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Is any one else seeing a theme to your posts lately. Is it just me or do you seem just a tad obsessed :P Not that I'm complaining because of course we all have to be as warned and armed as possible. However I am feeling a little unloved as the zombies are getting all the attention and not the vampires. Not that vampires are flamboyant, attention seekers at all :)

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Oh wow... that sent chills down my spine....



Can;t wait to see what you do James!

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I sure miss Richard Biggs. He was a great actor and passed WAY before his time. Most people will remember him as Doctor Franklin on Babylon 5.


Any who: We Interrupt this Program is a companion piece to the remake of Dawn of the Dead released in 2004. It is only found on the Dawn DVD.


Yes- I'm doing a zombie story. Not just any zombie story. I'm working under the broad framework of Max Brook's World War Z.


My little piece of the zombie war will take place in Mississippi. In a zombie war, Mississippi has several things going for it:

1- low population density. This keeps the undead from really rolling like they do in high population areas.

2- Most people in Mississippi are armed. That's why you'll never see a Reginald Denny video from Mississippi. The guy with the brick gets shot. End of story.

3- We have a very high concentration of veterans

4- People here hunt and have been around shooting sports from their youth.

5- Our population centers are spread out and they aren't huge.


We will have a lot of problems but we won't get over run. Our biggest problems will be when the big cities in the surrounding states get over run and some wander our way.


You can count on a ton of drama in the mean time.

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Is there a high concentration of napalm storage depots and flamethrowers in Mississippi?

Your average MS southern boy might need a little something extra over a gun, what with that bad aim and all :)


:::runs away:::


(I like Mississippi even though I spent time in (gag) Meridian in the 80s...


And I'm really looking forward to your take on WWZ...

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