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mawkish - Word of the Day - Tue Apr 16, 2024




mawkish - (adj) - sentimental in a weak, insipid way

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The movie’s attempt to tug at the heartstrings felt mawkish and forced, leaving the audience more irritated than moved.


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An author need not be mawkish. There are plenty of routes to the heat strings. How he gets there is simply a matter of imagination and style.

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Actually, I'd never heard of this word before, so I decided to trace its etymology.  Here's what I found: 

Mawkish comes from the Old Norse work 'mathkr'.  That word later evolved into 'mawk' (of Germanic origin) and , meaning 'maggot'.  It came into use in the mid-16th century meaning "inclined to sickness or nauseated".  It then evolved to mean "something so sentimental that it makes you sick".

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