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Geezerspam... it's craptacular!



You want annoying? Old people who discover email and know your email address. Now- THAT'S ANNOYING!


I am the computer consultant to the old folks at my Mom's church. I advise them on what to get, set it up for them and show them where to go to get free training. I make a little money by fixing things they botch up and keeping them running.


Once they discover how to use email, I get recipes, cute grand baby pictures, forwarded jokes and all sorts of geezerspam I don't want. And I've got to look at all of it because in the mounds of crap are occasional requests for services.


Upside: I'll soon be publishing a collection of ten-thousand casserole recipes.


Downside: I hate ALL of them.

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I laughed so hard when I read this in Comics blog. Couldn't say it there, have to say it here, a saying I picked up from Bee.


Sucks to be you! :P


Love ya really James :hug: Just was too funny.

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My 81 year old dad calls me at least once a week to use 'the google' for some information he wants. I can't imagine what he'd get into with an actual computer of his own.

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