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  1. Surprisingly, I'm not dead.

  2. Hi guys! Sorry I was gone for so long. How are you all?

  3. It really is getting ahrder for me to get back to writing now that I'm working full-time. Kind of surreal. I mean almost a year and I'm back again. What the hell, brain?

    1. Valkyrie


      Work will definitely put a damper on writing time.  You'll figure out a balance.  Your brain is telling you your story needs to get out.  ;) 

  4. I keep going offline since I'm trying to set up my life as a graduate a.k.a. a jobless hack. But yeah, I'm graduating this weekend so I'm super excited.
    And terrified.


    If you guys want to get a website done, just let me know, too. I can give you a great deal.

    Only half-joking.

    But yeah, hope to get back to writing in-between job-hunting. Thank God Youtube kinda helps

    1. Valkyrie


      Congratulations :D  

  5. thecalimack

    Call Me Mother

    I guess you can say I'm trying to resonate with a desire I have, haha. Glad it came off as tangible and believable!
  6. thecalimack

    Call Me Mother

    I couldnr come up withba drag name so that one had to do. 😂😂😂 He has a snark streak, as exemplified by the other short I made of him, haha I was actually trying to make my own anthology of cathartic stories and hoping a publisher picks it up. Not sure how a newbie can set foot into the industry but I always wanted to.
  7. I think my thesis made me dumb omg help

    1. Valkyrie


      Graduate school has that effect.  lol  :hug: 

  8. Tristan often liked to take walks on a late night in the city. He knew the safe routes almost as well as the local street rats, and he was unimposing and unremarkable enough to be easily ignored. He used to frequent the darker allies and the nastier sides of town before he moved in with Miguel, before his Incident a couple of months ago. But he'd been lonely for so long that he didn't think to reach out to his old friends. The Hovel was in a nameless building that could pass off as a residential complex. A generous John had the place soundproofed so they wouldn't get too many complaints on
  9. Oh hey! Thank you so much! These two started out as just a way for me to vent. Haha.
  10. I think the scary part about being able to write drama and sad pieces so well is that I'm drawing from my own negative energy.
    I dish out good tear-jerkers but it just means that I'm so in-tune with my inner sadness that it tends to be visceral.

    I mean, I look at my happy fluffy stuff and they're all half-finished or half-baked. It's sort of surreal. :D
    Does anyone know any fluffy, happy, tooth-rotting pieces of happy to recommend me?

    1. Brayon


      I've found a lot of sappy romances here on GA. Check out @Timothy M.'s Angel and Imp trilogy of Anthology One-Shots. Those will put a smile on your face.

    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      LOL, I can't believe a story of mine get listed as sappy romance. :huh:  But thanks for the shout-out, BHopper2.

  11. "This is a terrible idea." "We're just meeting with my old bunkmates." "Correction: you are. I'll be at the 7-11 eating ice cream and fried chicken until you're done." Miguel cast an exasperated look at Tristan. After 'The Incident', Tristan decidedly quit whatever job he had to focus on writing and was bunking and vlogging it up at Miguel's apartment. They shared rent, dinner, and responsibilities. But now, some of Miguel's friends were dropping by for a visit and some nights to themselves, and Tristan was reluctant to join them. "Tristan, they're not that
  12. It's really depressing when your friends make plans without you even when you haven't done anything that would warrant offense at all. Like you're left out and aren't worth anything.


    Makes you feel like mighty right garbage, don't it?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Puppilull


      It's not a good feeling...

    3. thecalimack


      I'm always the one who has to bend over in pretzels to arrange something with them. It's just a mess.

    4. drpaladin


      It never pays to be too compliant or eager to alter schedules to meet the wants or demands of others. You'll be taken advantage of endlessly. It gives the impression your time isn't valuable.

  13. I must be very blessed, then. But seriously, I thought it could be one of either.
  14. So the Southern dialect interested me so I figured I'd try to compile them. Feel free to add and/or correct any entries or expound on any. I'm making this so that people who are looking to write 'Southern' characters could gain some insights. DICLAIMER: I'm no Southerner. I just try to research.
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