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Finally finished!



WOO-HOO! I finally finished the rough draft of my Ph.D. research proposal, and have sent it on to my thesis editor. Now everything (including the last few chapters of my thesis) are in her hands, so now I just have to sit back and wait for her to send me the corrections. I still have to start doing some reading to prepare for the written exam, but that only counts for about 30% of the score for the entrance exam. The other 70% or so is based on your oral exam (discussing your M.A. thesis, research plan, etc. -- all in Chinese, of course). At least I don't have to do any more damn writing! **breathes deep sigh of relief**


I still have a lot of other crap to get together, though, like applications, letters of recommendations, transcripts, four passport-sized photographs, etc. The whole registration and application process is extremely complicated. They should just let you into the program based on being able to jump through all of those hoops. Even if I do get accepted, though (which I'm not too sure about, since I don't really have the same "drive" I had before), I will still consider moving back to the States and going into some other kind of work where I can still make use of my Chinese skills (and NO, I don't plan on working in a Chinese restaurant! :funny: ). I've been isolating myself too much here over the past few months, mostly because of trying to get my thesis done, and am really worn out. I'm thinking I need a change ... or at least a long vacation. Any suggestions about how to make my life a little more meaningful? *sigh*


Hopefully now I can spend some more time doing what I really like -- namely, writing. I'm currently working on Ch. 12 of "Someday Out Of the Blue," and I just finished making the corrections on the first edit of Ch. 7 from Kitty, so everything's on schedule for the next update. Ch. 7 is the longest chapter so far, so I think that should please everyone. I just hope any future stories will get as good of a response as my first one.


Also, I'm now officially hosted at GayAuthors in the "Shared Member Hosting" section, so if you get the chance, go check out my page:




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Firstly on your Ph.D - you must be so relieved :) and secondly on the hosting bit. It's such a great story and now much easer to find and check up on. Cool page too.


Camy B)

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Congratualtions on the shared hosted authors page and I just wanted you to know that I LOVED reading your coming out story. That was sooo cool. I love Elton john too. Sometimes it like he's singing to me when I'm listening to his songs. Good luck and congrats again on becoming hosted :)




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Wooo hooo! :2thumbs: Way to go finishing up your research proposal! That must be a load off of your mind :thumbup:


Also I'm so happy to hear you're hosted now, you definitely deserve it :D . I'm looking forward to chapter 7 :)


As for making your life more meaningful...well you could try the standard things: Go on a journey for spiritual enlightenment, actively take pleasure in the simple things, find some sort of way to "give back" to the world. Heck those suggestions might be a little trite, but they will make your life more meaningful. Basically I think you'll have to figure out what's "missing" right now, and then take steps to fill that void. Mostly though let me just say this: don't put off your happiness! Don't think just because you don't have X or haven't accomplished Y then you can't be happy; don't say "well I'll be happy at ___point in time". Do it now! Actively let yourself enjoy the good times, and be content in your current set of circumstances even if you don't want to always remain in them.


Take care, and have an awesome day, David :D


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Hey... I just wanna know when do you plan on posting chapter seven... i need it... you are dealing with a domaholic that has become addicted to something that is some reaaly good stuff... SO PLEASE UPDATE AND GIVE ME FAIR WARNING!!!!!!! bte i have been checking your authored page out like every thirty minutes to make sure you haven't posted it.




later ~ nick :read:

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