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    my personal interest are very seriously random and unpredictable. my only interesting that has always stayed in my life is writing and travel.

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  1. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 21

    As a rape surviver, i have to thank you for this chapter. I have dealt with countless shrinks over the years to get them to understand the distinctions you so beautifully wrote. Very moved and very greatful for your talent
  2. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 11

    Not that easy for someone experiencing though. You honestly believe that the abuser is above the law. I can't count the times i was in the interview room with the cops, or talking to the cops at the hospital, or from a friends house. "I'm really clumsy and accident prone .... no, i fell down the stairs. ... yes i'm aware my house has no stairs, that's just how clumsy i am, they just appear for me and i fall upwards. .... " the same stories even to people who had managed to witness the attacks. Abusers don't get that bad over night.
  3. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 11

    I don't mean to start a fight here, but some of you guys should look into "battered wife syndrom" and other effects of an abusive relationship. What you are saying isn't as easy as you think. I feel sorry for the poor woman, if she was real, the amount of terror she had to have faced just to sneak over to her friends house.
  4. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 10

    Great job. I think it's beautiful how well you are portraying Devon. Very few writters are able to capture what it would be like to be in those shoes. I've never seen a writter put into words what has gone through my head living through something like that. The emotions and possesiveness of what little you have. Very beautiful
  5. Too right on that one makes every day that much better
  6. today was fun and amusing. on this site for a few days, and already making mistakes, lol. ADD and writing always make a fun mix. I have quit a few projects saved on this site already, just not any that were set to be published. talk about amusing and embarrassing when you get an email about something being denied for publishing for whatever reason and not realizing you had clicked to publish rather then save to finish later. at least on the fun side I did actually publish a piece of work that I wanted to rather then just save it. The joys of being technologically declined. On the plus side I have found this site to be full of tons of polite and helpful people. and of course once I become more familiar with this site I will be having a blog that is actually worth reading .... hopefully ....
  7. Thanks man. I'm excited to get my work up on here. I'm hoping to have some things posted by the end of the week
  8. Hello everyone. It is a pleasure to join your community. A publisher recommended joining this site to get my works out and about. I do a lot of poetry, short stories, and blogging. I am currently trying my pen at a full length novel. I do look forward to interacting with all of you
  9. If you're still looking for a good story, I forgot who the author is, but the story is titled "the rider's pride"
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