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My Newfound Respect For Drag Queens

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So I have a new-found respect for drag queens since the summer started, where I first discovered RuPaul's Drag Race.


I'll be honest: I was scared of drag queens back then. Not because they'll rape me (like some of my friends claimed), but more because they were loud and flamboyant (which my family taught me to, well, hate).


But watching drag queens for the first time at RuPaul's Drag Race made me realize they were people of comedy (and drama). And were like actors, really. I know, being from the Philippines, I should be more accustomed to drag (some drag people here are straight as a nail, but that's more because of the competition. You'd be surprised how all-out they get.)


I'd do a vlog about it, but my webcam is shit and my camera isn't the best. But I digress.


I'm a late bloomer but now I stalk a few drag queens on social media (well, follow. I can't really stalk unless I'm in the locker room with the baseball team. That's another story.). I also enjoy this wonderful music video: (In the Spoiler)





So yeah, thanks to RuPaul, I learned to see drag queens in a new light. I'll go wave my rainbow flag higher now.

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You should check out Scott Heierman on "America's Got Talent" :D I really loved this entry, but I ran out of "Likes" so for now: :heart: and I'll come back as soon as my quota is back :)

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Woo hoo Ru Paul! Which is your fav queen? Mine is Pearl and Bianca del Rio :D

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