lost in my own thoughts. 'What was he hiding? How come everytime we get close to each other he pulls away?' All these thoughts pouring into my head made me stressed. As daylight faded and it became dark I looked at the clock on my phone and saw the time was 12:02. I could never sleep at night for some reason. Just like my dad I was a bit of a night owl. I kept thinking over what I was thinking earlier and that just made me more stressed. I dug thru my bag and pulled out my iPod shoving the earbuds in my ears and turning it to The Hives. I began shaking my head back and forth and got up and started jumping around and dancing. I knew that I must have looked funny but it helped get rid of my stress. Nothing cared as I let "Try it Again" flood thru my brain. As I turned towards the door I almost had a heart attack as I saw Jo standing there carrying a blanket and an extra pillow. His shoulders were shaking with laughter as I clutched my chest and pulled my earbuds out. "Jesus Jo!" I exclaimed recapturing my breathing. "You almost gave me a heart attack." I added as I threw my iPod on the bed and looked at him curiously holding the blanket and pillow. "Nice dance moves." He was still chuckling. God that laugh was intoxicating I thought to myself as I smiled back at him. "Go screw yourself." I said jokingly and Jo just grinned stepping forward. "The guest house always got a little cold at night so I figured you could use this." He said tossing the blanket on the bed. The fact that he was concerned over whether I was cold or not was sweet to say the least but made me put some pieces together on why he really cut. "What's the pillow for?" I asked taking it from him. "I don't know, just in case you need another pillow I guess." He rubbed the back of his neck and stared blushing at the floorboards. I had to admit it was pretty cute. "You don't sleep?" I asked. "Insomnia.. You?" He had a inquisitive look on his face. "Night owl." I said shortly. Jo nodded and looked at my bags. "Do you need help un packing?" He asked. "No I can manage." I responded looking at the wood floor. I wiggled my toes as I felt the grain below my feet. Jo walked over to the balcony and lit a cigarette leaning over the railing. I joined him and he held out the pack at me as I gladly accepted one and lit it. I felt the smoke go down in my lungs and exhaled as it drifted off into the moonlit night. "It was self inflicted." Jo said not looking at me but instead looking out in the darkness. I looked over at him puzzled but I knew what he was talking about. "Yeah, I know." I said shortly taking a drag of my cigarette and flicking the ashes over the railing. "Why'd you ask then?" He asked. I looked up at him. His eyes were glossy and I knew that there was some sort of pain behind them, pain in his heart. "Because I wanted you to tell me for yourself." I responded flatly. He nodded his head and looked down at the ground, kicking his boot against the railing. "I know we just met and all, but there's something about you." He responded a confused look in his eye. "What do you mean Jo?" I was kind of taken aback. Most people don't talk to me, and it was kind of interesting how he was opening up to me like this. Given we just met 8 hours ago. "I don't know." He shook his head. "After you fixed me up I just felt like I could trust you." He gestured at the stitches I placed and took a drag of his cigarette before placing his eyes on me. I grinned a little and exhaled smoke. "Like the mouse who pulled the splinter out of the lions paw, and then afterwards they became best friends?" I said jokingly. "Yeah like that... Smart ass." He said kicking the back of my knee which made my knee give way a little. He placed a hand on my back and looked at me apologetically. "Sorry I didn't mean to kick that hard." "It's ok. No harm, no foul, no bruise." I chuckled. Jo just smiled back at me before taking another drag of his cigarette and flicking it over the railing. I knew I shouldn't have told him, but since he confided in me about his I figured I could tell him about my bruise on my eye. ----- Jo's Point of View ----- I knew it was weird but I felt oddly comfortable around Jeremy. I hadn't been this comfortable around anybody since my dad. My dad knew that I was gay and he took the secret with him to the grave. Right after I decided I was gonna tell my mom was when they got in the car accident that took their lives. I always wondered what my would've said. She probably would've kicked me out of the house, she thought gay people were a blight on our society and should be chemically castrated. But I figured if I told her I was gay then maybe it would change her point of views. But after they died I sort of became reclusive and hid it from everyone because my dad was the only person I could ever trust. "This bruise isn't an accident by the way." Jeremy told me knocking me out of my thoughts. I looked at him and grinned. I knew the bruise wasn't an accident, what'd he think me for, a fool? I pondered all the reasons what could have 'caused it but decided to throw some humor out there. "No shit Sherlock, it looks like it hurts like a bitch." I said. Jeremy just chuckled and looked away shaking his head. I loved his smile, it would brighten up even the nights sky if it were possible. "Actually no it doesn't, I'm a tough boy." He smirked. I couldn't help but smile at his little smirk. "So what really happened?" I asked, hoping he would spill. I watched as his face fell. "My ex is what happened." He said shortly looking away and down at his shoes. There's no way a girl could've done that to him, unless it was a frying pan. "A girl did this to you?" I replied laughing a bit. "No a man actually." He had a straight look on his face which made me stop laughing. "You're gay?" I said a little shocked, but there was a leap in my chest that felt like there was a party going on making my heart skip a beat. "I mean, you just don't look like most gay guys to me." I added. He looked a little taken aback by what I said. "You know many gay guys?" He asked with a hint of acid in his voice. "No I just meant.." I stopped myself before I could dig any deeper of hole. "I'm sorry." I added. "It's ok. You're not very smooth I can tell." He grinned slapping me on the arm. "You found me out." I laughed, after I realized we were getting off topic I decided to steer things back towards or original conversation. "So what really did happen then?" I asked. Jeremy had a troubled look in his eye as he spoke. "My ex was a Nurse at the hospital I worked at. We were dating for about four months before he snapped at me for putting onions in his spaghetti and broke one of my ribs against the kitchen counter. Six months after that he broke my nose because he thought I was cheating on him. And this one." He pointed at the black eye that shined remarkably in the moonlight before continuing. "Happened just last night when I threatened to leave him because I was sick of him beating me." Jeremy finished. He looked as if though he was about to cry. He gripped the railing of the balcony and squeezed, his arms flexing. The veins on his arms looked like they were about burst. His eyes were squeezed shut. I felt so bad for him that without even thinking I grabbed his arm and pulled him into a hug. He tried resisting me, pushing his hands against my chest. "No, no." He said fighting back tears. But I just tightened my grip on him even more. "Just let it out, Jeremy. Just let it out." I said rubbing his back. He finally stopped resisting and his shoulders started to shake as he let out soft sobs. We stayed like for about five minutes until I snapped back into my usual reclusive self and pulled away taking a few steps back. "What's the matter?" He asked looking confused, wiping tears out of his eyes with his shirt. "Nothing. I just.. I just gotta go." I said walking thru the room and out the door. I left Jeremy standing on the balcony with a look of confusion and what the hell on his face. I ran to the house and threw the back door open walking into the kitchen. I paced back and forth for a moment before I kicked the kitchen cabinet sending my foot thru it. I backed away and slid down the wall pulling my knees up to my face and began crying. 'What the hell is wrong with me!' I thought to myself. 'I can't be like this, I can't be gay!' I rocked back and forth trying to soothe myself before I heard a familiar voice in my head, a voice full of love and wisdom. 'You can't change who you are bud, embrace it. I will always love you and you will always be my son. Remember that.' It was the first thing my dad told me after I told him I was gay. I looked back on that moment and it made me smile. I wiped the tears from my face and remained on the kitchen floor for what seemed like hours but was actually on minutes. I looked up at the wall near the doorway to the dining room and saw the family portrait of me and my parents and it made me feel a bravery that I couldn't put my finger on. 'If I were my dad, I wouldn't be sitting here crying and wooing in my own self pity. I would face my fears head on and take down anybody who got in my way.' The thought opened my eyes a little and I suddenly had an epiphany. What if I'm not scared of being gay, but I'm instead scared of getting too close. I always had issues with my emotions, I couldn't handle them all at once I had to deal with them what at time. I mean if I'm gay its not like anyone is going to hate me, hell my family is dead and I don't really have any friends. Other than the customers that come to me with their car troubles. I instantly felt bad with how I left things with Jeremy and I decided to make things right. I walked out the kitchen door closing it shut behind me and made my way towards the guest house.
  14. Thanks for the insight Daithi. I will have to go in and tweak it a little bit to add the bruising.
  15. zanoGreen


    I am so hooked on this story. Its just easy to relate to the characters and you're literally fighting for the characters. I kept getting upset because I wanted Billy and David to be together and then finally they did and I was excited lol. I am really looking forward to more chapters from this book.
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