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MDBCs 26 Oct 2023



October 26th 2023 - Holidays and Observances


(click on the day for details)


Observances (click on the day, BD, or week for details)

National Pumpkin Day

National Chicken Fried Steak Day

National Day of the Deployed

National Financial Crime Fighter Day

National Mincemeat Day

National Mule Day

National Noah Day

National Tennessee Day

National Transgender Children Day

National Vivace Microneedling Day


Odalys JM’s Birthday

Michael Sterling’s Birthday

Toya Wright’s Birthday

Luna’s Birthday

Mendeecees Harris’s Birthday

Seth MacFarlane’s Birthday

Ayla Faith Prince’s Birthday

Jaclyn Smith’s Birthday

Keith Urban’s Birthday

Hannah Bronfman’s Birthday

Hillary Clinton’s Birthday

CM Punk’s Birthday

Bootsy Collins’s Birthday

Bish Bharbie’s Birthday

Pat Sajak’s Birthday

Kelly Jo Bates’s Birthday

Phaedra Parks’s Birthday

Kelsi Taylor’s Birthday

Tokyo Jetz’s Birthday

Angela Rye’s Birthday

Monie Cashette’s Birthday


Fun Observances

Howl at the Moon Day and Night

October 26 is Howl At the Moon Day and Night.

Dog howling at the moon.

We were unable to figure out what the unknown creators of this made-up holiday aim to accomplish, but we can only assume that it encourages people to go out during the day or night and howl at the Moon.

Howl Like a Wolf

The name of the holiday comes from the belief that wolves howl at the Moon. According to lore, on a full Moon night, wolves upturn their head towards the Moon and communicate with it by howling. Images of wolves with their heads turned towards the sky, howling with a full Moon in the background are commonplace today.

There is, however, absolutely no scientific evidence connecting Moon phases and wolf activities. Research has shown that wolves howl to communicate with the rest of their pack. Because they are nocturnal - they hunt for food at night and sleep during the day - they tend to howl at night. They turn their heads up when howling because doing so helps carry their sounds further.

How to Celebrate?

  • Learn more about wolves and their species.
  • Use the day as an excuse to take a night time hike with friends. Remember to let people know where you are going.

Did You Know…

…that wolves are the ancestors of present-day dogs?






Have you played the updated kids' game? I Spy With My Little Eye . . . Phone.


I ate a clock yesterday, it was very time-consuming.


A perfectionist walked into a bar...apparently, the bar wasn’t set high enough.


You know it is going to be a bad day when the letters in your alphabet soup spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.


A fire hydrant has H-2-O on the inside and K-9-P on the outside.




“Has your diet changed?” 
I asked an 87-year-old woman I was admitting into the hospital.
“Yes,” she said. “For Lent, I gave 
up whipped cream on my Jell-O, hard candy, and my two beers a night. [Pause] And look where it’s gotten me.”




























did you know facts GIF




Organism - WTF fun fact #3328 An Italian NGO decided to teach Zambians how to grow food and paid locals to grow tomatoes in a fertile valley that lacked agriculture.When the tomatoes grew large and ripe, 200 hippos came out from the river and ate everything. "That's why we have no agriculture here", Zambians explained wtffunfact.com




Organism - did you know? Shaved guinea pig looks like a baby hippo. did.vou-kno tumblr com




Everyday Life Facts








254 Incredible Facts That You Probably Didn't Know | Bored Panda



















Harold Schlumberg




Dog - WTF fun fact #bl04 Dogs are able to see their own farts. wtffunfact.com




Bird - WTF fun fact #T631 There is a phobia that somewhere, somehow a duck is watching you, it's called anatidaephobia. wtffunfact.com




Goats - WTF fun fact #1300 In 1986, a beer drinking goat was elected mayor of a small town in Texas, USA Rio Grande































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