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  1. A rustling of my sleeping bag almost brought me out of a dream I was having. That familiar feeling you get when something is happening in the mortal world that affects what you dream about. Was I asleep? was I awake? The zip! That zip noise was telling me I was awake. Then air on my skin. I could feel cool air on my skin. Waking a little more, I became aware of a warm and wet suction on my dick. "Hmm, Tel, not now," I said, shifting about. "Nice dick," I heard a whisper. A whispe
  2. I need all the slack I can get. I got a low grade in geography. But Google is my friend i guess haha
  3. Haha, so it is. Luckily it's fiction so can I be excused?
  4. In the club, Terry and I did our usual routine. We both got a drink, said hello to some of our "club only" friends, smiled, made conversation and then headed for a booth that blocked out at least some of the bass enough to have a conversation. Josh came over, obviously just behind us with a Pint of some beer in his hand. Without asking, he slid into the booth next to me, facing Terry and grinned that stupid grin he did. "Ben will be about ten minutes," Josh announced, his voice slight
  5. Based on true events. Colten Bridges is a 20 year old, recently out stray. Gone from the parental home since barely out of school he's shacked up with a boyfriend ten years his senior. Both have the same Ex, both are meeting the Ex's new date and both are about to venture out on a double date with said Ex and new man. So meet Josh, 24, dirty blond, grey eyes, good body, Army and confident. Nothing strange there, right?
  6. A note from the Author The following story is two things. First, it's true, and second, it will perhaps portray a familiar situation encountered by young people both gay and straight. I've wanted to write this for years; call it a healing process. But it's always been too direct a subject matter for me to do. Instead, I wrote loosely based experiences and invented characters to fit into a fictional setting. So although I've said a few times, all my stories have a little bit of me in them, t
  7. I see this chapter stirred up some passionate opinions - some in the Puppy camp, others not. I wonder where everyone will be come the end of the book? 😁 Thanks for all the comments guys, appreciate them all
  8. Another hangover hit me as I came around from my zero quality slumber. I turned over onto my back and rubbed my eyes, feeling a warm body next to me. Shit! So it did happen? I turned to see a peaceful looking Steven passed out next to me. I pulled the covers back and swung my legs over the side of the bed, thinking how hot it was in the room. I'd left the heating on by the feel of things. That was going to add to the gas bill, which I struggled to pay at the best of times. My mouth fe
  9. Remember me? I mean that day when you first read about me. The kid from Greenstone. The kid who had no tendencies towards... well, anything really. The kid where finding parents was the number one priority, all he'd ever want, need or desire? Wow, where did he go? "Puppy, please do not slump at my table; you're making the place look messy. Now, will you please tell me what is on your mind, or I am going to have to suffocate you!" I looked up at Mum as her words dragged me from my thou
  10. I found myself in Chariots on a Wednesday night, having flipped burgers, fried chicken, and peeled plastic cheese from a packet. Plastic cheese! Have you ever thought about that as you bite into that yellow sheet dumped in your burgers? The Satan born company Kraft made it famous. The same company that muscled its way into a renowned chocolate company. Jesus, Mr Cadbury would be turning in his grave if he knew his company had been snatched by a place that makes... plastic fucking cheese! "Y
  11. Flashback: Max nodded and was passed the form to look at by Mr Watson. I Could see there was a lot of strange wording on it, none of which I understood, but I knew this must be the form that makes it all legal. Max studied the wording intently before looking up at Mr Watson. "It says here that Jensen has a trust fund set up. Can you explain this?" "Of course. When the state handed Jensen to us, it transcribed his parents had set up an insurance bond for him when he was born. There was a credit made to that bond each month for fifty pounds. After the death of his parents, this continued to be paid from the estate of Brian Stibbings and will do so until maturity." "Hmm, I see, and when will that be?" "The Maturity? That will happen on his eighteenth birthday and will be paid to our central account with Puppy being the beneficiary." "Can this be changed?" "Yes, of course; what would you like us to do?" "Well, I will go to my bank with Jensen and have an account opened for him. This is his money, and I would like him to have it under his control." "Of course, Mr Chase. Once the funds are paid out, I will have a cheque drawn up and made out to puppy as per your request." "Thank you, Mr Watson," I said. "So if you are happy with everything else, feel free to sign, and that will conclude the transfer of custody."
  12. Day one of my new life. New life in the sense that I technically had no partner, no roommate, no best friend, no one helping me pay this mortgage. Who was I without Hunter? I imagined relief, thankfulness, peace. Instead, as I sat slumped on the sofa in our apartment, I felt loss. It had been a few hours since Taylor and I had said our goodbyes and headed home. We'd stayed at the pub for about two hours, mostly talking about Hunter. I explained how I... we had gotten into this mess of a re
  13. Thanks so much guys for the really lovely comments. I'm really flattered and humbled that the story is stiring up so much great debate. It's good to know your thoughts, all of you. James
  14. Thanks for the really lovely and encouraging comments Quixo, That;s so nice to hear, James
  15. Great overview and thesis. Love it. Thank you! James
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