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    my personal interest are very seriously random and unpredictable. my only interesting that has always stayed in my life is writing and travel.

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  1. The only thing that worries me, is how this world functions with captured souls. Is the demons influence totally nullified? Do the chains keep his aura contained? Will he be able to still manipulate his minions? Or even worse, will he be able to manipulate chris? Just from studying ancient mysticism, various exorcisms and demonology, there is so many ways this could all turn out for the parties involved. Either way, I see a flood of loyal demon spawn trying to find a way to free their master.
  2. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 1

    Beautiful rendition of pern. Always been a fan of those books, and it's great to read a fan fic that actually does the original proud. Very good job, and I hope there is more stories to follow.
  3. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Last Words

    Beautiful and worth the wait. All evil cliff hangers are forgiven. Several questions of what's gonna happen next, but that could end up in so many stories. I hope all their stories keep going
  4. What can I say, I had a soft spot for Dorian once he was introduced. I mean to find out he's a dick from being poisoned, and then to learn all the good he did and find out why he was corrupted. How can you not fall in love and feel sympathy for the great man he was s'posed to be.
  5. *sits on edge of seat* is it monday yet? How about now? Now? Has it been a week? Uggghhhhhh. Too much suspense. I wanna see the blood and exile, I want to see the family destroyed for the safety off all Lycans. How about cover him in silver till he dies? Retribution from the elementals? Will the other species attack Levi's family now? I hope so. Is it monday yet?
  6. RainbowPhoenixWI


    You are forgiven for the last chapter, but oh so short. I'm gonna be rereading the last few chapters over and over again all week. At least this one is a gentler cliff hanger, but holding my breath all week is gonna be a bitch, lol
  7. RainbowPhoenixWI


    Beautiful work as always. But WTF
  8. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 9

    Holy impressive political play. I've never seen a writer throw so many plot threads so artfully. You are keeping everything so beautifully entwined. Between this one and the previous two stories there is so much I could compliment on. My only regret is I wish I would have waited to read the first story until you finished this one. I can't wait to see where the story goes next.
  9. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Dr Chapter 32

    I just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying your story a lot. It's quite a bit slower pace then what I usually read, but the way you work your art is making it a very enjoyable experience. I find myself checking my phone daily to see if there is an update to what the doctor and his family are up to. Thank you for sharing the story.
  10. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 83

    Amazing work. I can honestly say one of the most beautiful wrap ups I've ever read. Thank you so much for the weeks of cliffhangers, emotional roller coasters, side twists and front twists. The months of anguish and waiting, I've never had a more intense reading experience. Take it how you will, but it's ment as a compliment .... the only experience I would find better and more fulfilling is getting dragged around for a couple months by willy Wonka from the original movie. Thank you for sharring your work. If you ever right real physical books, let me know so I can add you to my library. You sir are worth the 50 bucks for a hard cover copy.
  11. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 82

    No matter how you end it, the next chapter is gonna be bittersweet. It's been an enjoyable experience being exposed to your art. I can't wait for the conclusion
  12. I love you and hate you as an artist right now. The last couple of chapters has been nothing but a blur .... literally. Such beautiful work when you can keep a reader in tears for such an extended period. Whether it's because you hit that close to home, or because you are such an excellent artist, keep up the great work. For all my bitching and blinking, I love that you are pulling my heart strings. If you're publishing your stuff in hard copy let me know so I can buy the books and make my husband experience your work.
  13. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 14

    Well done, and worth the wait. I look forward to what happens next
  14. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 21

    Very beautiful story and well done art
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