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    my personal interest are very seriously random and unpredictable. my only interesting that has always stayed in my life is writing and travel.

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  1. After all the emotions you've brought out in your previous writings, again with the water works. Always reading through the blur of tears. Keep doing good and keep pulling the heart strings
  2. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 36

    Well, nice to see Margaret hasn't changed. *insert sarcasm warning here* I'm just wondering what clues I missed to figure what she's doing behind the scenes. I've reread the whole story 4 times now, trying to piece together her motives and actions. At this point I'm half expecting to find she's behind some of the terrorist actions.
  3. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 34

    Adorable ..... I had to read it twice to process the cuteness overload. It's like watching my kids when they started dating.
  4. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 34

    Glad things turned out well with the guards. I hope Margaret let's something happen so that she permanently loses the ability to have sway over anything involving the boys. Maybe Jason will do good enough that him and Devyn are moved to the palace.
  5. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 33

    Well that just adds another layer of WTF, totally worried about the kids psyche now. Then again, it could cause another situation that will get them both away from the insane tyrant.
  6. I'm glad things settled for you guys. I feel your pain. I am hyperglycemic, and it's the cause of most of the spats between me and my husband. I know you're not asking for help or advice here, but the mother hen in me wants to point out a couple tips that will help you or anyone that ends up with their sugars dropping. Always have orange juice or simple syrup on hand, those two are the healthiest way to get your sugars to spike. Sugar water lasts a long time with out expiring, we keep a soda bottle of it in our fridge. Another thing is making sure you are eating enough carbs and protiens, that's the reasons snickers bars work so well when people are "hangry", they have quick sugars, carbs, and proteins. The last thing eating on time, set an alarm if ya have too, but make sure you eat something every 3-4 hours, it doesn't have to be a meal. Just a hand full of nuts, or a few slices of apples. Random sugar drops can happen to anyone, whether you have a condition or not. I am sorry for the long and unsolicited response, but living with sugar problems for 30 years now I figured a couple tips would be beneficial to you and anyone who reads this.
  7. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 23

    True enough from the doctor. I'm guessing the foster kid thing just sticks in my head because one of my friends is about to lose his 2 year old to the system (no sympathy needed, it's actually gonna be better for his child). I honestly wonder what I would do if I adopted a kid and him and my son ended up falling for each other. That really is a tough one to think about. I definitely wouldn't fully discourage it. That same situation has been in more documentaries then I can count, so I don't consider it an unnatural behavior. I've seen quite a few times where step-siblings have fallen for each other. So I would consider it normal but uncommon in both the animal and human world. But society doesn't always see things that way.
  8. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 23

    I've always wondered why a lot of foster kids see foster families as actual relatives and siblings. I admit I'm rather ignorant on the emotional side of that situation. I've never been through the system myself, but I've known a few people that have. About half of the ones I know view the foster families as if they are their birth families. Sometimes while I've been reading this I wonder why I can't comprehend that aspect of it.
  9. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 24

    I recommend The Neko series, and Brother. Those are a couple of my favs so far Also, I didn't mean to sidetrack the thread, but you two and mannramblings are my favs on this site.
  10. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 24

    This night come off pretentious, and that is not my intent. I just wanted to comment that I've noticed a good chunk of similarities between yours and Yeoldebard's style and work. Due to that, I honestly think it would be awesome to some day see a collaboration/crossover piece from you two. You're both great writers, easily top 10 from everything I've read over the past 40 years.
  11. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 44

    This was a great adventure you took us on. I can't wait for the next one.
  12. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 23

    Ahhhhhhhh, flippen cliff hanger from hell. Well done, but *** **** ************ ***** *** *****. Beautiful as always, I can't wait to read what happens next
  13. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 43

    So beautiful. You always amaze me with the way you tie things together. I'm honestly torn on if I want to cry for a sequel, a story of what happens to the twins. Or if I want to be content with how this is wrapping up. You never fail in your delivery of perfect art.
  14. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 21

    I don't know about the pack leaders, but I'm ready for the shit to hit the fan. I try very hard to be the fan that never says this, but my breath is held and I'm leaning far enough forward to fall on my arse. I'm two seconds from begging for the next chapter
  15. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 42

    Am I the only one that is sitting here wondering how these events could be used to fix/cure rabids? Like do they just need a stronger wolf to bite them? Or do they turn rabid because there is no mate?
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