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About this blog

This is my blog section - I know, that's obvious right. Well Each Sunday I'll chuck a few words down and depending on the time I have to spend on my blogs - due to work commitments, writing, editing... or just having a general life away from blogging and this site - will really depend on what goes here. It could be just me spilling my brain's contents or something al little more interesting - You be the judge of what is interesting!

Lastly you can find all my story Schedules here for rhose of you waiting for chapters as I normally have 2 stories on the go.

Be well


Entries in this blog

Ask Me Anything - James Matthews 1st Q&A! Plus Whats Planned In StoryLand!

The BIG and Debut James Matthews Q&A Ask me Anything! Plus, whats planned and coming soon!   Thank you very much for all your questions, whether through GA or e-mail. I got 13 in all (lucky for some) and am happy to answer all of them. So you should all have an answer. I am not leaving any out. Lol. Some I will keep short as they do not really need explaining. Some do. After the Q&A, I will be giving you my rough plans story-wise for those who follow and read my

James Matthews

James Matthews in Q&A's

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