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Albert's Day - Chapter 2



Chapter 2 of Albert's Day is up on the e-fiction section. Enjoy it or not, I care not a jot. Of course I do really, but we all need a cushion. B)


I must be addicted to writing.


Ok... So I'm Gay and addicted to writing. Neither of which I'd have dreamt of saying, even in an anonymous blog a couple of weeks ago. Possibly because then it wasn't true.


It's odd, damn odd; how this bit of me has leapt to the forefront of everything I'm thinking, and doing. It's even intruding into music, which I'm quite shocked about.


For sure I'm still in the closet and no one I know in the real world has the vaguest inkling that I'm sitting here doing this.


They know I write a bit, they know I blog... But not here.


It's a start I guess.


That damn draft button is taunting me.


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I loved the first two chapters Camy! I'm eagerly anticipating the 3rd. Have an awesome day and take care!



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Guest Kitty


This is an intriguing story, Camy. Keep it coming. Quite delightful to see it (and you) unfolding.


Kitty :)

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