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the Cars



There is music that moves you. Then there is music that is fun.




the Cars are, from the left: Benjamin Orr, Ric Ocasek, Elliot Easton, David Robinson and Greg Hawks.


The Cars were fun packaged in a jam-tastic new age sound that tore up the charts with their debut album in 1978. You weren't looking for the meaning of life listening to the Cars. You were probably driving around, smoking weed and looking to get laid. That's what their songs were about.




It wasn't just their chart-toppers either. Their first two albums had surprising depth and staying power. All Mixed Up is as haunting as Just What I needed and You're All I've Got Tonight are classic power anthems.


When the Cars followed up their debut album a year later with Candy-O, they made a statement.




Once again the Cars had released an infectious album that you could put on and just let it play. There were no bad songs. Just play it loud. It's music to drive dangerously fast by.


Some might argue that the Cars peaked with Candy-O. The direction that the band went with their next album Panorama went to the new wave sound "whole-hog". Their fans still enjoyed a string of hits. They never caught that magic again. They did produce two albums that belong in any body's collection.


Just remember to play it loud.





Can I touch you, are you out of touch

I guess I never noticed that much

Geranium lover, I'm live on your wire

Oo come and take me whoever you are


She's a lot like you

The dangerous type

She's a lot like you

Come on and hold me tight


Oo inside angel, always upset

Keeps on forgettin' that we ever met

Can I bring you out in the light

My curiosity's got me tonight


She's a lot like you

The dangerous type

Oo she's a lot like you

Come on and hold me tight


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