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weekend 'n' things



My Anthology entry has been given the green light by Kitty, which started the weekend off on a good note, then one of the four cats, Percy, brought in a shrew.


Percy is waay cool, 'cause he brings mice and shrews in unharmed to 'present' as his contribution to the housekeeping ... which is ok provided Cody isn't around. Cody doesn't give a stuff about handing over live food, for the benefit of all, she'd far rather eat it ... whatever it is. So they have a fight, and the poor mouse is cowering in the corner, too scared to leg it. Cats shooed away, I finally caught the trembling beastie under a glass and returned it to the woods.


My soulmate, who is ultra good at pretending everything is ok was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes a while back and I, naive old me, didn't think twice about it. I had a lot of facts wrong, through not doing any research because he said everything was fine. Dumb.


I was put straight by a member of GA who has helped enormously, and I want to publicly thank him. You know who you are. :worship:


And that's another weekend gone. Damn.


Camy B)


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