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Silly Concerns



Get ready for my usual hodge podge again.


1) The computer is sent out and now I have about a 10 days left till it is back. Can I tell you how nuts I am without a computer?


2) I am working on a project again. I figured I have to do something while I don't have a computer. When asked for an idea of how long was given a clue that works great if typing on a computer but not if you are hand writing. Oh well I will do the best I can.


3) I sent out a lot of packages for the holidays but in many cases have no idea if my friends got them. Still have to get use to that.


4) Work seems to be keeping me on the night shift. Just feel all out of sorts. However, being single I just have me to complain to. Lol. Oh well.

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I got mine Comic Thank you hug.gif Still waiting for Stuby's though smile.png

Hope you get it back soon, I would be climbing the walls and sending out for a new one, sod waiting tongue.pnghug.gif

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We got ours! Thank you so much Wayne :hug:


Side note- have you ever tried to open up one of those candies you sent us??? :o

OMG- they explode!!! It happened twice! :lmao: M&M's went everywhere...but it was still fun eating them off the floor (5 second rule!)



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