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Hello all,


As any of you who follow my stories know I've been very erratic in my posting this last year. This is mainly due to the fact that I have been living with my Grandmother in order to take care of her. I am sorry to say that on Thanksgiving she had a minor fall and her mobility has been set back. Due to her difficulties getting around I've been having to assist her more than usual.


Also due to short staffing at work I've been mandated to work overtime since the last part of November and for the rest of December.


Working six night a week and caring for my grandmother during the day have left me with very little to no time to write. Because of this I've decided that I need to take a short break.


January should bring some changes, both at home and at work so I am going to use December to take a small Hiatus.


I swear that Indiana Summer and Max and Josh WILL continue and WILL be finished.


I swear that I will not disappear and leave my work unfinished.


I am going to take this time off and use it to catch on replying to the backed up reviews on my stories and attempt to return to being more active here at GA.


If any of you would like to you are free to send me messages here or on my email account and I will be more than happy to send you emails when the stories will be updated.


I also want to encourage you to follow the discussion threads for Indiana Summer and Max and Josh as I will also post updates there as well.


I promise that this is not a goodbye. I will be back, and so will my work.




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Owl, I'm sorry for all the trouble you've been having. I hope your grandma is better soon.


As much as I ADORE all your stories and would LOVE to see updates EVERY DAY, you do what you need to do. Your grandma is way more important than updating.


I will be waiting patiently.


I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. :)

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