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harangue - Word of the Day - Mon Jan 2, 2023




harangue - (noun) - 1: a speech addressed to a public assembly; 2: a ranting speech or writing; 3: lecture

Season 1 Reaction GIF by Rick and Morty


One of the key factors in the decline in Hollyweird's revenue is that the writing's purpose has largely changed from entertaining audiences to some level of harangue instead.


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Hmmm, I didn't think harangue was merely used to describe a public speech or a lecture.  I always thought it had to be done in hostile or aggressive manner.   Eg, The drunk was haranguing passengers on the subway, or The professor was haranguing the students about how poorly they'd done on the exam.  

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This comes by way of Old Italian aringe (a public speech) to Middle French (arenge).


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