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Found 17 results

  1. I have not played the original game but I like Double Fines games, (Brutal Legend comes to mind) and if you watch the xbox games event with this part, they show that the person singing the song in this video is Jack Black. This game looks like an acid trip, but very interesting.
  2. Wow! This is coming to all systems in 2021.
  3. I'm definitely liking the interaction between the characters. And I know Rocksteady has been doing great with games. (Batman Arkham series)
  4. This trailer looks interesting. The gameplay looks pretty nice. They didn't tag platforms on this, which is a bit suspicious. They better not make it exclusive somewhere...
  5. So one of Microsoft's oldest living franchise, Microsoft Flight Simulator, released a new version today. And can I just say... whoa. When I save I live in NY, people always assume this: But the city is small rancid pimple on the State of New York. Here's a shot, from 6600 feet up, about halfway between home and where I went to school. So much farm country. And that huge body of water on the top of the picture is Lake Ontario. The visuals in this game (at this distance) are crazy insane. They don't look as good when you try to zoom.. but for flight... it looks like you are looking out of plane window. It's included in Game Pass. Game Pass is $1 for 30 days to try out. Just saying.
  6. Just a thread to post about Gaymer things, and memes... To start: The Elder Scrolls Online, don't nearly have enough ass slider. Can barely get a bubble butt on my Khajiit.
  7. During the big Xbox Games event today, Obsidian Entertainment announced the new Avowed. This game is set in the same world as Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity 1 and 2. It is looking like Obsidian's take on Bethesda's Elder Scrolls game. Since their take on the Fallout Games (both Fallout: New Vegas and Outer Worlds) were better than Bethesda's latest entries in Fallout, here's hoping they have a good go at beating them on Skyrim.
  8. I always love playing video games that offer the player the ability to make their own decisions like the customization of their character’s appearance and skills. I especially love it when that choosability extends to romancing different characters. The best example I can think of right now is the video-game series called Mass Effect. I loved romancing Kaiden Alenko during the third game, and a fun fact is the face model for this character is an openly gay man. It’s a shame the player couldn’t romance him in the first game of trilogy if they played as a male Shepard. Rumors have been spreading that a remastered version of the trilogy is in the works. If that’s true, I hope they allow male Shepard to romance Kaiden at the very beginning because there is direct evidence that shows Kaiden and another character Ashley Williams could’ve been romanced regardless of Shepard’s gender. I’m really looking forward to playing Cyberpunk 2077 when it’s released on November. From what I watched and read, the game will allow players to romance characters of the same gender. You’re even allowed to choose who your character hookups with at the beginning of the game haha. I’m in desperate need for a video game that allows the player to have an in-depth, gay romance since other games that have this feature that I’ve played didn’t satisfy my romantic itch. Mass Effect as well as the Dragon Age series are great examples of romance done right, with other games like Fallout 4 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey feeling like it was more of an afterthought than an integral part of the game. Do you know of any video-game romances that you remembered and loved, particularly in the LGBT department?
  9. So Obsidian, one of the best RPG-centric game studios, released The Outer Worlds a few weeks ago. I've been meaning to make a post about it for awhile. I love the writing and quirky humor in the game. This is pretty much what this studio is known for. I'm enjoying the game when I get those few moments to disappear into it. And it's worth pointing out that if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ($10 per month), this game is included on it for box Xbox and PC. New subscribers can sign up for a $1. talk about value! Anyway, well worth buying it too.
  10. Grounded, the new game by RPG masters, Obsidian, is coming out soon. The demo is in trial flight on Xbox Insider. I played it a bit. It seems like a game that I'll end up dropping time into. There is a arachnophobia filter too. It prompts you when you first start. Anyone else looking forward to the game?
  11. The astute among you might have noticed I left off part of the game's name. That's because, that name is the only thing that appears to have anything to do with Assassin's Creed. Starting with the Ancient Egypt Simulator "Origins", followed by Greece "Odyssey", Ubisoft has been focused on making historical light RPG/combat games and slapping the Assassin's Creed label on it. The game looks interesting enough, but I'm pretty turned off, frankly, by the lack of stealth, simpler mechanics. They are no longer games you can just drop into and play. Managing all this RPG stuff takes focus and dedication. I stopped playing Odyssey when I kept getting killed by a dog and kind of lost interest in it. You hardly feel like an powerful bogey man when the family pet wipes you out. I'm sure I'll play it some day, but the feeling of meh I got from Origins just accelerated downhill with Odyssey. Valhalla is not on my day one list, which will be the first A/C game since AC2 that is true for.
  12. I know guys that devour kilowatts powering their video games, but I get by maxing out around 45 watts, because I like turn-based games where a pause is granted after every move, as in chess and other board games. These games tend to require a lot of strategy but little or no reflexes. In fact, they are better for old farts that may not be as quick on the draw anymore. I don't like real-time games because of the pressure to remain always in the game. That can be really engrossing. I like to quickly tab to another window and visit a web site or answer the phone if I need to without worrying about having to hit the Pause button. Some turn-based games I like are online chess at chess.com, a gay-friendly site, where one can play with people all over the world, and the Battle for Wesnoth, which is pretty cool. Both of these are free, by the way, and run fine on all kinds of computers with minimal resources. You can check out the Battle for Wesnoth here: http://www.wesnoth.org/
  13. The Opening cinematic looks awesome. Baldur's Gate III
  14. Anybody else preorder this game? Or even heard of it, I guess? Today is release day and I should be arriving home after work to a delivery from Amazon! I’m probably gonna nerd out all weekend, just wanted to see if anyone else had any interest in this game. It basically looks to be a retro-feeling/looking RPG in the style of old Final Fantasy games but told from the perspective of 8 characters. I’ll of course have more input after I start playing, but if anyone has anything to add, please discuss!
  15. Hi all! I just ran out of things to play *carefully ignoring the pile of Steam sale uninstalled games on my account* and I'd like to get ideas for what to play next. Most of all, I love a good storyline while playing. I'm thinking something immersive and multifaceted like Mass Effect, or short yet unforgettable like Portal. What do you guys like? Which games made you go, wow, that story blew my mind? -Albert
  16. "There's your boat! Go left! Go left!" "OMG! This controller's so gross, why is this controller so gross?" "That's me seven times a day in my car." "He's got a life expectancy of eight seconds." "Who needs Wade? Has he contributed anything so far? Toothless meth tweaker." "How do we get to the strip club?" "It just looks like she's having some sort of insulin shock seizure." "You know what, my erection broke my fall." "Wait I just got shot and I went to the hospital? This is sort of a pro-Obama Care message. He just got shot and went to the crappiest-looking hospital in the world and an hour later he's walking around." "Kick me out of the strip club and I come back with a missile-firing chopper."
  17. Hey there, fellow gamers! I just recently started playing FF6 and am at the point where Terra turns into some weird thing and flies off after speaking to an Esper. I'm really enjoying the storyline so far, and being able to return to 2D graphics is an interesting distraction from writing. So, to all the gamers out there who have played Final Fantasy VI, what is your opinion about the game, and is it one that you would recommend?
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