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Tourism is the backbone of Charleston's economy and doesn't hurt South Carolina as a whole, either. One of that little coastal state's trump cards has always been its controversial role in igniting the bloodiest war in U.S. history, the rebellion against the nation in defense of slavery. So a lot of people are making money off the Confederate flag and off of the Civil War history angle, because it brings people to travel to S.C. and buy knick-knacks, such as the pewter 4" replica of Robert E. Lee that I bought at Fort Sumter's gift shop in 1980. All I knew then about Robert E. Lee was what my grandmother had told me, which was he was a fine gentleman, and what our history books had told me, which was he was a good general. And that is what a lot of people think they know.


So any attempt to scale back on the Confederate porn industry meets with resistance not only from the "true-believers" who don't understand history but the people who do understand, but want to keep the cash-cow intact, because they are busy fleecing the know-nothings who think the Civil War was about Southern pride or chitlins or deer-hunting or chewing tobacco or the song "Dixie". The reason the South seceded is they wanted slavery extended to the new territories out West, and Lincoln and his Republican party opposed that. The hotheads down South thought that intolerable, so they turned traitor. Today we continue to venerate these traitors with monuments, dedications and whatnot, which is very confusing to some people who think history begins and ends with dates and names.


I think that many streets in Charleston should be renamed, beginning with Calhoun Street, because Calhoun was no sort of a good person. Rename Calhoun Street "Rosa Parks Street," and I think that would be a better reflection of history and of who really mattered. I don't know that Germany has any streets named after Goebbels, Roehm or Hitler, and we shouldn't have anything named after slavery-evangelists that wanted to spread slavery all over the Western Hemisphere. The statues of worthless scumbags like Calhoun need to be placed in the furnace and recycled just like Saddam Hussein's statues.


Eventually all these things will come to pass, too.

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I refuse to name confederate soldiers and generals traitors. Why should we? Many were pardoned and all Civil War veterans are long dead, to continue to do so (150 years after the war ended, mind you) is silly.


No matter our personal views on it, the Confederacy is a part of not only the South's history, but that of the US as a whole. I see no reason to rename the streets... while we are at it, by your logic DC, Washington State, cities/street named for the founding fathers should be renamed also. Many of them were slave-holders willing to perpetuate the institution of slavery in America.

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Streets should be named after good people, not evil-doers. If you think evil is on a par with good, and that good people are just silly, then you're evil. If you're evil, no problem, move on with your life, do evil, and karma will take its course. On the other hand, if you think good is good, and evil is bad, then you might think it's a good idea to name a street after a good person, rather than an evil scumbag that raped black women, beat the hell out of blacks, sold human beings into bondage, et cetera.


The controversy over whether good or evil matters at all in this world is the major philosophical question of our time. Now that people feel like God is dead, and Hell doesn't exist, many think it doesn't matter whether they are good or evil, because what the hell, they are not going to be punished for doing evil.


Then there are others who think that good is really the right thing, and it doesn't matter whether there is punishment at the end of days or not, but we should do the right thing "Just Because."


Ultimately the decision to favor good or evil boils down to aesthetics. What kind of world do you prefer?

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