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Today and yesterday



Opinions, everyone has one. Today is no different then yesterday. We all have an opinion, and we all want to be heard. There are so many voices online. Writting your opinion today is very much like shouting into a crowd trying to find your friend. I realize I'm showing my age here, but I remember opinions before the age of internet. Back when I was a kid, and back when I was active in the gay rights movement. Things were so much simpler to be heard. There was a lot more work involved, but it was so much simpler. There was no "hashtags" or "key words". You either needed a megaphone, or the ability to get published. When you shouted into the crowd, everyone listened. Opinions use to have clout. I remember speaking at rallies, so many people hanging on silence for every word that dropped from my lips. I remember when I would write an opinion piece for the paper, thousands of response letters would flood in. The first time I got published, was actually because a person that worked for the publisher was at a rally I was speaking at. When you wrote back then, you had to have a grasp of grammar. Well unless you wrote poetry, my grammer doesn't suck I ment to do that. Have you read the news articles today? The grammer and spelling is so horrible, it's like it was written for and by a first grader. Today you just type on your computer and click send. There is no thought of grammer. There is no thought of quality. There is no thought of meaning. Your only thought today, is how many pound signs you can add to make sure your piece stands out. The art is hurting, no one cares if their piece stands the test of time. A writer today, only cares about the number of views. Too many voices coming from the crowd. You would think the art of story telling would last ages, I'm beginning to think our art is dying. Our stories are slowly fading to time. All I can think about, is comparing our world to "Fahrenheit 451" and that's a dreadfully chilling thought indeed. 

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Mmm, storytelling is not dying.  But you're right, there are too many voices many without the talent to write.  Nearly everyone feels they can write. That they are the next Hemmingway, Steinbeck or King ... sadly it's not true. Those people would be better off writing a journal or possibly a blog, or writing for themselves.

There are still writers out there who put in the hours, effort, research and editing required. We do it for nothing, only asking for a like or a comment on our work.

We should be grateful not everyone feels they can paint, or sculpt ... can you imagine?

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