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Don't Panic.



The title says it all and those words mean a lot to different people. To me it's what I tell myself every morning when I wake up, before I walk into work, before I head out with friends and even before I open up a DomLuka story and wonder what cliffyness Dom has for me (Dom you're the bomb!).


Don't panic.


I got snowed in at work last week and while I had the worst night's sleep, I had fun helping the residents who needed it during the night, though needless to say I won't ever do an overnight unless I have a way of keeping myself awake by sleeping before my shift or have LOTS of coffee at my disposal.


My old job at the garage still owes me about 20 some odd hours worth of owed pay and i'm waiting for them to pay me (it's been almost a month and a half now). I submitted a wage complaint with the Dept of Labor, so we'll see how long it takes them now to get me my owed money.


School's going well, I'm set to take some more tests this coming week and hopefully they'll go as well as my other ones have.


Valentines Day has come and gone, and I have to say it was fun. I spent the day working at my new job and made my residents a heart shaped cake with pink icing, which they loved (they also loved the dinner I cooked for them). I really like this job, it's an eye opening experience.


And I think I'll finally explain why I have the star up as my avatar picture here on GA.


My friend Frank was deployed again to Iraq. I've known him since middle school and while we're not super close, we try to talk and hang out when we can. He's a marine and is currently in Baghdad and my prayers and wishes for a safe return are with him. Also my dad is on notice to be deployed as well, though theres a chance that his unit will be passed over this time.


Anywho, i'm off for more book learnin (as in playing some Band Hero on the iPod Touch before I hit the bed).




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