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FIFA - an absolute disgrace



FIFA - corrupt dishonest and spineless

Association Football (soccer in the US). How did a game invented 150 years in England end up being controlled by an infamously corrupt, dishonest and spineless “organisation” headquartered in Zurich?

It’s a while since I posted a point of view but the current World Cup is all over the news and TV schedules and for all the wrong reasons - thanks to the greedy, self-serving, incompetent male patriarchy that has controlled FIFA for generations and nobody has cared or understood what they were up to until the execrable Seb Blatter’s corruption and mismanagement hit the headlines.

And now we have the latest disgraceful behaviour by this band of misogynist, homophobic, venal, male-dominated, self-serving, talentless grifters, exemplified by the infantile, ignorant, arrogant president Gianni Infantino who truly lived up to his surname with his jaw dropping attempts to defend awarding the World Cup to Qatar and thereby actively supporting its abhorrent oppression and persecution of sexual freedom whilst simultaneously lambasting the wave of outrage now crashing onto FIFA by attacking “Europe” for its values and history. Sorry, Mr Infantile, but we are living in the present, where people are being beaten up and jailed just for loving someone of the same sex, and whatever happened or was done by Europeans during the last “3,000 years” is history. You are no historian and your job is not to lecture and chastise a whole continent on a subject of which you clearly have only the feeblest understanding, but to make sensible policy decisions for the good of the game and for the values you and FIFA dishonestly claim to support but don’t. 


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And the spinelessness of those teams (with the honourable exception of Germany) who thought wearing an armband was too great a risk. The Iranian team literally risked their lives to protest what is going on in their country.  The world cup in Qatar is sportwashing at its finest. 

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I usually like to watch the world cup but with all of the controversy, poor attitude and lack of support for the LGBTQ+ community worldwide this year I'm refusing to watch. I have no interest in it or who wins this year. I refuse to comment further as I won't give FIFA or any of its supporters opportunities to continue their argument. 🤐

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When I heard Gianni Infantino say the abhorrent treatment of foreign workers, the lack of pay, the horrible work conditions, the loss of life and so much more, that it was comparable to what his family members went through I had to pick my lower jaw off the ground. So by his words, two or more wrongs make a right :no:. Get your head out of your ass and realize that what isn't acceptable today, isn't acceptable anywhere and if it still happens it is all our responsibility to call it out. This also goes for the brave men and women calling out Iran at the tournament that are arrested or banned from making any statement against the state. Countries should be speaking up, not just individuals. 

But I guess when you have a Emirate who will help FIFA and all it side deals make billions and billions is controlling the image being put out by FIFA.

If FIFA was also serious about cracking down on LGBQT2+ hate, why isn't Mexico banned from playing. Yes, it is their spectators, but I don't see the team jeopardizing the revenues from those homophobe supporters.


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