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  1. I wonder if dating a vegan means he won't swa....I mean...uhhh swat flies...yes. swat. flies.
  2. for some reason, i'm starting to really get into edm

    1. methodwriter85


      Did you turn back into a 21-year old frat boy wearing neon tank tops again?

  3. speaking of seafood....i still dont' get the whole "i don't eat meat but i'll eat fish" deal with the weird people...
  4. I dunno about fried seafood....so theres fried everything everywhere, I always liked my seafood on the fresher light side or it defeats the purpose of seafood for me...if I wanted fried junk, if go with fried chicken, hash brown, okra or fried everything else that's readily available....I like seafood in other ways.
  5. I don't think of it that way. What if this paved the way for some underdog researcher who was underfunded to come thru and actually find the cure whereas he wouldn't have if this didn't happen? sequence of events is pretty uncertain in life in any and all kinds of situations daaaaillllyyy. juss sayin
  6. Not surprising and it probably won't get better. You're talking about a group of adolescent boys who are at the height of their egos. High school major sports athletes aren't coincidentally some of the cockiest and potentially mean spirited people you will encounter because at that age, they have no sense of real humanity or social responsibility but rather just inflated senses of self-importance based strictly on the fact that they are young, hot, talented and have their whole lives ahead of them. One of the most intimate ways teenage boys bond is by sharing a love of girls or girl-chasing. Not much else will seal the deal better for good camaraderie than a shared love for the sport they play and girls they like. Sometimes the sport itself will be significant enough where nothing else really matters but more often than not, this won't be the case, at least not when you're talking about a team of 17-18 year olds. I don't see how many people at that life stage can really accept an openly gay person into their inner circle when so much is enabling them to think they don't need to. The verbal/physical abuse is kinda sad though.
  7. Anyone realize how old Manhattan is? It's glorified through the media and impressionable minds but in reality it's so damn old. The rail system, the streets and 90% of the buildings are really really frigging old and out-dated. I can't think of anything more 3rd world than NYC subways.
  8. welcome to suckhood...or adulthood or whatever you call it....nah it's not so bad, you feel more worldly being out of school...you'll probably change more in the next 2 years than you did the last 4-8...just saying... some unsolicited advice - 1) don't blow your money 2) don't blow your money..seriously 3) don't blow anyone other than cammy (you are LIVING together) 4) don't blow your job and job hop like a bunny on crack 5) don't blow your boss (see advice #3) 6) don't blow off old friends...the kinda friends you met when young are harder to come by now 7) don't blow your free time and let whatever job you get swallow you up 8) don't blow ur mind thinking you lost out on NYC or San Diego...they ain't all dat foooo 9) don't blow off your health...i see a lotta ppl get fat after school 10) don't blow off your parents...you'll start appreciating them again soon enough.
  9. Jwolf

    And you?

    1. Y_B



  10. Jwolf

    And well.

    1. Y_B


      good to know.

  11. I actually know someone who knows him and says a lotta good things. *shrugs* idk...whatever the guys wants I guess.
  12. Yeah, I getcha Remember about 2 years ago this well-off couple got some media attention when the husband made this melodramatic internet rant about their sub-satisfactory $300K household income? The reactions were, as you can guess, overwhelmingly negative and largely eye-rolling. I suppose in the couple's own world, they can justifiably feel impoverished given their living standards and expectations obviously exceed what $300K could bring them, why didn't anybody empathize? Should they have? I think perspective is what's being driven here. I think the circumstantial spectrum of fitness is pretty similar...the many conventionally "fit" dudes or skinny girls complaining of feeling fat when the bulk of the population are disgustingly out of shape creates similar societal sentiments. Again perspective and personal expectations. I don't know...there's nothing really "wrong" with thinking 1 way or another, but I think with better perspectives, people can just be happier..and that's ultimately the goal
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