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  1. Disjecta Membra


    Thank you very much for giving it a read! I’m glad you enjoyed it!
  2. Disjecta Membra


    Thank you very much for that phenomenal compliment! Sincerely, that is such a humbling thing to hear. I’m very glad you enjoyed the story, and I can’t wait to get the next installment out! I am also planning on doing a series of short stories based in this world to keep everything alive until the next one is completed, so keep your eyes peeled!
  3. Disjecta Membra


    Broadswords Epilogue She sat silently in her cell. There was a drip somewhere in the darkness, and the occasional scurrying noises made by rats, but otherwise there were no sounds. It made it easy for her to get lost in her thoughts. Though many people in the kingdom of Jhirdyr might not remember who the king had once been, Rea could never forget. He used to be an advocate for the mancies. Back when Rea was younger and coming into her own, she remembered how the king had supported the abilities of those capable of mancies, both divination and manipulation. Then one day, thing
  4. Broadswords Chapter Forty-Nine The Nightfall Birten rolled to one side, watching the subtle rise and fall of Kep's chest as he slept soundlessly next to him. The activities earlier that evening had meant a lot to him. He hadn't felt so cared for in as long as he could remember. It had been a long time since he'd felt that way with Daegon. He fought the urge to envelop Kep in his arms. He wanted that closeness, but he knew that Kep getting his rest was much more important. After everything that had happened, all of them that were involved needed a mass quantity of sleep. So he di
  5. Broadswords Chapter Forty-Eight The Stones The wood surrounding the cave was pretty much lost. The kingdom had called upon all of its magic-wielding citizens to help with relief efforts, and Phërion had summoned a few Hydromancers from Dorderia to assist with the quelling of the flames. But their journey wasn't a quick one, and most of the damage had already been done by the time they'd arrived. Harmon couldn't help but wonder why the amount of destruction couldn't have been seen in any visions by any of the mancers, and as a result they could have had Hydromancers at the ready.
  6. Yes, his logic is a little off. He had a lot of time to himself while he was banished, and that changed his mental state a bit. Just like how he found it logical to try to destroy an entire kingdom because of that banishment, instead of going directly for Harmon and/or the king. In the same sense though, there will likely be some less than logical areas who will point blame on the people they felt should have stopped it before it got to this point. The Sanguistis killed Elsior so fast because he took it to the heart. So it was drawing blood directly from the source. From Harmon’s sta
  7. I will confirm that yes, Elsior is truly dead. However, his magic does not die with him. The stones will remain stones for an unspecified amount of time, so the group is really going to have to get into gear to figure out what they’re going to do.
  8. Broadswords Chapter Forty-Seven The Battle, Part Three Kep didn't feel any sense of remorse for having his mother imprisoned. Initially, he expected that he'd at least feel something. A lingering thought at the back of his mind, or a sharpness in the depths of his stomach. But he didn't. It needed to be done, it was right, and his body wasn't burdening him with guilt over it. In any event, he'd been reunited with Birten. It was overwhelming. Their embrace had felt so right to him, and he had to resist the urge to kiss him. He wanted to, that was for certain. But he did not want
  9. Broadswords Chapter Forty-Six The Battle, Part Two Von was dead. Kasaj and Orvit, the seventh- and eighth-ranked slayers, were dead. Their numbers were dwindling at a rapid pace. One battle had already cut the Jhirdyrian slayers down by a third. And it didn't seem like it was slowing down one bit. Daegon was uncharacteristically finding himself doubting their chances. He didn't often have such a grim outlook, but this was different. While Elan was battling alongside Tayrick and Feodoro, Daegon's group wasn't as well-rounded. Lana, the only non-slayer involved, was holding her ow
  10. Broadswords Chapter Forty-Five The Battle, Part One It was quickly clear to Elan how Von's death had occurred. These dragons were unlike any he'd ever encountered. He was the best slayer in Jhirdyr, and though there were no world rankings, he was sure he was one of the best across all of the continents. Still, even his most epic slays weren't as intense as the battle he was part of now. He knew that the other two slayers and his squire would absolutely be in agreeance. The unrestrained power Elsior undoubtedly had was mimicked in his creations. The beasts were ferocious and unta
  11. Broadswords Chapter Forty-Four The Reversal As they neared the castle's main entrance, Kep was starting to get nervous. He was finally going to see Birten again, after all this time, but he wasn't sure what to expect. He knew there was a chance that Birten wouldn't remember him. Based on what he'd heard about the squire's condition, there was a lot of things that Birten was struggling with inside his head. Considering their interactions had been minimal, Kep feared that Birten might look at him as if he was any other passerby. On their way to the castle, he'd gained a small amou
  12. Broadswords Chapter Forty-Three The Reunion Working the bar just didn't feel right to Kep considering everything that was going on. But they still had a business to run. As long as the kingdom wasn't destroyed, that was. And he couldn't keep letting Sal handle everything on his own. His brother had only just been getting involved in helping out running the inn, and the experience at the cave had put a damper on that. So as much as he didn't feel up to it, Kep was back to pouring drinks for their patrons. Phërion and Roark had offered to help, but Kep declined. It was true that n
  13. Disjecta Membra

    The Dove

    The Sanguistis could prove useful, certainly. Especially considering how its powers work, it would give them a potential leg up against a breed of dragons that they don’t know much about. However, I think it’s also safe to say Elan won’t touch the thing again, and most of the other slayers don’t know anything about it. That’s not to say, of course, that it won’t come back into play. You haven’t seen the last of the Sanguistis, that’s for sure. Von was ranked third, after Elan and Tayrick.
  14. Disjecta Membra

    The Dove

    Double posting (Deleted)
  15. Disjecta Membra

    The Dove

    Broadswords Chapter Forty-Two The Dove "Sir, this arrived for you via messenger dove." Elan looked up at the guard, who'd entered without knocking. He had told the castle's kingsmen to enter the room immediately should a letter arrive for him and not worry about etiquette. Which meant something was already happening at the cave. He snatched the small scroll from the guard and unrolled it quickly, letting his eyes scan over the few words written there. He didn't need to, of course. He knew what it said. But the words still sent a shudder down his spine. It has begun. In truth
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