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Lego The Incredibles




So, I thought I'd bring up another Lego game, as they are great for mindless entertainment.  There is an absolute ton of these things too.  Today's Lego game is Lego The Incredibles, based off Pixar's The Incredibles.  (Probably the best theme music for an animated flick too). 

This game is narrowing in scope of something like Lego Marvel Superheros 2, despite having super heroes being a common thread.  The story follows both The Incedibles and The Incredibles 2 and is an enjoyable romp through the highlights of those movies.  The city, New Urbem, has lot of different superhero activities to stop crime.  The races in the game are mostly manageable and the flight races are a LOT better done than Lego Marvel Super Heroes or Lego Batman anything.  I'm almost done wrapping up the achievements, which has been considerably less tedious than some of the other Lego Games.  Though the 75 hit combo is tough since the AI often gets in your way or kills the guy you need to complete the combo.

Fun game and a great distraction from stress. (mostly)

(If you buy from the links above, Gay Authors gets a small affiliate fee)

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