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Silent Night



It may be a tad late to let you all know, but my favorite Christmas song is Silent Night. The tone, the pace, and the words all echo in my head. And I had a beautiful silent night. 

As an overnight worker, my days off work have become silent nights. Noah soundly asleep, along with my neighboring Kentucky residents, and I just wind down. My muscles get a good relaxing rest. No stocking of groceries, no lifting pallets onto stacks, no loud cardboard balers screeching from the back-dock. Pure bliss. Sometimes I binge a show on the television, sometimes I open a bottle of wine...or two. But lately, it's been silent. No TV, no phone, and no distractions. 

I get a lot of work done on these nights. And last night/this morning was no exception. I pumped out nearly 9,000 words this evening. For me, quite impressive with my little ADHD noggin. My phone may cause some distractions from news articles or if I play a few songs to take a mental moment, but I love my silent nights. I posted the second chapter to Cernunnos, my new little story about a timid deer shapeshifter facing the world of predatory dangers. And...well...I'm keeping a nice little secret for y'all. 

There are some negatives to all this. I keep the house a little colder so Noah can get some good sleep since he has some temperature issues (yes, he's a body furnace). My fingers get a little cold and numb, but nothing that my gloves and a warm fuzzy blanket can't fix. None of my friends are awake at this time of day, so there's very little contact for me from the outside world. 

But that's okay. I have Gay Authors! I have Vincent, Mason, Kaplan, Cyrus, and the whole Owensville crew. And now I have Cyn, the cernunnos/deer shifter. My laptop has literally become my world during the night. I'm not going crazy, I promise y'all. Writing created a hole in my life that I struggled with previously. Before GA, I was just playing my Xbox for hours on end, and not doing much of anything else. I could be hitting the gym and being a little bit more active during this time, but I consider writing to be a saving grace for my sanity. 

I'll let y'all wake up, get your coffee, and get to work. Bedtime's in a few hours and I need to keep writing. Have a good GA day!

*cough* February 1st *cough*


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