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I'm having a heart attack!



Okay, so I just got an email from the housing people, FINALLY, and...I think my roommate is a guy! I haven't actually spoken to the person yet, I'm actually writing an email right now, but it's definitely a guy's name. I mean, sure, we'll have different bedrooms, but I was NOT expecting that. I debated about whether it was totally weird to just ask "Are you a guy?" but I finally decided to. I mean, it'd be nice to know.


And I can't move in until the 13th! How stupid is that? That's a Sunday and orientation starts Tuesday. And I am sort of paying for the whole month. Grrr. So there go all my moving plans. I just hope the possibly-male gets back to me soon, because it's annoying not knowing what to pack.


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It's a girl!! Hehehe. And I'm impressed that she already returned my email, and was totally cool about me asking if she was a guy. So, yay.

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Sadly Jeff, I think you'd look good in vals clothes :P


At least she doesnt have any dresses for you to wear :D

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