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Musings on the concepts of romance in gay fiction

After watching my most recent gay Anime binge, Heaven Official's Blessing, and starting on the books in the same series, I've begun to get a bit more philosophical about gay romance, when confronted with such a slow burn gay romance that allows me to deconstruct what gay romance is. My forays into various stories and books revolving around gay relationships from mundane high school boyfriends to intergalactic soap opera power couples has given me some food for thought,  I've also compared


W_L in Life

Why is it so hard to find love?

One of the sad truths about being gay and single, it's hard to have a relationship with a decent guy. Sex is a few clicks away, but someone who wants to talk, make dinner together, or walk around the streets is harder to come by. Then, when you do find those kinds of guys, there's a fatal flaw with them: they enjoy sneaking kisses in back alleys (Uh, it's dark and the dumpster reeks), they blow out your tastebuds with some kind of pepper since you told them you enjoy spice (I like spicy, but God


W_L in Life

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