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Mother's Day, Anniversaries, and going on.



First off I wish all of the Mother's out there a good day. Then I wish to say I want to curl up and forget it. It isn't so much that I hate Mother's day because my mom is gone, just that this year the day falls on the anniversary of her death. Kind of makes it a bit of a rough reminder.


However, even my own discomfort is nothing to my father's. He was her partner for 39 years, stood her up at the alter once, and eventually found the balls to marry her anyway. They had good times, bad times, two children, and countless animals in their time together. He has been falling apart since Friday so just doing my best to hold him together and let him grieve again. With my job I never get weekends off so not like I can keep him busy tomorrow.


For those who have been trying to read my prompt story, I do apologize. Like I said my internet is basically acting up badly. Took four attempts before the story actually published in full. I do apologize.


I also feel like I have let people down, seems I haven't been as available as I thought. I hate hearing how people have had to find substitutes, but didn't tell me right away.


Anyway I have chapter 8 nearly done. Just went over it again and want to add a few things before I send it to my beta. Bless Andy, he has been patient with me.


Enough of my griping. I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday. Happy Mother's Day to all those out there. Hang in there to all my friends. It has to get better.


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