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MDBCs 27 Oct 2023



October 27th 2023 - Holidays and Observances


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Observances (click on the day, BD, or week for details)

Bandana Day

Cranky Co-Workers Day

Frankenstein Friday

Global Champagne Day

National Black Cat Day

National Breadstick Day

National Henry C. Ramos Day

National Mentoring Day

National Pharmacy Buyer Day

Nevada Day

World Lemur Day

National Parmigiano Reggiano Day


Malachi Bush’s Birthday

Scott Weiland’s Birthday

Lilbaby Lexi’s Birthday

Lonzo Ball’s Birthday

Kelly Osbourne’s Birthday

John Cleese’s Birthday

Hernando Desoto’s Birthday

Simon Le Bon’s Birthday

Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthday

Claudia Sampedro’s Birthday

Fran Lebowitz’s Birthday

John Gotti's Birthday


Fri Oct 27th, 2023 - Wed Nov 1st, 2023


Fun Observances

American Beer Day

On October 27, visit your favorite pub or bar and enjoy some American brewed beers because it is American Beer Day!

Four happy friends talking to each other and smiling while sitting on the beach and drinking beer.

The American Beer industry is one of the fastest growing business in the United States. In fact, the U.S. ranks second in the world in both total beer consumption as well as beer production, second only to China. A survey in 2014 estimated that there are over 3000 breweries in the country that manufacture about 196 million barrels of beer every year.

Rich History

Beer production in the U.S. has a rich and varied history. Historical records show that Native American tribes were brewing beer using corn (maize) more before European settlers reached the shores of the country. Dutch and English settlers in the 17th century produced local brews that were consumed locally. Mass production of beer in the U.S. only began in the late 19th century, and beer quickly replaced other spirits as the alcoholic beverage of choice. Between 1920 and 1933, the years of prohibition, beer fell out of disfavor as alcohol was banned throughout the country.

Today, in addition to the big beer manufacturers, the United States has seen a surge of craft breweries and microbreweries who make small batch artisanal beer.

Different Styles

While breweries across America make a number of different styles of beer, the most common kind available in the country is known as American style lager. It is a type of a pale lager that was inspired by the beer recipes brought to the U.S. by German immigrants.

Other styles of beers include American Pale Ale, American style India Pale Ale and Belgian style ale.

How to Celebrate?

  • Celebrate the day by visiting your local bar and sampling some American beers. Remember, you don't have to be in the United States to celebrate this unofficial holiday.
  • If you are a home brewer, why not try and brew some American style beers at home? Of course, don't forget to share with family and friends!

Did You Know…

…that home brewing has a long history in the United States? Both the first president of the country, George Washington, and the third president, Thomas Jefferson were home brewers.






A blonde and a brunette worked in a factory. The brunette says, "I know how to get some time off from work!" "How?" asks the blonde. "Watch this," says the brunette. She climbs up to the rafter and hangs upside down. The boss walks in, sees her and says, "What on earth are you doing?" "I'm a lightbulb," she answers. "I think you need some time off," says the boss so she jumps down and walks out. The blonde starts walking out, too. "Where are YOU going?" says the boss. The blonde replies, "I can't work in the dark!"



A patient came to the hospital with a burned right hand. As the doctor took down his medical history, he asked the injured man, "Do you smoke?"

"Yeah, a pack and a half a day," said the patient.

Concerned, the doctor told him, "You should consider quitting."

"No, it's OK," said the patient. "I smoke with my left hand."




On our commute to work, my husband stopped at a convenience store for coffee. As he got back into the car, I noticed something odd. "Turn your head and look at me," I said. "You have a Q-tip sticking out of your ear."

As he pulled it out, he replied, "No wonder the guy in there asked me if I was getting good reception."




Spotted on Facebook…


I don’t understand why my grade was so low. How did 
I do on my research paper?


Actually, you didn’t turn in a research paper. You turned in a random assemblage of sentences. In fact, the 
sentences you apparently 
kidnapped in the dead of night 
and forced into this violent and arbitrary plan of yours clearly seemed to be placed on the pages against their will. Reading your paper was like watching unfamiliar, uncomfortable people interacting at a cocktail party that no one wanted to attend in the first place.

You didn’t submit a research paper. You submitted a hostage situation.






































WTF Fun Facts - Page 1239 of 1309 - Funny, interesting, and weird facts




Amazing and Weird Facts


































































sandrewn :cowboy:

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