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April Signature Author Excerpt: Incy Wincy Spider by northie



Did Monday's feature catch you in its web? Muahahaha! If not, you have no idea why I thought that was so punny, but you should read this excerpt then finish the 3k short story northie shared with site readers and I'm bringing back to you now. 



Several mean-looking, zebra striped spiders were standing guard, ready to jump on any signs of trouble. He'd seen that species before and remembered seeing them move as fast as fuck. As the men struggled to get a proper hold on the package, he thought he saw the cocooned contents twitch. And again. His stomach threatened to regurgitate his breakfast then and there, but he managed just about to hang onto it, although a small amount of bile found its way into his nasal cavities.

Fuck! Was that Mrs White? The old biddy always screamed the place down whenever the smallest spider made an appearance. He'd heard her often enough – the walls weren't exactly thick. She usually insisted that Geoff Whateverisnamewas, from over the road, came and despatched them. He didn't want to dwell on what might be happening to him … His stomach lurched again.

“Getting the general idea, are you?” The house spider again. Dave nodded meekly, without turning round.

“Mind, you're on probation after that door stunt you just pulled.” This from the spider dangling right in front of him.

Dave gulped nervously. He was sweating quite badly – he could feel it, cold and clammy, trickling down the side of his face. God, was he ever going to wake up? Snap out of it? His tongue took over again.


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2 hours ago, centexhairysub said:

Excellent story, not one to read as you get ready for bed, however. 

Or indeed, over breakfast, just before you set out for work... 🕷🕷

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