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Death of a Computer



Okay, so the title pretty much says it all. The comupter has been acting strange then it stopped connecting to the internet. Most likely a week without it. SHH. I am already having withdrawal systems.


Unfortunately won't be posting the last chapter of Seeon until I ... Oh yeah have a computer again. I will be posting messages and I can respond to notes on the site, but I don't even want to admit how long it took me to type this out on my phone.


So I am sort of on a forced break. All that means is I go back to hand writing my story and waiting till the computer is back. I hope it is soon!


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Awww, I've been known to crash friend's places for their computers when mine has gone down. Thank heavens for having 2 now! Good luck on your forced break :(

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:( Sorry to hear. I had issues with my lappy last summer and I rented one for two months just because it sucked to be without one. I hope your break will be short!
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That's never fun, sorry to hear. :( I keep waiting for my laptop to kick the bucket, too. Been backing up my files just incase. Be back soon :hug:

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Oh, I know what that feels like. Before I got Amber I had a time without a computer and I was desperate and slightly insane (YES only slightly). I hope you get your computer back soon hun

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