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  1. Jake was wrapped up in his bed under the blankets, watching something nondescript on TV, thinking, as usual, about Cody. Their 'relationship', if you could call it that, had not really developed into anything substantial; at least that's the way Jake felt about it. Each time he approached Cody on the subject, he seemed indifferent and even cold at times. Jake himself was not helping matters when he kept brushing away Cody's attempts to discuss the future, like if they actually planned to stay in
  2. As Alan, Jenny, and Cody stood outside Jake's ward, Cody looked at Jenny nervously. In fact, nervously was a tremendous understatement. From Jenny's point of view, the look in Cody's eyes suggested he had just been told the world was ending, and this was his 4-minute warning. "Alan, why don't you go in and see Jake. I need to have a word with Cody, and I don't want Jake to think we have left him," Jenny suggested, giving her husband a reassuring squeeze on his arm. Alan looked at his w
  3. Yeah, that's been spotted and fixed. Apologies.
  4. Cody was still by the pillbox, the sun now dipping below the horizon, scattering long shadows across the open fields. He'd been there for hours. The stillness, peaceful and empty, gave way to loneliness and regret, chilling him as much as the icy breeze that cut into him. It was apparent – Jake had long since gone. "Forgive me mate," he uttered, kicking a small stone into the brush, watching it bounce a few times. It was an act he felt was not so unlike what he had done to Jake. He pushed o
  5. James Matthews

    Too Late

    Thank you. All my stuff is from my own feelings and thoughts as I was growing up. I'm pleased to know that I get it right as I have no children nor any family in their teens really so I might be 15 - 20 years out of date, but if you think it's spot on then I won't argue. I take the compliment. Many thanks James
  6. Cody's Room, UK 5.14pm Cody held Jake's head in his hands; he had just finished speaking when Jake slowly moved his lips towards Cody's. Knowing what was coming but without the time to react, Cody felt Jake's lips press against his. He pushed Jake away, causing him to fall from the bed onto his ass. Jake just sat there for what seemed like an eternity, neither of them speaking a word. "Cody, I'm… I'm sorry. I don't know….." Without warning or finishing his sentence, Jake got up from th
  7. James Matthews


    Thank you very much for the great (and kind) comments on the first chapter. I will be resuming chapter posting as soon as I am back from holiday and moved house. Will try and get a couple of chapters out in between. James
  8. Just in case the break in chapters has come as a surprise....

    I am currently on holiday until Tuesday so posting will either be sporadic or non existent until I get back. Then moving house, so might be a little break from the daily publish :)

    Best wishes.


  9. James Matthews' 2013 debut Novel. Now re-released in the third person, extended in several places and re-edited comes back to Gay Authors. Jake Stevens is waking up to a typical day when his best friend and crush reveals a conversation he heard Jake's father having on the phone. Cody cannot be sure about the contents, but if accurate, it would be life-changing. While the ordinarily astute and school loving Jake lets his mind turn in on itself, Cody insists and promises he will always be there for Jake, no matter what happens. But, he is leading Jake into a false narrative. For if the contents true, that promise will be broken instantly.
  10. Thank you for those kind comments. It's a tough one with Castlebay Down. I did write it years ago and I have always asked the question - do I leave it alone, or fiddle with it in a sequel. My mind has always told me to leave it to stand as a single book, but I do have thoughts about Corbin and Troy, like you say. So yeah, I'm not sure about fiddling with it still. We'll see. I mean Puppy for Sale was never supposed to have a sequel, it was a damn long book, and when I put the pen down for that one I thought there was nothing more to tell, and look what happened hahaha. 🤔 James
  11. 2013, 7.30 am "Jake, breakfast! Please don't make me have to call you again". Jake stirred in his bed, knowing that his mother was not about to ask again politely. "Okay, okay. I'm awake," he called back down to his mother. He lay there just staring at the ceiling. It was Friday, and Friday was always a feel-good day for obvious reasons. He was thinking about calling his friend Cody to ask about going to the local youth club in the evening. They went almost every Friday to
  12. Stepping out of Troy's front door after deciding I'd better get home to face the music, a fine mist hit my face. It was cold and prickly. While we had been lying in bed with the world shut out, the weather had changed, taking on a grey and depressing feel to it. I was about to walk down the road when I felt a tug on the back of my coat. "Think you're gonna get away from me without a goodbye kiss?" Troy asked as he swung me round to face him. Unlike the grey skies, his smile that greete
  13. Thank you KaydeeMac, very nice of you to say. Thanks for the comments
  14. Thank you so much Philippe
  15. Thank you again for the lovely comments and kind words you added about the story. I like to pop back now and again after a story is finished and always find I have missed a few comments. But I insist on reading all my comments, with praise or critique. So thank you to those again who have commented since I last posted in this section. Man Kidney stones? I'm sorry to hear Chris and Philippe you had them. I never had but I did my research on the pain and symptoms for the book and understand them to be very painful. Sorry you had them, and Chris I hope yours are sorted soon. I have a gall bladder stone!! Not to be in competition, but when an attack comes on MAN!!! Jeez that's awful. I have high cholesterol in my family and on statins in my mid thirties. They think that's what's caused the stone(s) to develop. I can have surgery but have decided diet is the better option. I do still have attacks if I go all out with drinking booze followed by a fast food takeaway, but that's not very often and I try and ban myself from such food, but you know what it's like when you've had a few? You crave Pizza, Burgers, Kebabs etc. hahaha. I should have have had Roman have Gall stones instead, you would have got a bloody detailed storyline on THAT i can tell you!! Wish everyone well. James
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