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Holy Crap . . . has it really been three months since I updated this?

Andrew Q Gordon


Wow, time flies.


'lil Q is now 6 and a half months old - gasp Mike finished his paternity leave and we have a nanny. I think the nanny tried out for Nanny 911 and was rejected as too over the top. First hour in the house she decided we weren't feed 'lil Q right. We had the order wrong - cereal then formula for breakfast and we didn't give her enough, etc. So basically we were idiots. Since I'm at work and Mike is home, I left it to him to deal with her. It took him almost a week before he set her straight. She's very nice, a bit quirky, but knowledgeable, maybe too knowledgeable. She thinks she has the only answer for how to raise the baby, but as those of you who've seen the her pictures can see, she is not under nourished or unhappy. Why change what's not broke?


What finally spurred my baby daddy into action was when the nanny informed us 'lil Q wouldn't eat any solid food. Well, no shit. Had she followed my instructions - I wrote out what I wanted and left her a note when Mike didn't address things - and given her the solid food first THEN the milk she'd have eaten both. Much to her chagrin Mike took control and 'showed' her how we wanted her to feed 'lil Q that seemed to annoy her but she got the message. She is OUR daughter and we decide what to do, not the nanny. Besides, the Doctor said she's doing great so again why change what's not broke?


On a better note, I love being a dad, it just makes my day, week, month, life when I come home and she smiles at me and holds out her arms for me to pick her up. She is such a good baby, rarely cries, always happy, etc, that I wonder what I did to deserve this. For those who said it would happen, you were right, she has me totally wrapped around her chubby little fingers and I couldn't be happier. wub.png


So am back to work, it sucks, but we got a new boss so that was better. I try to get home now in time to feed and bathe 'lil Q but some days I don't make it. THAT really sucks, but I'm working on it.


It's been hard to find time to write, as anyone who followed Purpose found out. But in addition, Anyta and I had a story picked up by a publisher so we had to do a bit of work on that. We're also working on another we hope they'll buy and I've been working with an editor on something else I finished - or so I thought before the editor got a hold of it. biggrin.png That would be the real reason I've been so silent. My free time has been taken up by other things. I won't say I'm back for good the way I used to be, but I'll give it a whirl. I've got a few more things to work on but no idea when I'll post anything other than an anthology. After the angst of not having Purpose finished before I started posting, I refuse to do that again. So it may be a while.


I'll try to post a few more pictures soon, I had to take down the others because they exceeded the size limit and i was trying to obey the limitations to keep GA working smoothly. I'll reformat things going forward to fit the limit. And I'll try to be a bit better about not waiting 3 months before I update.

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The nanny tried to take over O.o SCARY! Hiihiihih... Love it. Glad to hear everything is going smoothly!


(Hey, send me some über cute pic of babyQ so I can do a new portrait of her, this time with colors.)


Hugs for the whole family,



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You should be very proud parents. She's adorable, beautiful and as cute as hell.

As for the nanny, you were right she is YOUR daughter. :hug:

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Maria - I look for a current cute one, but I'm going to post one today, you might like to use that one, it's my new favorite.


Mark - Not sure proud is the right word - totally and completely in love is probably better tongue.png


Tomas - no but she was close to making me fly over the cuckoos nest wacko.png

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As happy and healthy as your daughter looks in all her pictures, I think anyone who thinks you guys were doing anything wrong is in serious need of a reality check.


As much as 'lil Q has changed in the past 6 and half months, she will continue to change more in the next six months. Just wait until she gets mobile, first scooting, then crawling, then walking, then running. Oh you guys are in for some fun times. Almost makes me wish I could go through it again at nearly 65. NOT!

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'lil Q is now 6 and a half months old


What colleges is she thinking? Your alma mater or somewhere totally different? Oh and have you enrolled her in SAT courses yet? They fill up fast for the summer. I'm sure you're on top of it all :)

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Dave: THat's what grandkids are for, you get to enjoy the good times, but avoid the never ending grind :P


Arl: Thanks :)


Y_B: You joke, but grandpa already set up a college fund, a stock fund and a small trust for her. Plus with the cash people gave her for her christening, she has more money than I do now.


As for college, she probably will be discouraged from going to either of our Alma Maters. i went to a catholic school and he went to a state school in the commonwealth of hate - err Virginia. So we're looking for more enlightened venue's for the girl.

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