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Some Girls by the Rolling Stones



It's 1978. Punk bands are singing about the death of rock. Disco is a huge media creation and corporate move to take over radio.


So what happens? Rocks old guard steps up and blows them the fuck away.




In June of 1978 the Rolling Stones released what many people think is their best single album: Some Girls. Even for a band that had been around forever and done everything, it was a tour de force.



The original album contained 10 tracks: all of them were hits.


Miss You

When the Whip Comes Down

Just My Imagination

Some Girls


Far Away Eyes


Before they make me run

Beast of Burden



If you've ever listened to a classic rock station, chances are you've heard a few of these.



Is it the best ever Rolling Stones album? I don't know. They have a powerful body of work. It is certainly one of the best albums of all time and its songs will haunt classic rock formats for years to come.


This album was re-released in November 2011. It now digitally re-mastered, all singing, all dancing too much sugar for a dime horse shit. It's worth having. Just remember: the original album had 10 songs. They were the songs that made an impact and mattered.

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