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    my personal interest are very seriously random and unpredictable. my only interesting that has always stayed in my life is writing and travel.

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  1. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 24

    I recommend The Neko series, and Brother. Those are a couple of my favs so far Also, I didn't mean to sidetrack the thread, but you two and mannramblings are my favs on this site.
  2. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 24

    This night come off pretentious, and that is not my intent. I just wanted to comment that I've noticed a good chunk of similarities between yours and Yeoldebard's style and work. Due to that, I honestly think it would be awesome to some day see a collaboration/crossover piece from you two. You're both great writers, easily top 10 from everything I've read over the past 40 years.
  3. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 44

    This was a great adventure you took us on. I can't wait for the next one.
  4. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 23

    Ahhhhhhhh, flippen cliff hanger from hell. Well done, but *** **** ************ ***** *** *****. Beautiful as always, I can't wait to read what happens next
  5. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 43

    So beautiful. You always amaze me with the way you tie things together. I'm honestly torn on if I want to cry for a sequel, a story of what happens to the twins. Or if I want to be content with how this is wrapping up. You never fail in your delivery of perfect art.
  6. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 21

    I don't know about the pack leaders, but I'm ready for the shit to hit the fan. I try very hard to be the fan that never says this, but my breath is held and I'm leaning far enough forward to fall on my arse. I'm two seconds from begging for the next chapter
  7. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 42

    Am I the only one that is sitting here wondering how these events could be used to fix/cure rabids? Like do they just need a stronger wolf to bite them? Or do they turn rabid because there is no mate?
  8. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 16

    Very enlightening discussion, if you can find it I recommend reading "The Psychology of a Wolf". It was a sociology book that I read back in high-school. It went very in depth into how humans are very ingrained with the ABO concept, and how wolves and other pack animals actually achieve what drpaladin says is an idealistic concept. Kinda funny that animals achieve what we can't, and we portray our strongest social faults into any animal based vision we can.
  9. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 19

    I'm glad your touched, just remember what the definition of art is. The written word classifies as art just as much as a painter or a musician. So you traded a painters brush for a poets pen. It's a different medium, but still a beautiful piece of work.
  10. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 19

    Beautiful story so far. I love how you are able to keep me so intensly in the action. When I'm reading this I truly feel like I'm an unnamed character that is always there in the background. You're a great artist, keep it going
  11. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 41

    WTF, I did not see that coming ... Maddie? What? For real? I was expecting to find out that Sawyer was a bastard child of Fergus. Not that Maddie was a wolf. Did I miss a clue? I figured She had all the dogs to warn her of wolves, not because she was one. I guess at least we know that body removal will be a swift and easy process. I'm just impressed, after reading almost every thing you have on this site, I thought I had all your patterns and ideas figured out. You still surprised me. If you don't manage to get as big as stephan king I'm going to be very pissed at karma and the fates.
  12. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 8

    As an assult survivor, I just want to say thank you. You've done an amazing job of showing what a person goes through when they are recovering after the event. I've never seen an author work so hard to include the little things. So thank you for working some healing into your words.
  13. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 35

    Holy wow, I did not see that coming. I don't know which i' hoping for more, her to become a full wolf, or to die in surgery. If she doesn't make a complete change, that will damage so many people
  14. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 2

    Omg, viva wisconsin. If this story ends up in the northwoods between wausau and rhinelander I'm gonna be happier then a pig in mud, lol
  15. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 29

    I second that motion! Do we have a third? Then we can take that shit to vote and make it law
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