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Taking for granted



I was working on the computer this afternoon when the power goes out. Annoying. But what's more annoying and downright worrying is the fact that everything I do, be it work or play, requires power... minds out of gutter please.


I have a deadline for artwork - can't complete it no computer.

I could hand write a story, but since computers my handwriting is shot.

No TV, no kettle - so no coffee, etc, etc. :thumbdown: BAD NEWS!


Finally I went for a walk in the woods. It was just fantastic. :2thumbs: Gotta get out more.


Luckily I had saved my work a couple of minutes before the outage, and it's back on now - obviously, so back to work I go. Sigh.


Camy B)


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Guest Kitty


Weren't we just talking about how simple life would be, living in a hut with no TV? ;)


A couple of weeks ago (the weekend right before the 4th of July), the county resurfaced the road I live on. The road runs along a creek, so it winds around to follow the creek. People take that road way too fast anyway.


Part of the roadwork involved spreading loose gravel all over the roadway, and it took several days for it to work its way down into the road surface. So people came flying along at their usual excessive rate of speed, hit the curves, and because of the gravel, lost traction and spun out. BAM!!! right into the telephone/power poles. Two days in a row. Saturday morning, we were without electricity for 4 1/2 hours while they replaced the utility pole. On Sunday, it took the power company 7 hours to get that one fixed.




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Hey Camy,


I know what you mean about electricity, I definitely take it for granted too. Last year when I lived in Baton Rouge I lost power for 5 days as a result of the hurricane; it was terrible! The air conditioning was definitely what I missed the most.


Also you're right about computers, I almost never physically write anything. I sign stuff all the time, and every now and then I make a shopping list. That's it, everything else is typed.


Anyway glad you're back with us :D take care,


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