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Banks in america



I guess this one is more venting frustration then anything. I guess the best way to show how deep this frustration goes, is to fill in some back story. Right out of high school I started working in the food service industry to work my way through college. I was in for the long haul to pursue a doctorate in archeology. I have loved the field as long as I can remember. I still do to this day. While I never did make it to PhD, I did get as far as two masters degrees. But along the way, I fell in love with food service. I learned the skills to be a great waiter, bartender, and cook. My customer service skills are the envy of several coworkers over the years. After 30 years in the industry however, I have realized I am aging and slowing down. I can no longer run circles around other pros in the field. So I decided to take my skills, and start the venture of running my own slower paced business. But I don't want to leave the customers behind. Along the years I have picked up a lot of knowledge in the herb and natural remedy department. What better idea then to open up a tea and coffee shop that sells great teas and coffees. Other then the fact that in my opinion my earl gray and lady gray are better then anything anywhere else, except in England. I would have to get several lives of practice to beat those chaps at the tea game. I would also plan to sell herbal remedies and cosmetics all made from the same plants I used to make the tea blends. Add in a sitting parlor where you could sample the teas, or just sit and have coffee with your friends, how could this be a bad idea. So I spent a couple years making recipies, researching costs and licensing. Built a great business plan, and saved up almost $8 grand to go for this. I took all the paperwork to a few banks a week ago. All of them impressed with my business plan and research. I even have a pharmacist on board to work there so I can delve more deeply into the alternative medicine aspect. I finally today got calls back from the banks. Even though I spent 30 years in a service industry, have worked my way up to district manager. I am no stranger to ordering, rotation, supply and demand, payroll, accounting, taxes, insurances, all of them way to familiar to me. However the all turned me down. Since I have no experience in retail, there is apparently no way I could know what I am doing. Since my 8 years of university did not include business management, I am apparently clueless to what it would take to make this work. But apparently I have a great business plan, and my knowledge in teas, cosmetics, edible plants, and medicinal plants was quite astounding to them. But I don't qualify for the loan because I have no knowledge or experience. I've done test sales through friends stores, and sold out of product in less then 3 days everytime, over a dozen trials. But alas, that doesn't matter to them. Like seriously, what the **** you **** ******* *** licking **** crunching, **** faced, (insert several more expletives) wanker morons. I've always been told, bust your ass, work hard, save for a rainy day, enjoy the little things, and love your job. I guess that just isn't enough. To get money, you have to prove you don't need money I guess. That's ok, once our economy and health care crash with in the next year or two, I'll be in high demand, so I guess take that bitches, lol. But sorry for the babbling folks, and I hope the rant was at least somewhat entertaining. Enjoy your day/evening, and have a blast wherever you are. 

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