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finally, a proper entry



Holy crap, it's been so long since I've really paid attention here at GA that there's all these new people I don't know...*cowers in the corner.* I've just been too busy travelling and trying to get ready to move AGAIN. And if you'll all allow me a moment to complain, OMG is it a lot of trouble going to that school! I've had to get two vaccinations, still need a third that I can't get for a few months, have to send copies of all these medical records, and then there's the chicken pox saga. I have to have proof that I either had chicken pox or got the vaccine. Well, I had it in 1988. I know this because my mom keeps insane records like that. But she didn't take me to the doctor so I have no OFFICIAL record. I found this out after a very annoying trip to my old doctor's office where the dug my file out from the basement. Then I went to the county health department and found out there's a test they can do to determine if I still have some immunity, but the don't do it there. Back to the doctor. Can't just get a blood test without seeing a doctor first. Can't see the doctor without insurance without talking to billing first. There go two hours of my life. Doctor complains about my blood pressure and pretty much everything but what I'm there for. Finally I make it to the lab and get my blood drawn, at which point I'm thinking "why, oh why, didn't I just get the damn vaccine anyway?" So, I'm awaiting the results of that whole thing, and I still might have to get the shot anyway. :blink:


I've also been going through all my stuff, trying to decide what to take and what not to take, which is complicated by the fact that I still don't know who my roommate is. Or my address, or, well, anything. So we can't exactly get together and make sure we don't end up with two of everything. But I had a liberating moment today. My box o'memories, which I think I mentioned in a previous post...I threw it in the trash. :2thumbs:


I had a pretty cool trip to visit some relatives, even though we had to travel south and it's already hot enough here. They sort of ran us to death, going out to eat like 10 times, including this dinner cruise, and going to all these weird little gift and antique shops. I also watched 13 DVDs while I was there, because my aunt really likes to sit around and listen to the easy listening station, and if that's not on then Fox News is. And let me just say that I'm really glad I didn't pay to watch King Kong, because jesus was that a long movie. Could we cut out about an hour? Maybe the giant bugs? Or the bats?


We decided to leave for RI on the 7th, which seems absurdly soon. I should have a (fast!) internet connection as soon as I get there, which'll be a welcome change.

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Well, I was going to make a rude vaccination joke but maybe that's best saved for an IM conversation instead of a public forum like this. :D


It's good to have you back from the land of far-far-away and boring relatives I don't know. But that's gonna be even better when you're at school cuz then I can visit your ass, hehehe. *evil grin* As far as packing for school, my advice is to bring clothes and stuff like that, but when it comes to communal things like coffee makers and dorm fridges...just mooch off of your roomate. That way when all that stuff gets beat on and broken, it's someone else's stuff.





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