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Total randomness and opinions and rants

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Banks in america

I guess this one is more venting frustration then anything. I guess the best way to show how deep this frustration goes, is to fill in some back story. Right out of high school I started working in the food service industry to work my way through college. I was in for the long haul to pursue a doctorate in archeology. I have loved the field as long as I can remember. I still do to this day. While I never did make it to PhD, I did get as far as two masters degrees. But along the way, I fell in lo




Defund the Police?

I can honestly say that I don't enjoy how my country is being hit by cries and protests to defund the police. But, I can't blaim them. Today I neither trust or respect law enforcement in my state. It didn't use to be that way. I remember when I was growing up, most of our city and county officers were like Andy Griffith and Barney Fife. They helped us when we were lost. When I drove alone for the first time and wrecked my mothers car they helped me and the car get home, granted I still got a tic

disconnects of camping

Todays requested topic is camping. I decided to take a comical approach to the topic and relay a few mishaps that have happened on camping trips. Yes, some of them happened to me, and some of them happened to friends. When I was younger I was a member of cub scouts, and then boy scouts. That relates to a lot of camping experience. Once I received my Eagle Scout award and my bronze and silver I aged out and became an active member of a GO (gay outdoors) chapter. Over twenty years later I still ge

Parenting 101

I'm not sure if i look at things differently because I've never raised my own kids. I've spent a lot of time raising other peoples kids. I signed off on my son when he was three years old. With all that considered, I don't think i count as anything close to a parenting expert. However I can't help but wonder what has happened to parenting these days. I've seen quite a few atrocities and sat there and wondered how a parent could get to that level. Let me give you a few examples of what I've seen

update and magic

So it has been decided by my friends, they request two blogs a week. They also decided for me, well my husband decided, that Wednesday would be fans choice. What little "fans" i have decided that today's topic is "magic". Any of the readers that are not monotheistic know that this is one hell of a doozy, and that fitting that into a simple little blog is pretty much impossible. To accommodate the relatively condensed setting of a blog I decided to focus on my monotheistic readers. I guess the be

My opinion on why covid is destroying america

I know everyone is tired of hearing about covid-19. I'm not here to talk about how dangerous it is, or voice my opinion one way or the other on masks. I'm here as a front line worker venting my opinion on how capitalism and this virus are a mix for destroying my country. In all honesty I should probably have titled this entry more accurately, but I want your attention. But let's get to my point. I realize that some of you reading this don't understand and can't fathom a job outside 9-5, weekends

Today and yesterday

Opinions, everyone has one. Today is no different then yesterday. We all have an opinion, and we all want to be heard. There are so many voices online. Writting your opinion today is very much like shouting into a crowd trying to find your friend. I realize I'm showing my age here, but I remember opinions before the age of internet. Back when I was a kid, and back when I was active in the gay rights movement. Things were so much simpler to be heard. There was a lot more work involved, but it was

Updates And Randomness

today was fun and amusing. on this site for a few days, and already making mistakes, lol. ADD and writing always make a fun mix. I have quit a few projects saved on this site already, just not any that were set to be published. talk about amusing and embarrassing when you get an email about something being denied for publishing for whatever reason and not realizing you had clicked to publish rather then save to finish later. at least on the fun side I did actually publish a piece of work that I




Intro Blog

Hello everyone. It is a pleasure to join your community. A publisher recommended joining this site to get my works out and about. I do a lot of poetry, short stories, and blogging. I am currently trying my pen at a full length novel. I do look forward to interacting with all of you



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