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  1. Bill, I am truly impressed with the way you brought my favorite family into the current timeframe. I have loved each and every one of your incredible characters and every one of your books. I will be sad that I won’t be able to escape into their uniquely wonderful world as an escape from “this” not so friendly world, even if it was for the briefest moments. THANK YOU for the incredible detail and depth of the story and each character. I really would like to take up residence in your world permanently. It’s friendlier, safer, filled with love, compassion, empathy and understanding. It’s s
  2. Wow! Thank you so much Bill for showing us the way to get together through the holidays with happiness, love, laughter, safety and protected health. These are small sacrifices in the grand scheme, but are extremely important to protect the vulnerable. I can only hope that everyone follows these simple guidelines so that we can all celebrate next year in person. 😃❤️
  3. Excellent chapter! Spencer’s continued illness is becoming problematic for Jake and his new shelter family. Donovan seeing Stephen and his father seems to point to a much deeper relationship. His reactions are the first emotions he has shown. Walker’s friend Eddie turning up in this group of refugees is promising for all of those people still looking for their families and friends. The shortages of ammunition, food, medical and treatment supplies is becoming alarming while more and more refugees are arriving seeking sanctuary. Jake and Alex are secure with their relationship and Jake is comfor
  4. flesco

    Home in Algiers

    Excellent chapter! Mark has become the head of the household while Sufiyan and Cecilia are impressed with Belinda who they see as a Goddess. Dan’s Aunts and Uncle came to see the new family members and were impressed by how well they fit into the local customs. I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️
  5. flesco

    Chapter 18

    Excellent chapter! A new understanding between the former emperor Kaveh and Jihan may be beneficial to them both. Kaveh is lonely and Jihan needs information on how to deal with the people of the valley. Nisa is going ahead with the assassination attempt on Jihan still hoping to win Duke Kastan. Hopefully the co-conspirators will be caught before they can carry out their orders. I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️
  6. flesco

    Chapter 10

    Excellent chapter! Welcome to the family David and Charlie! The powerful group that is now supporting Carleton and his efforts to rescue abused boys is making his efforts a bit less cumbersome. Charlie is going to be the apple of Carleton and Maria’s eyes.and will be adored by all of his new brothers. The rest of the family members will be able to make David and Charlie feel welcome and a part of the family. The architect’s visit will bring many changes to the household and family. I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️
  7. flesco

    Chapter 9

    Outstanding chapter! Carleton has now found another boy to bring home along with an 8 year old. I truly cannot comprehend anyone having sex with a teenager, let alone an 8 year old boy. There are just too many sick people in this world who are only interested in themselves and their pleasures. They should be publicly executed for their crimes against children. It should be painful and horrifying to send a clear message that you will pay dearly for your actions. Rehabilitation just does not work, punishment should be equal to the crimes committed. Carleton will definitely need to use his own pl
  8. flesco

    Chapter 8

    Excellent chapter! A secret meeting in The Hague with very powerful men wanting Carleton to be an example to others to take into their homes these abused boys and help them readjust to a regular childhood with compassion, empathy and most importantly Love. There’s going to be a lot of changes to Carleton’s life and family going forward, especially now that he knows he will be taking another new son home with him. This little twist in this tale opens up limitless possibilities and potential. I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😳❤️
  9. flesco

    Chapter 7

    Outstanding chapter! The walk around the property created new things for the boys to focus on, the conservatory and uses for the trees seem to have put pets lower down on the priority list. The Brussels case gives the impression that there’s a lot more about the arrangements behind the rescues that we not aware of yet. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️
  10. flesco

    Chapter 6

    Excellent chapter! Chris having a nightmare led to all of the boy’s being in bed with Dad, Carleton helps them to feel safe and comfortable., while letting them believe in love of family to help overcome their suffering. A visit to the grave of the first brother, a walking tour of the property and continued discussions on what type of dog the boy’s want to get, it is going to be a very busy day! I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😢❤️
  11. flesco

    Chapter 5

    Outstanding chapter! What a sad end for the first boy, this is a tragedy that not only Carleton bears, but also each of his sons also learn about and remember. This poor boy’s sacrifice brought Carleton to rescue boys who are suffering and needing his help. Introducing each new son and explaining the very sad story helps each one understand how the rescues began and why it is so important to Carleton. Thank you for another chapter that was both heart wrenching and inspiring. I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😢❤️
  12. flesco

    Chapter 4

    Excellent chapter! Having all of his sons greet and welcome Chris as their newest brother was the reassurance that he needed to allow himself to relax and be grateful to Dad for his rescue. Maria certainly has her hands full with a house full of boys. The Limousine is the perfect vehicle for them to use since they are generally ignored by the public and can transport new son’s without leaving a trace for nefarious individuals to try and get their property back. Carleton should buy his own and hire a driver/ bodyguard to help protect the family. I am really looking forward to meeting the other
  13. flesco

    Chapter 3

    Outstanding chapter! Chris tested Carleton and was relieved to find out that there was no interest overnight. I think that Chris has decided that wherever he ends up will be better than where he was. He also said that he would run away if forced into sexual abuse. This boy has taken a great risk and will be very happy with Carleton and his boys. I am looking forward to the next chapter and learning more about each of the boys. 😃❤️
  14. flesco

    Chapter 2

    Excellent chapter! Chris has taken a large risk by going with Carleton. He is suspicious but he is tempted by the promise that he will be safe and never will be forced to leave sex with men again. It is clear from the lunch and dinner meals that Chris has been deprived of decent food and is enjoying the taste of their quality meals. I think that Chris will cooperate with Carleton and be wary of anything that hints that he is being led into another bad situation. I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️
  15. flesco

    Chapter 1

    Outstanding chapter! Carleton has the resources and the dedication to help those children who have been taken advantage of. His altruism is extraordinarily rare. I am really happy that the boy was lucky that he was sent to investigate the man who was watching. It appears that he is being rescued and will be kept safe. I am really enjoying this story and am definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️
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