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Creature Creation



I've been punting around this were idea I've been having but I don't want your typical were-creature. Werewolves, werecats, etc are soooo over done. So I was thinking about some other type of creature. I've also seen snakes, seals, bears, and rats in various literature. Anyway... what about a wolverine? Mongoose? some sort of insectoid?


I've been trying to think of the pros and cons of each, why they would be "best" for a were. That sort of thing. Most of it comes down to mass. Large mammals mass > or = human mass easily. Small mammals < humans mass. Insectoids are not even comparible unless they are huge.


Then the question becomes what happens to the extra mass? Is there a ratio that I can use that makes it workable? Or should I not worry about the mass and call it "part of the magic of the werebeast"?


Guess I will need to think about this some more.


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Well, it is the same with the clothing. Some forget the clothes when the transformation happens back and forth - they magically disappear then appear back again.


If you want to make it more realistic you need an explanation that works for you. You create the were. Most were's I know are mammals and beasts - what about pray animals like elks or...


Shit, I have an idea for the After Math antho! Whohoo, thanx Lugh.

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LOL you're welcome. Yeah I'm thinking about clothing too. Again all part of the physics I think. The whole mass thing.

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Well you can always go with a mass-energy equivalence. A simplistic view of one of Einstein's theories was that the mass of a body equals the energy within it. So... how do you manipulate the energy within a body to alter it's mass without destroying it since you can't eliminate body mass, just manipulate it? Can a 'human' expend the energy in the magic of shifting only to a similar sized creature or does it only have to have the same mass, not size? Then, how do they gather energy to return to a human body? And since you can't destroy 'mass' where does it go? Can they gather energy from their environment? Do they need a magical artifact that they charge with excess power that's somehow an inherent part of their body that allows them to power that change of energy? Does their shift down release that energy into that amulet of sorts and then just take it back? Can they shove their excess mass into that amulet or whatever it is? After all, size isn't mass and sometimes size doesn't denote big, you know? Really, even with using science as a base it all comes down to how creative you can be with whatever scientific principle you decide to espouse.

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Conservation of mass is only true with closed systems - a table is a table and is never going to be anything but that table. organic beings are open systems in that they are constantly changing.


Have you thought were moth

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You are creating the world your creature lives in. Were just by being isn't part of a normal world. I've read stories of weres that transformed into huge monsters. Some weres simply become a wolf, bear, lion, or whatever. Others become a combination caught somewhere between the two.


The idea of were-insect is really different. Then again insects usually give me the willies. They can be beautiful or very destructive. Face it, the idea of someone turning into another being is a form of escape to begin with. The life of this other being can be as wonderful or horrible as you choose to make it. Any way you look at it Lugh I just can't wait to see what you come up with.

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