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The Valley of the Dwarfs



It just came to me.


The working title of the new fable is now "The Valley of the Dwarfs."


Yes, I know! I know!


It's been done.


But, this isn't a rehash of "The Valley of the Dolls."




Besides, the strongest intoxicant in the Hinterland is dwarf ale, which will knock you down onto the floor and roll you around in the filth.


Just finished Chapter 5. A couple werewolves showed up. And, it was daylight! Figure that one out. The alpha male, Alberto of La Rosa, is black and the alpha female, Angela, is brown. Very talkative, full of information.


Angela has the hots for one of the secondary characters, a fourteen-year-old orphan named Dieter, but he knows he'd be playing second fiddle to Alberto, so he keeps putting her off. Frankly, I think she's just playing with him, but one never knows about werewolves.


That's all for now.

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