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The Adermoor Chronicle # 2: Many Sleepless Nights

The hour draws nigh to post the first chapter for the third part of Adermoor Cove. While Lane Hardy is still the main protagonist and focus of the story, this episode focuses on a secondary protagonist, as will the first half of the fourth one (the one I'm currently working on). These characters each have had their own strange experiences that causes them to question the life-is-perfect appearance of the island, and ultimately being drawn into the conflict. This episode focuses on Carlos Santino

The Adermoor Cove Chronicle: The Inspirations Behind Adermoor Cove

Adermoor Cove is a serial I'm working on about a town on an island just off the coast of Maine and a young man who goes to the town in search for answers. The young man, Lane Hardy has been on the run for a year, being stalked by a supernatural force he doesn't understand, as well as his own uncontrollable powers. Adermoor Cove is supposedly where the dark source comes from. As he tries to find out more about the dark forces and his own past, he discovers the town isn't what it seems. Today

All About Me (Just How I Like It) :)

My name is Valentine Davis. Even though I have been a member of Gay Authors since October I consider myself to be a rookie. I always believed that writing was the hardest part of being an author but actually writing a book isn't really that hard, the editing process is. It's also the most painful. You spend so long working on your baby and helping it grow and develop into this wonderful masterpiece and then people critique it and you go from to .   Even though I'm from Indiana (I'm currentl



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